Swampcast: Analysis of Florida’s rout of UT Martin


Gators beat Skyhawks 45-0.


  1. Thanks Pat & Robbie, and Brad. You all staying there at the stadium so late, until even all the Pepsi cups are picked up, well, that’s appreciated. And all so that we, Gator fans, may get one last nugget of Gator Football for the weekend. But man, awful to see Henderson go down, yet again. And Toney looked like he may broke a bone in his arm/wrist area. But I hope #15, Copeland, picks up the plays quickly, and gets some more touches, ’cause he looks special… like Toney, Harvin, etc… ”special.”
    And the starting Gator Q.B. had a great game! Way to go Feleipe Franks! The fans that have dissed Franks in the past should give him his due when he earns it. Because Franks’ demeanor, his play, and his mannerisms last night, well, that’s what a FLORIDA Q.B. looks and acts like, (in my Orange & Blue opinion). And Feleipe is growing up and maturing right before our eyes. And I think that’s one of the best things about ”college sports,” and what makes it all so damn special.

    The ”Mr. Two bits honoring” was so deserving, and his family is straight-up beautiful… no surprise there, Mr. Two bits, good job! Lastly, the Gators are 2-0, and I can dig it! And for the Gators, ”Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!” -Goethe.
    Go Gators! Beat U.K.! For nearly 30 years straight… again, too!

  2. Did I detect a bit of resentment from Robbie when he suggested Mr. Two Bits’ family couldn’t read Pat’s column because GS.com is now a pay site? I guess the majority of the old regulars here are sticking with the courage of their convictions to protest the move to a paid subscription. Maybe it’s just the relative quality of the opponent or the lack of anything to complain about, but these comment sections are almost dead. No disrespect to gi and Gator-6; you guys are certainly more than chopped liver, but I miss the volume of comments that were sure to start a debate somewhere. Here’s hoping the start of SEC competition will stimulate more conversation. Go Gators!

    • I hope so too, Joe — it’s great to have you and GI on here plus some of the old crowd now and then, but man, this is paltry. Remember when just about everyone was on a couple of times a day, even if they worked? Daz being up all night typing away so that was the first thing you’d see in the morning? Mveal saying something serious but still cracking everybody up by the way he said it? When you’d get up first thing Sunday mornings to see what everyone thought about what we all watched the night before, and there were probably 50-60 posts already? And check before church, and there would already be another 20-25….so you hurry home after church just to find out what else was being said while you were gone?

      Well, at least STL is on sometimes, Phil, Jaws, and Albert occasionally — ’65 says he’s probably going to join up soon too — but brother, this is pathetic. If it doesn’t pick up in another month or so, I’m probably out of here too.

      • I’m with ya. I was wondering if there was some sort of “boycott memo” among the remaining guys that I’d somehow missed! Then I started wondering if everybody had just found another site and moved there, but I figured they would’ve at least mentioned it in the forum section here if that were the case.

        It used to be just the way you describe with enough comments to keep you coming back to the same articles for several days in a row. Now, I keep looking for new posts like the hunters on Finding Bigfoot keep lookin’ for a ‘squatch and never finding him.

        It’s blatantly obvious that the comments have been drastically reduced, so I’m wondering if the number of “views” is also down proportionately. If so, with a little backlash from Robbie and Pat, maybe the GS will reconsider the subscription deal. There’s no point in writing and posting articles that aren’t read, and advertisers aren’t going to pay for spots on a site that doesn’t get viewed.

        I hope something changes soon, because I really like the format of this site. After venturing onto some of the Nole and Vol websites to relish in their anguish the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen that this site is much better suited, imo, to carrying on a conversation than those other sites. I’ve come to look forward to the comments here and feel like I know the guys in some way even though I’ve never met any of you. I’d hate to lose that, because then it would mean I’d be forced to do something productive with that time!