5 Questions with … Florida’s Todd Grantham

Florida defensive coordinator Todd Grantham.. [Cyndi Chambers/Gainesville Sun Correspondent]

Florida defensive coordinator:

Q: How do you feel about the defense heading into the fifth game of the season?

A: I think we’ve done a good job of working together to get better every week. Not just on the playing field, in the games we have, but also the way we prepare, kind of understanding our roles and how we may have to play because guys are playing in more than one spot. Overall, I’ve been pleased with our progress and what we’ve done. We’ve got to continue to work and improve. Really, it’s about us getting better every week to play to our standard.

Q: Can this be an elite defense when you’re healthy?

A: We’ve just got to continue to play. It really doesn’t matter. Whoever is available is going to play. The bottom line is we’ve just got to find ways to win games.

Q: Have you had Jeremiah Moon and Jon Greenard on the field at the same time because Jabari Zuniga is hurt, or is it because you like that combination?

A: “I always like to rank guys and say, ‘Who are best 11 players?’ Then how do we get our best 11 on the field. Defense is about making plays, it’s about beating blocks, it’s about covering one-on-one, it’s about running to the ball, it’s about tackling. Scheme is great, but it’s about players making plays. We’re just going to try to find ways to put the best combination of players on the field relative to who is available. That’s really all that was.

Q: Linebacker/safety/star Amari Burney is a versatile player. How important is it to have guys like that?

A: That’s why you’ve got to crosstrain guys. The fourth play of the game, (linebacker) Ventrell (Miller) goes down. The way the game shaped up, it was more of a passing situation and he becomes an athlete in there, playing the routes and doing that kind of thing. He played there all spring and he knows how to play it. That’s just another example of why you have to crosstrain guys to get your best 11 guys on the field.

Q: Why did Lacedrick Brunson get so many reps at linebacker in the Tennessee game?

A: I was impressed with his work ethic. Guys that work hard and continue to grind and embrace coaching are going to find ways to get on the field. That’s all I saw, a guy that embraced out coaching, continued to work hard every day to get better, and you kind of saw it in practice. And the good thing was, he was able to take the practice reps and production to the field and play for us.


  1. I really like Coach Grantham’s style and dedication – he exemplies the work ethic and mental preparation that he expects from the Gator defense – they have and will continue to greatly benefit from modeling their coach. I don’t see any primadonnas on this Gator team. Level-headed, well prepared – determined to demonstsrate on the playing field what they have learned and accomplished as coachable players willing to put the time and effort into their personal development, both as football players and as young men. This is why our coaches have brought back some of the greatness that past Gator defenses were known for, but whch as at least paritally lost, before Coach Grantham joined the Gators as our DC. His commitment to Florida despite having NFL opporunities is commendable. I am super pleased that he is helping the Gator D return to its former glory, instead of simply chasing the best short term financial opporunities – GO GATORS!