Swampcast: Analysis of Gators’ win over FCS Tigers


Gatorsports.com college football beat writer Robbie Andreu and sports columnist Pat Dooley provide analysis of the Gators’ 38-0 win over Towson at Florida Field


  1. Good, solid ‘W’ for U.F. Football. But they’re going to have to raise their games to hang with Auburn, LSU, etc… Then ”Tiger Tamers” will be their new nick-name, if they can pull this off. Go Gators! Just win baby!

  2. I know the Gators wanted to work on their rushing game reflected by 32 rushing and 28 passing attempts. I hope those attempts are reversed. We need to emphasize the strength of this team. Use the pass to set up the run. Given the offensive capability of Auburn, LSU and Georgia, we probably will have to pass a lot just to keep up.

    • Perhaps, THAT is what CDM held back from showing too much of before the Auburn game. The Gators will have to pass a lot more to get ahead and stay ahead on Saturday.

      They ran one such hurry-up series very successfully to open the game vs. Towson, then didn’t do it again the rest of the game. I came away from that experience with the impression that CDM wanted to see how Trask and the offense would handle it, but didn’t want to give Auburn too much game film of it to study.

      Here’s to hoping that’s his plan, because if the Gators open up the game trying to establish the run vs. that defense, they’ll be buried by half-time!