5 Questions With … Florida senior David Reese II

Florida linebacker David Reese II (33) eyes the Miami offense at the Camping World Kickoff at Camping World Stadium in Orlando on Aug. 24. [Matt Pendleton/Correspondent]

Five questions with the Florida senior linebacker:

Q: Linebacker Ventrell Miller had two sacks in the win over Miami. How did he do seeing his first significant playing time on defense?

A: He did great. Every time his number was called on he came through with a big play, a big sack. He had two out of the 10 so our D-line did a great job of collapsing on the quarterback and I feel we did a great job of taking advantage of that young O-line.

Q: James Houston had the late hit in the second half against UM. How did he do overall?

A: I feel like he’s a really good player and when he comes into the game he has a great impact. He just made a mental mistake. That’s something he’s got to grow on. As an older guy he’s got to understand. He’ll be OK.

Q: Did you say anything to him on the sideline after the late hit?

A: I just kind of let him be because I had to run in after that. I talked to him after that when we got on the sidelines and let him know you can’t do things like that. It was a mental mistake, but he’ll be OK.

Q: How much fun is it to play in Todd Grantham’s defense?

A: We know the things he does is on us. He makes us make decisions. If we execute we can’t be stopped. I feel like that showed a lot in the game. We got put in positions that you just put the ball down and we’ll play from wherever we play from. We had a lot of PI’s (pass interference penalties) at the end of the game. It was their game to win, but we stood strong and didn’t let them score.

Q: How important is it to have guys emerge like Miller and Houston?

A: It’s important to the program and also keeping guys fresh on the field. It lets you know the program is still going to be OK when everyone leaves and the program is still heading in the right direction. Those are the guys that are going to lead the team the next year, and they’re going to be ready next season to be star linebackers.