UF notebook: About that sack against Georgia …

Georgia linebacker Azeez Ojulari sacks Florida quarterback Kyle Trask in the first half Saturday at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville. [Doug Engle/Gainesville Sun]

Quarterback Kyle Trask is taking the blame for the 19-yard sack he took that killed a scoring opportunity in the third quarter against the Bulldogs. It came on a first-and-10 play from the UGA 38 on Saturday in Jacksonville.

 “Obviously I have to get rid of the ball,” Trask said. “I take 100-percent responsibility. I’ve been playing football all of my life and I know you can’t take 20-yard sacks I think just moving forward it goes back to little things like sacks, penalties, we can’t have that. If we can cut those out we can play with anybody in the country.”

More playing time for Emory?

 No 2 quarterback Emory Jones had a package of plays to run in the Georgia game, but he ended up playing just one play.

  “We have different packages and different things where we want to get him into the game,” UF coach Dan Mullen said Monday. “I wanted to get him into the game more on Saturday and just how the game played out didn’t dictate that.

 “Like everybody says, ‘Do you want to do this? Do you want to do that?’ No, I want to do everything. But the individual games dictate how it’s played, and our job is to make sure we’re adapting to put us in the best position to win that specific game at that time.

 “So, obviously I wanted to get him in the game a lot more on Saturday. We had a plan to get him into the game a lot more on Saturday. As the game played out, it didn’t dictate that to happen for us.”

 Mullen said Jones is “disappointed” with his lack of playing time.

 “Obviously, because he wants to get in and go play,” he said. “I think he understands when he looks at it and he handles it well. He’s like anybody. He wants to play. Everybody wants to play.

  “When he comes in and I think he looks at the plan and says, ‘Ok, here’s the plan.’ We didn’t get to carry it out, but he knows there’s a succinct plan for him to get on the field and do more things.”

No SEC response

 Mullen is still awaiting clarification on the UGA catch that didn’t appear to be a catch early in the game. The officials on the field ruled it a catch even though the ball hit the ground. The play was reviewed, but not overturned. The Bulldogs went on to kick a field goal.

 “I’ve not gotten any word,” Mullen said. “We’ve asked. You’d have to ask them. That decision was made in Birmingham on that play so I’ve asked, I haven’t heard of anything from them. I guess you’d have to ask what their motive is for that, making the decision the way they did — in Birmingham. That had nothing to do with on-the-field officials.”


    • Absolutely, it was a TD. Look I don’t think any team should be subjected to the officiating I’ve witnessed this year. Across the board it is a joke how bad it is, and I’m not one to really complain too much about refs. I mean yes some missed calls are ridiculous but as a whole I’ve always generally felt like they did a decent job. It is just atrocious, and seems to be getting worse. The calls are just leaving me in disbelief. Pure incompetence. It is sickening to know that it’s going to happen nearly every game, it IS affecting the outcome of games…I feel like so many of these games one team gets a leg up due to which random insanely ridiculous calls go one way or the other. I’m getting tired of people trying to downplay it too. I also don’t feel that is why FL lost the game. Fl lost because of many, many other reasons.

  1. Other reasons Fl lost…Trey Dean for some head-pounding reason STILL playing the star position- Zuniga/Greenard obviously not 100%- Play calling on both sides is insanely confusing ( it’s 1st and 5 and we run a qb designed run…what’s trask gonna get 5 yards at most?…We lost like an entire minute off the clock on that final uf scoring drive because of that 1 play…for what, 5 yards at best?…and he only got 1 or 2 yards)- db’s playing WAY too soft coverage…fyi too, maybe if we are jamming receivers we DO get pressure/sacks cause it gives DL more time to get in the backfield- Also seems like there is no rhyme or reason for the offensive play calls. It seems like dm is just saying, ahh Idk let’s try this, we haven’t ran this one yet today- I mean it is so frustrating to watch. As bad as OL, entire secondary (Marco Wilson Can’t Tackle Period The End), still feel like we could be winning these games with better playcalling. I can’t be very upset because dm put this team where it is which is WAY further along than they were but it is beyond frustrating to watch some of the mind boggling play calls. I just don’t see any preciseness or real understanding of where the ball should go at a given time or situation. Just seems random and like ok well hopefully this works…here goes

