UF coach Dan Mullen’s news conference



  1. CDM gets it. “It’s great that everyone wants to talk about it (CFB)”. If nobody cared, there would be no platform for athletes to showcase their skills and no employment opportunities for coaches and professional players to make millions of dollars and secure their economic futures. Players, coaches, and fans all need each other, and we all should be careful with our expectations and criticism.

    Coach is right about the success or failure of one play, the last pick, being able to completely change the tone of the conversation about the game. If Feleipe completes the pass for a long TD, he has Heisman-worthy stats against a great defense. If he takes the sack, he made a good decision, the clock runs, and maybe the Gators still get a first down and run a lot of time off the clock. Unfortunately, he threw the pick, gave Miami a chance to win the game, and became the object of many fans’ ire yet again. Hopefully, he can ignore the criticism, or at least not take it personally, and continue to improve throughout the season as he did last year.

  2. Flippy needs to stop trying to be a cheerleader and playing for the crowd. He instead needs to keep his head in the game!! It would be better for him the team and the fans. There will be time after the wins to celebrate with the fans and serve the team better. Coach Mullen needs to address that, otherwise we’ll see the Ole Ball Coach grimacing more, and that’s not nice to see! Go Gators!!!