5 Questions With … UF’s Kyle Trask

Florida quarterback Kyle Trask takes the snap from center Saturday against the Towson Tigers at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. [Matt Pendleton/Correspondent]

Florida junior quarterback:

 Q: After watching the film, what do you think were your biggest problems offensively against Georgia?

 A: Well, I think we worked really, really hard last week in practice. I thought we had a great game plan, and we prepared well, but, you still have to execute. At times we struggled on little things, like little penalties here and there. I think we kind of shot ourselves in the foot every now and then, and I think if could just execute better and play more consistent, then I think we can play with anybody in the country.

 Q: Have some players gotten everybody together and said, “Let’s hold this together”?

 A: For sure. That’s one of the things Coach Mullen was preaching. We still have a lot to play for. We still do have a shot at the SEC East title, but none of that matters if we don’t take care of our business and go 1-0 every week from here on out. That’s our biggest focus right now.

Q: What do you attribute the communication issues to?

 A: I thought we prepared really well and had a great game plan, but those things happen every now and then, just with miscommunication. There’s nothing we can do about it now, but moving forward, we can do our best to make sure that stuff doesn’t happen again. Obviously, we let it get the best of us at certain times in the game. If we can cut those out, then I think we’ll be really hard to stop.

 Q: When you get off-schedule like that, does it throw everything off on the offensive side?

 A: It’s not the ideal situation you want to be in and just, with the false starts, and you can’t have things like breaking the huddle with 12 people. We’ve just got to do a better job of getting rid of those little things that keep shooting ourselves in the foot. If we can cut those out, then I think we’ll continue to get better every single week.

Q: Freddie Swain has become a go-to guy in the passing game. What’s that connection like between the two of you?

 A: I spend extra time with all the receivers on our team and I think Freddie’s a special talent and does a great job of getting open. There’s a good connection between me and him and I know when he’s got a good matchup and going to get open. And I know I can trust him with the ball.