Gators stay at No. 11 in CFP Top 25

(AP Photo/L.G. Patterson)

Florida remains ranked No. 11 in the latest College Football Playoff Top 25 released Tuesday night.

The College Football Playoff rankings were unchanged at the top this week, with LSU first followed by Ohio State, Clemson and Georgia.

1. LSU 10-0
2. Ohio St. 10-0
3. Clemson 11-0
4. Georgia 9-1
5. Alabama 9-1
6. Oregon 9-1
7. Utah 9-1
8. Penn St. 9-1
9. Oklahoma 9-1
10. Minnesota 9-1
11. Florida 9-2
12. Wisconsin 8-2
13. Michigan 8-2
14. Baylor 9-1
15. Auburn 7-3
16. Notre Dame 8-2
17. Iowa 7-3
18. Memphis 9-1
19. Cincinnati 9-1
20. Boise St. 9-1
21. Oklahoma St. 7-3
22. Iowa St. 6-4
23. Southern Cal 7-4
24. Appalachian St. 9-1
25. SMU 9-1

The playoff semifinals match the No. 1 seed vs. the No. 4 seed, and No. 2 will face No. 3. The semifinals will be hosted at the Peach Bowl and Fiesta Bowl on Dec. 28. The championship game will be played on Jan. 13, 2020 at New Orleans.

The committee could face an interesting decision with Alabama in the coming weeks. The Crimson Tide lost quarterback Tua Tagovailoa for the season to a hip injury Saturday. Alabama faces Western Carolina this weekend, so playing backup Mac Jones shouldn’t make much difference. On Thanksgiving weekend the Tide will face Auburn with its No. 2 quarterback, which should give the committee a better read on what kind of a team Alabama is now.


  1. Likely scenario: Florida routs FSU, Wisconsin beats (10) Minnesota, Oklahoma State upsets (9) Oklahoma, Ohio State beats (8) Penn State, Auburn beats (5) Bama without Tua and (6) Oregon beats (7) Utah. None of those outcomes are unlikely, yet taken together will probably raise the Gators to #5 before the bowl season.

      • The surest way for the Gators to be guaranteed an NY-6 bowl invite is to finish inside the top 8 in the final CFP committee ranking. That’s because the 2 CFP bowls take the top 4 and the remaining 4 NY-6 bowls take the next 4. After that, the remaining NY-6 bowl affiliations and Group of 5 commitment are taken care of BEFORE returning to the at-large teams remaining in the top 12 to fill out the final open spots.

        That scenario implies there will be 4 SEC teams finishing the season ranked in the top 8, which seems very plausible to me right now, even if Bama were to lose to Auburn in the Iron Bowl.

        • I think I understand. You’re saying that the number 5-8 teams are guaranteed a spot in NY-6 bowls. It’s the number 9-12 teams that have to worry about getting bumped by conference affiliations and the Group of Five commitment.

          • Joe, as the old saying goes, there are no guarantees in this life, other than death and taxes. That said, it would be almost mathematically impossible for a team to end up ranked 1-8 and NOT be invited to a NY-6 bowl game.

            However, if you read my reply under the new SEC Bowl Selection article just posted on this site, you’ll find out it’s already contractually impossible for teams ranked 11 and 12 to get invited to NY-6 bowls. And, 9-10 are on the bubble, unless one of them happens to be Notre Dame, because they ALWAYS get invited to the ball! 😡😤🤬

  2. Actually #7 because Ga will stay above UF as well as Oregon. most likely LSU, OhSt, Clem, Or, Ga, Al, UF. I dont see Al falling below UF. We are currently at #11 and they are at #5. They just wont drop them that far. I know, I know, we beat Auburn and their loses would be LSU and Auburn, our loses better then theirs but traditionally they wont fall that far, they are Al after all! It should be Ga, UF, Al but it wont be. Im not convinced they will lose to Auburn, actually. Look, Min is above UF yet they lost to Iowa for goodness sake whereas we lost to the #1 & #4 teams. Not fair but thats the way it is. I dont believe OK loses to OKst either. I think OK should be the 4th team not Or, they are better! that 28 point /shutout comeback was nothing short of miraculous!

  3. Daz, your point on Bama is well taken. They always get the benefit of the doubt, although unlike Notre Dame, they’ve earned it. My rationale is simply that the committee may not be able to look past the loss of Tua AND a bad loss to Auburn (a team UF beat) making them damaged goods. Of course, if they beat Auburn they can dispel all doubt and stake a valid claim to a playoff spot, especially IF LSU beats UGA.

    Minnesota ranks ahead of UF for now because they have one loss and UF has two. Their win over then #4 Penn State gives them the benefit of the doubt Baylor doesn’t get by losing to Oklahoma.

    Oklahoma has been flirting with disaster all season. Bedlam is being played in Oklahoma City this season. I just have a feeling about that game. Of course, that feeling may just be gas!