Gators stay at No. 11 in CFP rankings

(Brad McClenny/Staff Photographer)

Florida remained at No. 11 in the College Football Playoff rankings released Tuesday night.

The Gators (9-2) remained at No. 11 for the third consecutive week despite Penn State’s loss to Ohio State this past Saturday. PSU (9-2) was No. 8 last week.

Ohio State jumped LSU to No. 1 with two weeks left to go before selection Sunday.

LSU slipped to second and Clemson remained No. 3 while Georgia held on at four. If playoff history holds form, three of those top four teams will reach the semifinals.

Alabama remained No. 5 in the selection committee’s third rankings, with Utah moving up a spot to No. 6. The Utes are the only Pac-12 team in the top 10 after Oregon dropped eight spots to 14th.

Oklahoma is seventh followed by Minnesota, Baylor and Penn State.

In each of the first five years of the playoff, three of the top four teams in the rankings heading into rivalry weekend reached the semifinals, including the No. 1 team every time.


1. Ohio St. 11-0
2. LSU 11-0
3. Clemson 11-0
4. Georgia 10-1
5. Alabama 10-1
6. Utah 10-1
7. Oklahoma 10-1
8. Minnesota 10-1
9. Baylor 10-1
10. Penn St. 9-2
11. Florida 9-2
12. Wisconsin 9-2
13. Michigan 9-2
14. Oregon 9-2
15. Auburn 8-3
16. Notre Dame 9-2
17. Iowa 8-3
18. Memphis 10-1
19. Cincinnati 10-1
20. Boise St. 10-1
21. Oklahoma St. 8-3
22. Southern Cal 8-4
23. Iowa St. 7-4
24. Virginia Tech 8-3
25. Appalachian St. 10-1

The playoff semifinals match the No. 1 seed vs. the No. 4 seed, and No. 2 will face No. 3. The semifinals will be hosted at the Peach Bowl and Fiesta Bowl on Dec. 28. The championship game will be played on Jan. 13, 2020 at New Orleans.


  1. OK, this is a LOAD!!!! For once the AP has it near right and the COMMITTEE needs their heads examined! They usually get it more right, putting teams in the order of ability whereas the AP lends to keeping teams where they are at unless they lose. We only lose to the #2&4 teams while everyone ahead of us to #5 has lost to very weak teams! I could take the AP putting Ut and Ok above us since they are in line to play for the NC but these other clowns, especially PSU. No way, they are idiots!!!!!
    ALSO after the way Oh St played, struggling against PSU who lost to Minn who lost to Iowa and struggled against Purdue, Fresno st, Ga S,& SDakSt. Anyone with a thimball full of football smarts can watch PSU play and realize they dont belong in the same sentence as UF!

    Here’s the BS they are doing, its political. They have ranked every team ahead of UF that can still play for a championship. If they rank these losers too low and they beat Ok, or Oh st then those conf dont have a chance of getting a team in the NC playoffs! Thats also why they ranked the , clearly much weaker than we thought, OhSt up to #1, to justify pulling Minn up into the top 4. That is also why they barely dropped PSU even though they have no chance so it keeps OhSt looking justified at #1. This is all BULL!!!!! I hate politics!!!

    • Having made this observation I will say that after the championships I expect the interloafers to fall after a 2nd loss and UF to rise. I think the committee realized this when they set this up this way for this week. NOW, if they continue to keep PSU above us in the last Poll Im going to be VERY ticked! Having said that, I think after the bowl games i expect us to take our rightful spot! Alls well that ends well!
      I would prefer them being honest this week like the AP, but I understand why they did it and I think they thought it will all come out in the wash after the championships of week 15. No harm no foul….except if the teams that are supposed to win dont, then it screws the true rankings for UF!

      • Daz, every season the Committee has a couple of major objectives in doing their final ranking: 1) Send the 4 “best teams” to the CFP, 2) Spread the $$$ from the NY-6 bowls as evenly as plausible among the Power 5 conferences and ND. Their weekly lead-up rankings are just a setup for justifying their final ranking.