  2. Mullen said Jones is “disappointed” with his lack of playing time. If he were more successful when he does come in then I can guarantee you he would be seeing the field more!!!!! So far he hasnt been successful running nor passing!
    Yea, they scored a TD which was the difference in the game. IN addition no one is talking about the Pass interference that wasnt, that also lead to a TD! Our defender placed his hand flat on the receivers shoulder pad he did not grab it in the collar. The call was bogus and the official that called it was on the other side of the WR and it was impossible for him to see whether he had a flat hand or a grab. He is not allowed to call a penalty that he doesnt see! Those 2 bogus calls lead to 14 points right after the calls and were the difference in winning and losing for the Gators! Cant remember how many bad calls thru the years have changed the outcome of a game. I txt’d about those 2 bad calls during the game!

    • Daz, which comes first. Throw Jones in for one play and if nothing work well, say he had his chance, 0r……let him play a good many minutes or even a quarter, and see what he can do without looking over his shoulder. He is not getting a decent chance by Mullen similar to Chump with Bissette.

      • CDM is a well documented QB coaching guru. Until he puts Jones in games, while those games are still in doubt, and calls passing plays for him, I’m convinced he doesn’t like what he’s seeing from Jones in practice.

        If the Gators don’t come out flat on Saturday and put Vandy away in the 3rd quarter, we’ll probably see Jones get some playing time in the 4th. It behooves CDM to have him ready to come in if something bad happens to Trask.

      • Why would you replace your excellent starter for a guy who has only done OK against scrubs we played?? Boggle my mind! Franks was the undisputed starter and no one else played except as mop up(there is no mop up when you are losing or coming from behind)! Jones got chances when Trask 1st took over but it was abundantly clear that trask was superior and that we can more than succeed on a passing game with a few well timed runs. Why are you so desparate to replace your fantastic starter with a backup? Why do you want ot replace your starter who has proven he has a knack for sustaining drives for a guy who hasnt shown that ability? Why do you want to replace your starter who is one of the best NCAAF passers ithis year for a guy who has only passed marginally against scub teams we played? Why should Franks have been the undisputed starter yet the QB who replaced him who has played far better then Franks have to share time with a backup? We have 7 wins because Trask is QB we would NOT have been here with franks! I believe the only QB we have that can be this successful with this o-line and no running game and this fantastic group of WR’s is Trask. Not only do I want him playing every down BUT I want a pass setting up the run, play calling like we did on those 2 successful scoring drives against Ga! Our current offensive players strenghts call for a pass heavy offense this year. Though we have the RB’s we dont have a line that can run block to save them!

  3. Maybe the NCAA should get rid of the officials and rely only on the video review. It can’t be any worse. Just keep the main referee on the field to put the ball in play and announce the decisions. Obviously that is sarcastic but the officials are doing a worse job than ever.

    As far as Florida’s play and calls, it looked like we were not prepared which is inexcusable after a bye-week and facing our fiercest rival. Georgia looked rested and in sync. Our defense continues to be a problem especially with the secondary giving up big plays and with no running game, we are totally one dimensional. Some of this won’t get fixed until Mullen gets only his recruits on the field which means another two years. This game should have taught both the coaches and players something about being mentally prepared and not just physically prepared. Go Gators!

    • Sorry but this team is able to be a champ team now. without 2 bad ref calls that immediately lead to 14 points and we win, or grantham get his head out of his ___ and start playing tight coverage in the secondary and we win, or Coaches better prepared to rotate players and we dont take 2 drive killing timeouts to start the game and we win,or Juniga, greenard, and Toney 100% and we win. None of those things need a better team to have occured. One is just a bad bounce of the ball, player injuries. Ga lost to SC because of it, happens!
      Mullen is one of the best playcallers in the game regardless of what some brilliant people on here think. As he said, why would I give up the very thing that got me here(being an HC)
      Moron Mikey below is an FSU fan from way back who comes on here and makes stupid comments like he thinks that is going to influence anyone! Surprised he would pay for the privledge of doing so! Our best QB by leaps and bounds is trask, he just makes rookie mistakes sometimes because , remember he is a rookie. One bad play does not a game make!

  4. Trask, aka Captain Obvious. It was completely his fault. I didn’t see anyone else running backwards. Its those type of plays that makes me scratch my head about him. He’s got the physical talent, just don’t have much between the ears. I don’t understand what Mullen is trying to do with Jones. He better watch out, or the best QB on the roster will be transferring.