5 Questions With … Florida’s Freddie Swain

Florida wide receiver Freddie Swain is tackled as he tries to return a punt during last year's game against Missouri at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Florida senior wide receiver:

Q: How did you and Josh Hammond take on the idea of sharing the starting role, and is that something you pride yourselves on?

 A: All the receivers are like my brothers. So, I don’t care who’s in. I don’t care who scores. That doesn’t matter to me. As long as we get a win and as long as somebody has fun and is getting off, we’re all going to have fun. But, as long as somebody is catching the ball and we’re not letting the ball drop, I don’t care who catches it.

Q: What does that say about your mentality and Hammond’s mentality?

 A: I guess you could say we’re selfless. It really doesn’t matter. Like I said, that’s like my brother. So, if he’s happy, he’s successful, I feel like I’m successful.

 Q: Did you have that mindset coming into college, or did you mature into feeling that way?

 A: I’ve never been selfish. I don’t really mind whatever’s meant to be. I tell guys all the time, ‘Whatever’s meant to be is whatever’s meant to be.’ So, if it’s meant for me to catch the ball and then score with it, then that’s what it’s meant to be. But if it’s meant for Josh to do it, then it’s meant for Josh.

 Q: Coach Dan Mullen said he uses that as an example for the young players. Is that the case?

 A: It shows a lot of character as far as when you give it to, like, the whole team for them to kind of look at, and they see how hard me and Josh work and we don’t ever complain about who gets the ball or just things like that. It can carry over to younger players. As they grow and get older, they can kind of, ‘OK, well he didn’t get mad, so let me not get mad.’ So, you know, it just kind of helps the team get better.

 Q: What’s the QB room going to be like next year?

 A: I feel like the competition level is going to be through the roof. Guys are going to have to make plays, because you’ve got quarterbacks that can sling it. If you’re looking to make a play, by all means you have the quarterbacks to do it. I feel like Coach Mullen will put them in the right positions either way. The competition level will be through the roof.