        To satisfy the first objective, an assumption is made that a 1-loss Power 5 champ, or ND MUST rank ahead of ANY 2-loss team. That explains Minnesota, Utah and Baylor ALL ranking ahead of the Gators and Penn St two weeks before the final ranking. They’re ALL now positioned, if they win out, to make the final 4 ahead of a 2-loss Bama, UGA, or Oklahoma, strength of schedules be damned.

        To satisfy the second objective, they held the 4th best team in the SEC (our Gators) out of the top 10. Those are the 10 teams guaranteed to get NY-6 bowl invitations, given the various conference-bowl agreements.

        Gator fans who argue that our team should be ranked higher than #11 will be directed by the Committee to take a look at our schedule this season, which included TWO FCS opponents (UTM and Towson.)

        See how easy it is to justify what they did? Just follow the $$$ and you’ll always be closer to real motivations.

        • As I said it was done for politics! Money is the mother’s milk of politics. As I also said, after the final 2 weeks with so many of the top 10 playing each other it will likely all come out in the wash. The committee is hedging their bets by pushing these teams up this week so as to justify positions after an upset. they messed up last week by dropping Oregon down too far since they have to play Utah and an upset there will take the pac-12 out entirely but I get the impression that they care more about the BIG 10 and 12 getting in. Once the losses occur several will have to drop out of the top 10 and the gators will be in. Then the final poll will look much like the AP does now. Plus with the requirements of many of the bowls for a SEC team we will get an NY-6 or at least a new years day bowl. I just see what they did as inherently dishonest even though in the end it will most likely correct itself on the playing field.

          • You’re right in your statement that “it’ll all come out in the wash and this ranking was about hedging.” There are very few scenarios I can imagine where the Gators don’t ultimately end up ranked in the top ten after the conference championship games.

            That said, the final “wash” has to appear as “clean” as possible. Oregon was dropped that far for losing to an unranked team and no longer looking “clean.” Penn State lost to #2 Ohio St and only dropped 2 spots because their 2 losses were to two top 10 teams, so they still look “clean.”

            WHEN you lose to an unranked team also matters. Look at how Wisconsin has slowly come all the way back to #11, just behind the Gators. The committee has now bunched up four Big 10 teams between 7 and 12 to insure at least 1 of them joins Ohio State in a NY-6 bowl if mayhem hits and the Buckeyes lose the next 2 games. The source of that mayhem MUST come from a couple of those bunched up teams, which are now guaranteed to move into an Orange or Cotton Bowl invite if they beat Ohio State and they end up in the Rose Bowl instead of a CFP bowl.

            The Gators MUST work their way back into the top 10, preferably #9 or higher, to insure a NY-6 bowl invite. If they end up #11, we better get used to seeing them in the Citrus Bowl, because that’s where they’ll end up. And the committee will “wash” their hands by blaming the 8 conference games TWO FCS teams on the Gators’ schedule this season!

  2. Anybody else now willing to admit that the old BCS Poll was better than the current CFP Committee? All that was needed in 2014 was to increase the BCS “playoff” from two teams to four. The Committee’s “work”, as Daz alludes, is little more than political blather.

    • Not really Joe. The BCS was dominated by bogus human polls and computer rankings. It was was every bit as flawed as the Selection Committee system without the “benefit” of giving the NCAA some control over how many teams from each Power 5 conference make the CFP and NY-6 bowls.

      The NCAA can’t have too many seasons like 2018 where 4 SEC teams made it into NY-6 bowls while the Big 10 and Pac 12 landed only one team each and were shut out of the CFP. “Can’t do THAT. Wouldn’t be prudent!” 😉

      • I just don’t see it. I don’t think the AP (I know the AP poll pulled out of the BCS after a season or two) and Coaches’ polls are any more bogus than the Selection Committee. The computer polls, to my knowledge, were all transparent with their rating criteria, and the formula for combing the human and computer polls into the BCS ranking was also transparent: each human poll counted one third and the average of the computer polls, throwing out the high and low, counted one third. You many not have agreed with the rankings, but at least it was clear how the rankings were compiled. You didn’t have to listen to the Committee Chairman ramble nonsensically about “We feel Ohio State is a more complete team, because their defense is a little better”. Get back to me when Ohio State beats Bama in Tuscaloosa.

