Gators drop spot to No. 10 in Associated Press poll

(Brad McClenny/Staff Photographer)

No. 10 Florida will host No. 7 Auburn at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium during Homecoming Weekend for a 3:30 p.m. start Saturday for a game to be televised on CBS.

The Gators will host Auburn (5-0) in the Swamp for the first time since 2007. The Tigers lead the all-time series record (43-38-2), as Auburn defeated the Gators at home, 17-6, in their last meeting on Oct. 15, 2011. In addition, the Gators own a 67-26-2 record in Homecoming games all-time, including a 25-5 mark since 1989.

Fans are reminded that Gators Ticket Office announced in August that this contest us sold out.

The Gators (5-0) dropped a spot in the latest Associated Press poll.

The Top 25 teams in The Associated Press college football poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, records through Sept. 28, total points based on 25 points for a first-place vote through one point for a 25th-place vote, and previous ranking:

Record Pts Pv
1. Alabama (29) 5-0 1478 2
2. Clemson (18) 5-0 1426 1
3. Georgia (4) 4-0 1375 3
4. Ohio St. (7) 5-0 1324 5
5. LSU 4-0 1322 4
6. Oklahoma 4-0 1264 6
7. Auburn (3) 5-0 1186 7
8. Wisconsin 4-0 1046 8
9. Notre Dame 3-1 996 10
10. Florida 5-0 986 9
11. Texas 3-1 919 11
12. Penn St. 4-0 878 12
13. Oregon 3-1 817 13
14. Iowa 4-0 731 14
15. Washington 4-1 603 17
16. Boise St. 4-0 559 16
17. Utah 4-1 534 19
18. UCF 4-1 352 22
19. Michigan 3-1 350 20
20. Arizona St. 4-1 249 NR
21. Oklahoma St. 4-1 215 NR
22. Wake Forest 5-0 190 NR
23. Virginia 4-1 186 18
24. SMU 5-0 151 NR
25. Michigan St. 4-1 147 25
25. Texas A&M 3-2 147 23

Others receiving votes: California 141, Memphis 71, Appalachian St. 50, Army 44, Missouri 26, Baylor 19, Colorado 19, Minnesota 15, Southern Cal 7, Tulane 1, Kansas St. 1.


  1. It gives me no joy to see that even the lazy AP Poll voters weren’t fooled by the Gators’ 38-0 score against Towson. 1-loss ND was ranked higher than the Mighty Gators!

    If UF wants national respect, they’re gonna have to go out on that field Saturday afternoon and earn it. Here’s to hoping they do just that.

    GO GATORS!!!

    • While I most certainly agree with your assessment, ol’ chum, I hasten to add that there is a 3-2 team lurking in the rankings too — leading me of course wonder why they weren’t ranked ahead of the Gators as well. If I had an inquiring mind, I would really want to know the answer.

      • I really hope I’m wrong about it 6, but I don’t have a good feeling about that Auburn game this Saturday. It feels too much like those 2015 and 2016 Gator teams that looked so good vs. second and third tier teams going in, but were ultimately exposed by FSU and Alabama when it really counted.

        This Gator team has fed on second and third tier teams too, but Auburn is the real deal. Even with a true freshman at QB, they look solid across the board, especially on defense. They afford us no room for missed tackles, or missed blocking assignments and the Gators haven’t played a clean game yet!

    • LOL!, We know the answer to that! I watched ND play against Ga and they are NOT as good as the Gators, not their defense and Not their QB, nor their receivers! I guess Im better then all those voters since I get 80% right on my calls each week. The real question is why is Clemson at #2 with that miserable win over a bad NC team?

      • I agree Daz — but Auburn plays with an intensity for 60 minutes that seems lost on the Gators. That’s the difference, but if we find that character like we did last year? You bet your ass. We have the talent, no doubt. “On any given Saturday……”. Helluva way to live, but sometimes you just gotta believe.

        To answer Sly’s question, if the Gators beat Auburn, don’t be surprised if he drops the Gators, calling it a fluke. Of course, we’re just haters and internet trolls.

  2. Simply put, Auburn is a better team than Florida. Both lines are deeper and have played more consistently than ours has season. As an Alum and fan of all things Gator, I take no joy in saying this. However, Auburn just curb-stomped the team that curb-stomped the team that we barely beat.

    Obviously, the home-town advantage helps, and we could get a couple of lucky bounces, and win this thing. But on paper, it looks pretty bad. Mullen is a great coach, and he will get us back to a National title. Just remember, we are only 2 years removed from the lowest point I have have ever seen our football program, being coached by the worst hire in the program’s history.

    If you take the top ten teams and were forced to bet your life savings and house on the outcome vs UF; how many of you would bet the house?

    • AFRESHUP: I use such to also evaluate but sometimes on any given sat teams just play differently. Look at Clemson winning by one against a very weak NC. It just happens.Sometimes their is a back story that you dont know about. In betting you try to find the teams that are consistent to lay your cash on. In this case you are referring to MS ST beating UK. You seem to be forgetting that Trask didnt enter the Game till the 4th qtr. and scored mightily for a come from behind win. Had Trask played the whole game we would have creamed them. Ms st beat them 28-13. Franks accounted for 2 of their touchdowns in our game so if Trask had been the starter then the score probably would have been more like 38-7, which would be BETTER than Ms st.. Really , evaluate a little better before posting, you knew that back story! Im not saying we will beat Auburn, but we will compete!

      • It’s just an opinion Daz — most of them are pretty subjective at this point, even StL is going on “feelings” right now. But I’ll tell you this much bud, if sportswriters across the board spent as much time evaluating, thinking, and researching as you do…..we might have more accurate stories. Of course, you’re putting your own money on the line! That’s why I’ve always listened, except for when I didn’t. 😯