Florida, Tennessee game depth charts


And a look at the Vols:

TENNESSEE (1-2 overall; 0-0 in the SEC)



4-Dominick Wood-Anderson

81-Austin Pope

86-Andrew Craig

88-Princeton Fant


64-Wanya Morris

58-Jamir Johnson


75-Trey Smith

70-Ryan Johnson


55-Brandon Kennedy

75-Jerome Carvin


72-Darnell Wright

56-Riley Locklear


74-K’Rojhn Calbert

68-Marcus Tatum


1-Marquez Callaway

85-Cedrick Tillman

10-Tyler Byrd


5-Josh Palmer

80-Ramel Keyton


15-Jauan Jennings

7-Brandon Johnson

21-Jacquez Jones


2-Jarrett Guarantano

12-T.J. Shrout  OR

18-Brian Mauer


8-Ty Chandler

9-Tim Jordan

3-Eric Gray




88-LaTrell Bumphus

97-Darel Middelton

99-John Mincey

48-Ja’Quain Blakely


90-Greg Emerson

79-Kurott Garland

54-Kingston Harris


98-Aubrey Solomon

50-Savion Williams

94-Matthew Butler


95-Kivon Bennett

13-Deandre Johnson

30-Roman Harrison


19-Darrell Taylor

27-Quavaris Crouch


35-Daniel Bituli

23-Will Ignont

33-Jeremy Banks


11-Henry To’o To’o

21-Shanon Reid

6-J.J. Peterson


4-Warren Burrell   OR

12-Shawn Shamburger

31-Kenney Soloman


18-Nigel Warrior

22-Jaylen McCollough

17-Tyus Fields


26-Theo Jackson

25-Trevon Flowers

44-Cheyenne Labruzza




42-Brent Cimaglia

37-Paxton Brooks


47-Joe Doyle

37-Paxton Brooks


46-Riley Lovingood


47-Joe Doyle


8-Ty Chandler

1-Marquez Callaway

18-Nigel Warrior

3-Eric Gray


37-Paxton Brooks

42-Brent Cimaglia


  1. I agree David, but Pierce must not be ”picking up his other assignments” (pass protection, etc…).
    Otherwise, I’d like to think Pierce or Davis would be starting. Because since Perine came back, he seems to have lost his Gator heart, or something is wrong with him. He runs the ball better when he’s mad, so just maybe he’ll see this post and get pissed. Because he looks like he’s doing “The Electric Slide” when he gets the ball nowadays. I hope Perine either runs with more heart and passion, or Coach Mullen and staff give M. Davis and Peirce more touches. Either way, Go Gators! Just win baby! Beat U.T.!
    ***I remember way back when the Florida/Tennessee week was ”a big deal,” damn, I am getting old.***

  2. I really like Pierce, too, and Davis has the breakaway speed, and they probably do need more carries, but when the line consistently opens no hole and even allows the DL into the backfield before the RB can get to the line, the running game will be non-existent without some sort of gimmickery. In the first two games, it seemed like the OL opened a hole on about 1 out of 5 tries. The lucky RB that had the ball on that play got good yardage. Against UK, there seemed to be no holes at all to run through. Pierce had a nice 8 yard run, but on his only other carry, he got stuffed just like Perine did on several occasions.

    Prior to the game, at least one poster here was pleading for more jet sweeps. I disagreed, but would now like to offer my apologies to whoever it was after seeing Hammond seal the game with a 76 yard run. Some posters now have suggested that with Trask looking sharp throwing the ball, CDM should use the passing game to open up the running game. I tend to agree, but then again, I’m the guy who disagreed with the jet sweeps.

    Maybe Davis should get more carries (he got none against UK), since he has the speed to take it outside when there’s no hole where the play is supposed to go. That, combined with the jet sweeps and a better passing game to get the safeties to back up, might just get the running game going.

    The most important thing for the offense may be to run more plays. Against the two D-1 opponents they’ve played, the Gators have run less than 60 plays in each game. That looks more like “Mac Era” numbers, and that’s something no Gator fan wants to see. Whether they need to throw the ball more, go to a hurry-up mode, or something else, I’m not sure, but if Trask stays sharp, I think we’ll see more passing. They certainly need to get better on 3rd downs on both sides of the ball.

    After seeing UT play, I don’t think they can cause as many problems as the Cats did. These next two games should provide an opportunity to get better before the big game with Auburn. GG!JWB!