        • Not “any more,” just “every bit” as bogus. Humans are human and therefore biased. All their blathering excuses are just that, excuses. Yet, I’ll take either selection system in a heart beat over agreeing to a system that confers an automatic playoff bid to Power 5 conference champs.

          I really don’t care to see college football turn into a Junior NFL, where an 8-4 team can get hot at the end and win a NC. There’s something truly special to the proposition that ANY regular season game can significantly factor into which teams qualify for the playoffs. That reality forces all relevant teams to excel every time out, regardless of opponent (North Carolina, Illinois, Arizona St.)

          Of all the major sports, college or pro, only FBS College Football STILL has a regular season that truly matters. I hope that NEVER changes.

          • I agree with your point about maintaining the importance of the regular season. My only point was that I think the BCS poll would’ve done just as good a job at selecting the four playoff teams.

            I do see some value in limiting the playoff teams to conference champions, though. If an 11-1 team gets left out because the conference champion went undefeated, that makes the regular season of utmost importance. The 11-1 team had the option of going 12-0 and winning the conference, instead of losing a game and finishing as runner-up. Perhaps the 9-3 conference champion has 3 losses because the competition is better in that conference. If the 9-3 champion beats the 12-0 champion in the playoff, why must it be because the 9-3 team got hot at the right time? It could be because the 12-0 team was only 12-0 because of a weaker schedule and the 9-3 team is actually the better team.

            Either way, it makes for good debate. I’m sure we’re in agreement as to what we hope to see this evening: a complete dismantling of the Holes in the Swamp! Go Gators!!!

    • Go to conference champions playing off and you eliminate most of this BS. Well, as long as everybody agrees to Notre Dame getting in every year regardless of schedule or record, and of course are willing to tolerate UCF claiming whatever their AD wants to. Why, if you wanted to you could even include the AAC, Mtn West, and others. Oh hell, even the Irish. But not Notre Dame.

      • We may end up there in time anyway. However, I really believe that guaranteeing conference champs a playoff spot is the surest way of turning the CFB regular season into the semi-meaningless exercise the NFL regular season is today, where a 9-7 team can get hot at the end of the season, beat a 16-0 team in the Superbowl and call themselves world champs!

        No thanks! I’d rather deal with all the warts and blemishes of the CFP Committee and keep ALL the relevant teams striving for perfect seasons every year.

        • And in the same breath we surmise that the poll and playoff systems are both political? I ask you, what is more relevant than a conference championship, where you have won your league on the actual field of play, o-b-j-e-c-t-i-v-e-l-y? Does that not take bias, BS, and unfairness right out? What are the actual chances of a lousy team winning a conference championship, anyway?

          And while I’m at it, does the Pope poop in the woods? Is the bear catholic? Never mind, you can thank me later.

          • OK 6, I’m going to test your commitment to your proposition with a real scenario made possible just last night. Unranked, 9-3 Virginia beat VA Tech in the last 2 minutes to become the 7th ACC Coastal Division champ in 7 years. That’s the text book definition of mediocrity!

            Suppose Clemson, who’ve had some letdowns this season, take Virginia lightly next week, lose their focus and lose a close, poorly played ACCC Game. Are you OK with rewarding THAT FRAUD with a playoff invitation???

          • First of all, and foremost, 9-3 is NOT mediocrity by anyone’s standard. We were 9-3 last year before we won our bowl game — was that mediocre before we destroyed a much bally-hooed Michigan? 8-4 borders on mediocre, 7-5 is definitely mediocre as is 6-6, and below that we can start talking pathetic unless it happens to be Notre Dame.

            But say Virginia does wind up winning the ACC, which could be called a fluke by most reasonable people. Like when South Carolina beat Georgia. But would it be a fraud? Sure it would be a disappointment, but more than that, it would be a lick on Clemson, wouldn’t it? And wouldn’t it be just as easy to say that Virginia might be inspired to win out after that? I’m not sure they would of course, but wouldn’t most of America be pulling for them to? If you’re going to use hyperbole, it goes both ways!

            Now, this is the point where I usually make up some quote and attribute it to you as having said it last season, hoping that you forget you never said it — but damnit, you’re too smart for that, StL. Any road, I’m running out of logic here buddy, so just go ahead and concede, thank me for setting you straight, and let’s watch us win our last game tonight! 😎