Swampcast: Post game discussion of Florida at South Carolina


Gainesville Sun sports writers Pat Dooley and Robbie Andreu review Florida’s 38-27 victory at South Carolina on Saturday.


Posted by Pat Dooley on Saturday, October 19, 2019


  1. If you are going to do this via Facebook, some of us paying customers will be unable to watch. FB would not let me watch this clip without granting them access to my “activity,” whatever that might mean. I quit rotten FB years ago, and still get constant notifications from them. Please do not use them as a platform for Swampcasts!

  2. “I don’t know where to look. Do I look at the green light or what?” You two are the best. Your conversations are so effortless and connected. I think of the banter between Marty Brenneman and Joe Knuxhall during Reds games of years past. Both knowing what the other is thinking and flawlessly complementing each other’s comments. Just good clean fun. As the saying goes, “It’d be fun to sit down and have a beer with y’all.”