Dooley Grades The Gators: 5-0 Florida set for difficult October

Florida tight end Kyle Pitts catches a 5-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Kyle Trask in the first quarter Saturday against Towson at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. [Matt Pendleton/Correspondent]

Offense B-

First half: The Gators moved the ball slowly, but surely and scored on the only three real possessions of the half. There were certainly issues again with the offensive line and the running game that don’t seem like they want to go away.

Second half: Kyle Trask broke the Florida record for consecutive completions, but when he finally missed one it was a terrible pass that should have been intercepted. But he and the other Kyle — Pitts — connected on a nice TD pass on the next play.

For the game: Florida ran it better in the second half, especially Dameon Pierce and Florida was able to put the game away by the end of the third quarter and let Emory Jones do his thing. And that was worth sticking around for.

Defense B+

First half: It was a weird half where Tom Flacco, the Towson quarterback, did some wonderful things, but he fumbled away one scoring chance and the Tigers missed a field goal attempt.

Second half: Florida got a pair of turnovers on Towson’s first two possessions, the second one setting up a score. The Gators limited Towson to two yards on the first three possessions of the second half.

For the game: There were times when Florida looked like it had no answer for Flacco. Except that they always eventually did. Hence, the shutout.

Special teams B

First half: Evan McPherson’s first two kickoffs were returned, which has been a rarity this season, and Florida did a great job covering both. But the best play of the half on special teams was holder Tommy Townsend taking a low snap and getting it in position for McPherson to make a 42-yard field goal.

Second half: Townsend can do it all. Not only was his only punt a beauty that pinned Towson back to the 10, he took over the kickoff duties in the fourth quarter. The Gators also added a blocked field goal to the resume.

For the game: A real solid game for the special teams, whether it was covering kicks or delivering them. And Josh Hammond made a nice play in the third quarter, running up to fair catch a short punt to save yardage. Late in the game, he let one go but the outcome was already decided.

Overall B

Like Dan Mullen said, the crowd and his team were about the same — good, but not great. Florida seemed to be playing the UT Martin game all over again, but the bottom line is that the Gators are 5-0. Now its gets really interesting.


  1. Offensive Line F

    No running game for nearly 3 quarters + allowing 3 QB sacks vs. an undermanned Towson defense. If this OL doesn’t get its act together RIGHT NOW, what that stellar Auburn defense will do to the Gators next week will provide plenty of film for a Halloween horror movie! 😱😱😱

    After this game, CDM summed up the OL’s non-performnce rather nicely: “You watch our runs; when we weren’t running the ball (well) they were like in negative, like a back run. That’s a bad run but a guy is going the wrong way. I’m supposed to block you, I don’t block you and you tackle the running back. That doesn’t help the cause. I challenged them. That has got to improve. That has got to improve for us. The mental toughness of the offensive line in their preparation has got to improve as we move forward. Those guys have got to. I know John gets on them. They’re young guys. They go, ‘Coach, I’m working.’ No, you’re not, obviously not, because if you were working we wouldn’t have missed assignments, so what you’re doing is not enough. They need to do more. OK. If you want to keep doing the same thing over and over again, you’re not going to improve, what are you doing at night? Everybody learns differently. Are you walking it through in the dorm at night, are you drawing it, are you watching film? Everybody learns in a different way, OK. And guys have got to learn what’s the best way they learn, what’s the best way they can improve at processing information as they get going, and they got to do it. And if they don’t, then they’re not going to get better, and then we got to find somebody that can.”

    Notice CDM didn’t say our OL is getting pushed around. Here’s to hoping the big uglies find a way this week to handle their assignments on EVERY PLAY.

    GO GATORS!!!