Sunday blog: Big Gators assist to Swamp

Freshman Tre Mann, a UF basketball player, celebrates along with 90,000-plus at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium after a Gator score Saturday against Auburn. The Gators beat the Tigers 24-13. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

The Sunday Blog comes at you after a late night watching a lot of football and trying to figure out the bottom of my AP poll. 

 * The story of Saturday’s game was Florida’s defense, but the sidebar was definitely the crowd. The thing that made it a weapon was that it was sustained. I’m sure it has been louder, but if you gathered up all the decibels over 3½ hours, that might have been a record. “The crowd definitely got to us,” said Auburn coach Gus Malzahn. “It really kind of surprised me.” Well, it was his first visit to The Swamp. And he heard it at its peak.

* A week ago, Malzahn was talking about how great it’s going to be to have Bo Nix around for awhile. And he’s right. Nix played like a freshman, but that’s allowed. He was 11-of-27 with three interceptions and took a really bad sack. The good news (or bad news depending on your take) is that Florida may never see him again, because of the SEC scheduling. During the game, I sat there listening to the crowd and looking at the full stadium and thought, “Nah, why would a league with declining attendance want to see this more often?”

* I shook up my Associated Press poll vote again and I have LSU at No. 1. Florida comes in at No. 7. UCF is not ranked. Sorry, Orlando. Body of work. Georgia is second, but my daughter isn’t happy because she thinks any team that is trailing Tennessee in the second quarter should not be ranked so high. Kelsey may be right.

* The two best games of the day might have been Virginia Tech’s win over Miami and SMU’s triple OT win over Tulsa. You think Gator fans were spent after their game, think about being a Cane fan. OK, you may have thrown up a little in your mouth, but Miami was getting embarrassed by a team that just got embarrassed by Duke, then rallied, went for two when it made no sense and then got it. And then scored and doinked the extra point. It gets better. Virginia Tech scores and Miami comes down and has a chance to tie it but misses twice from the 10-yard line. I’m tired just writing about it. Amazingly, Miami lost a game when it threw for 469 yards.


    • Following that line of thinking to its logical conclusion, if the Gators beat LSU Saturday, Pat will have to rank the USCe Fighting Chumps #1 on Sunday! 😱

      Now THAT would be hilarious, even if the AP takes Pat’s ballot away for it.


  1. OK, so I was at the game. Jesus Christ it was loud and I am so hoarse today. It is Sunday evening and my ears are still ringing. Never have I ever been in The Swamp when it had that much energy. Every time Auburn lined up on offense, I mean every time, the noise was deafening. I used to think the Alumni section was for wimps. I am here to tell you the Alumni gave it their all and carried the day. With apologies to the tenacious D, there is no doubt in my mind that without the crowd, we loose this game.

  2. So much as pertains to the comment about Miami, go back to July-August leading up to the game and you’ll find that virtually every thing that was written in the press hyped them as winning the Super Bowl if they could play in it and was designed to leave us quaking in our boots. You will also find that a lot of us on here, when there were actually a lot of us on here, called BS to that too!