Florida notebook: The task for Trask

Florida quarterback Kyle Trask throws a pass Saturday against Tennessee at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. The Gators beat the Volunteers, 34-3. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

 Florida quarterback Kyle Trask has gotten off to a fast and successful start. Now, he just needs to keep playing and gaining more experience, UF coach Dan Mullen said Monday.

 “Kyle needs to continue on the path that he’s on,” Mullen said. “Everybody has seen his preparation. He prepares the right way getting into a game and he’s going to be ready for that moment. 

 “The biggest thing to build on is experience, him being out there in every situation – managing the clock, managing the play clock, making sure he’s getting the right checks, being comfortable in how he’s using cadence to his advantage, making sure he’s got communication with the receivers and offensive line. 

 “And decision-making – when I’m going to take a sack, I’m going to throw this away, this play’s not there so I’m not going to try to make something happen that’s not there. All of those things are a lot of experience things, so the more experience you get, the better you’re going to be.”

Toney still out

 Slot receiver Kadarius Toney, who missed the last two games with an injured shoulder, will not play this week, either.

 “I don’t expect Toney to be back this week,” Mullen said.

 The status of two other injured starters — cornerback CJ Henderson (ankle) and defensive end Jabari Zuniga (ankle) will be determined later in the week. 

 “There will be a couple of game-time decisions,” Mullen said of Henderson and Zuniga.

 The Gators did not sustain any significant injuries in the win over Tennessee.

 “Just bumps and bruises,” Mullen said. “Hopefully, we get guys healthy by Friday to come back out and play. The guys might not practice a lot this week, but it’ll be game-time decisions for us.”

High on the Gators

 Towson coach Rob Ambrose fairly gushed over the No. 9 Gators during a Colonial Athletic Association teleconference Monday.

 “This is one of the best football teams I have ever seen on film,” he said. “These guys will challenge for the College Football Playoff. They’re really, really good.”


  1. Thanks coach Ambrose for the pump up to make your team seem better in the beat down! My site isnt even giving any odds on the game!!!! But the spread is 35.5 points at 120(the house is taking 20%), 74% are taking the gators to win by 35.5 points. I think they’ll cover. Towson barely beat a couple nobodies and lost to a nobody and won big over a really nobody!
    There is absolutely NO reason for the injured guys to play this week. We need them FULLY healed for Auburn, I vote No return(as if I mattered)! Im getting alot of No popups so I hope you few left, enjoy the comments, If you dont, …too bad! I also hope to see alot of backups playing alot of time, we dont need any useless injuries before Auburn/LSU!
    Heard a talking head say he had a minute with Mullen after the game and suggested he take a page from Leach and just throw the ball, since we have such great receivers and no ground game and pass to set up the run. Now where have I heard that before? He did say that the coach was open to it. Lets hope he really heard it! At least till this OL learns to run block, we need all 3 downs to get 10, instead of wasting one and definitely 2! A run every so often will catch them off guard and be successful! Coach should know thru practice when they finally learn to run block. Thank goodness they can pass protect. Ive seen alot of o-lines that cant protect the QB so that was a real nice surprise!!!! I’ll take pass protection over run blocking any day if I have to choose! Maybe Jones with a 2 back set, since they had some success running with him. That gives 3 different directions to defend and 4 with a receiver on a jet sweep. That might really bring some running success since the defenses have trouble with defending 2 directions, with 1 back and Emory.

    • Always enjoy your comments, Daz. This is the place to share your opinions, and as you said, “too bad” if somebody doesn’t like it. They can type a lengthy rebuttal, and I’ll read it as well.

      Thought I read that Towson is #10 in the FCS coaches poll, so I guess that’s something. We’re #9 in the AP, and really haven’t beaten anybody yet, either. I do think that will change, though.

      What their coach said in talking up the Gators as a playoff team reminded me of Vince Dooley. If you listened to Dooley, you wouldn’t think the Dawgs ever had a chance to beat UF, and he kept saying it year after year as his team dominated the ’70’s and ’80’s.

      Hope the Gators use this game as the tune-up it should be. Get better, avoid injuries, and Go Gators!!!

  2. Hey Jack & 6……happened to me yesterday and frustration upon frustration trying to get back on. Spoke to Arnold today about it and he suggested to click on the refresh button. Tried it a few times w/o success, then strangely it worked. Hope that did it permanently.

    • Mine was pretty weird too, Sr…….I was able to “sign in” to the forum just fine, but I kept getting blocked from reading stories. Then I noticed I was “signed in” to only the forum, having somehow been “logged off” from the Sun without doing it myself. Easy fix, right. Just “log on” to that too, right? Not so fast, bucko……none of my key strokes would even show up on the screen under email address or password. Then all of a sudden, one would but not the other — so thinking I must have screwed up my password somehow, I went thru the steps to change it — bingo — but the darn thing still wouldn’t accept any key strokes. That was yesterday, so I waited until today and when it still wouldn’t, I sent an email to customer service. Then I tried to log on to the Sun again and all of a sudden it took it and I was on. So I went back to email to tell customer service it worked, and I had already received an email from a very nice lady named Amy, telling me how to sign on to the forum but not the other…..so since it worked now, I gave up.

      All I can say is that this experience reminded me of why I retired 6 years ago — the Electronic Medical Record, replete with not only daily nonsense like this, but also making you bend reality such that the program would finally take your patient progress notes regardless of it not matching what actually happened in the encounter. Added two to three hours to each day, leading me to finally declare, I HATE ALL THESE DAMN MODERN “CONVENIENCES”!!!!!