Swampcast: Breaking down Florida-Georgia game



  1. For all intents and purposes, the SEC EAST is Georgia’s… again! I’d take a ”default SEC East title” but, D.C. Grantham cannot teach how to defend against Fromm’s passing, so…
    And the lack of a running game for Florida will keep Florida at another 9-10 season again. Better than 4-7, no doubt. But really? Another New Year’s day bowl, like ”the Orange Bowl?” Well, I won’t hold my breath for that one. And while everyone knows that Zuniga and Greenard are ”elite,” name another ”elite defender at Florida?” There aren’t many, and don’t get me started about ”DBU.” So please don’t even bring that subject up, Florida, until y’all BEAT UGA. OK? Thanks!
    Go Gators! Just win 10, again, baby!