Dooley Grades The Gators: Mullen, UF dial up another win

Florida coach Dan Mullen celebrates the Gators' 10th consecutive win Saturday, a 24-13 decision over No. 7 Auburn at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. The Gators are 16-3 in Mullen's return to Gainesville. [Matt Pendleton/Correspondent]

Offense B-

First half: The Gators’ inability to run the ball (again) forced Dan Mullen to dial up 28 passing plays in the first half (two of which resulted in sacks/fumbles). The second offensive play of the half was a beauty, but UF struggled for consistency the rest of the way.

Second half: Florida couldn’t generate much of anything in the third quarter, but Lamical Perine’s 88-yard touchdown run was the dagger and the throwback pass was the final nail.

For the game: Even though the Gators struggled with turnovers and weren’t effective for the most part with the running game, they finished with 398 yards against an elite defense.

Defense A

First half: You literally couldn’t have asked much more of a defense that allowed only two first downs in the half and set up a touchdown with Shawn Davis’ pick and sensational return. Auburn only managed 35 rushing yards in the half.

Second half: Auburn finally got its running game going late in the game, but Florida kept coming up with the big plays, especially Donovan Stiner’s interception in the end zone.

For the game: This was an extraordinary effort by a defense that showed it is truly elite. The Gators made a freshman quarterback look like a freshman quarterback and made up for the offense’s turnovers with three picks.

Special teams B

First half: It was a mixed bag in that the fake punt blew up on the Gators and led to Auburn’s only touchdown of the half, but Florida also recovered a muffed punt that should have led to points. The special teams were just a part of a strange half.

Second half: Tommy Townsend had to punt five times in the second half and did a great job, especially late, pinning Auburn deep in its own territory.

For the game: Despite the fake punt that didn’t work, the Florida kicking game did its job, including Evan McPherson only having one kickoff returned in the game.

Overall A-

This team still has flaws, but you know what it does not have? A loss. The Gators beat a top-10 team that some of us thought had the best resume in the country. This was a huge game for a home underdog bolstered by a ridiculously-loud crowd.


  1. I was an idiot to Pat & Robbie. Picked against my Gators, partly to piss them off if they read these boards because when the Gators are pissed off they are not beatable, and partly because of how horrible our O line has been. Never again this season. Go Gators!

  2. Hogtown, You weren’t the only one. I thought Florida’s lack of a consistent running game would prove fatal. But what do I know. All it took was one beautiful 88 yard run, Trask’s efficiency, guts, and leadership, and one hell of a defense.

  3. Championship teams are built on three pillars, elite coach, elite defense and elite QB. Going into this season, I believed our Gators had two of those three pillars in place. Now, thanks to Kyle Trask, they’re well on the way to having all three. He just needs to pick up more pocket awareness.

    I hope Trask’s knee is OK by Saturday, because just as our defense was the key to this Auburn victory, the Gators will need him to be the key next week. LSU is a different beast with Burrow throwing the ball around to all those receivers. They will score more than 13 point and the Gator O will need to be ready to keep up with them until the 4th quarter when the Gator D can snuff them out. It’s very doable since the LSU D is not nearly as good as Auburn’s.

    The future looks very bright! GO GATORS!!!

  4. “The Gators beat a top-10 team that some of us thought had the best resume in the country”
    Only you thought that Dooley. Those of us who really know football knew that Auburn was more beatable than LSU or Bama. You think after all those years you would have learned to evaluate better. Thats why you get those scores so wrong against our Gators!

    • I’m not certain he even likes the Gators, Daz. Either that, or he’s just so open minded about being objective that his brains have fallen out. Like I said, in another venue just substitute “freedom fighters” for “terrorists” and you have the right mentality.

  5. The onus for at least two fumbles by Trask should be placed on the shoulders of Forsyth, the blind side tackle who got beaten repeatedly by outside moves. He isn’t quick enough to handle such rushes. Either he has to have help or its going to happen again and again and prevent Trask from having time to throw downfield. As far as running is concerned, it isn’t going to get better until the Florida linemen can consistently get under the pads of the defensive linemen instead of standing up to quickly. Hopefully as the young guys get more experience their technique will improve.