UF notebook: Coordinators to clash in Orlando

Florida defensive coordinator Todd Grantham runs players through some drills at practice. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Having coached against Miami’s Dan Enos when Enos was the offensive coordinator at Arkansas, UF defensive coordinator Todd Grantham has a good idea what to expect from Miami’s offense Saturday night.

“Enos does a good job formationally with motions and trades and things like that to try to keep you off balance,” Grantham said. “He understands coverages and where the quarterback should go with the ball. He does a good job of trying to create a run game to get edges of the defense. He does like to run the ball, but then off of that he’s going to have his shots and things like that.

“It’s just a matter of having good eye control in the back end, paying attention to detail and then understanding the formations and how we need to leverage them up and make sure we can set the edge of the defense.”

Grantham also is familiar with redshirt freshman Miami quarterback Jarren Williams.

“I remember him from recruiting because he was in my area,” Grantham said. “He’s a really talented guy that had a lot of offers to a lot of schools and he chose Miami basically because of the need at quarterback, which has kind of filtered into what it is now.

“He understands where to throw the ball. He can get rid of the ball on time. He’s athletic so he can extend plays. He can run quarterback run game stuff because of his athletic ability. We’ve got to understand that we’ve got to leverage the guy, contain the guy, and make sure that we just play our defense.

“We’ve got to execute the game plan. If we’re rushing four, rush four. If we’re rushing five, rush five. If we decide to bring more than that, we bring more than that and we’ve got to cover. I think it’s just a matter of understanding the game plan, understanding the situations and guys just executing the calls.”

High praise for the OL

Florida’s young offensive line is considered a big question mark heading into the season. But defensive tackle Kyree Campbell, who goes against the offensive line in practice, has become a believer in the big guys up front.

“Shoot, I go against the best O-Line, I think, in the country right now,” he said. “They work. They’re hard workers. So, you all will see on Saturday.”

Wide receiver Josh Hammond said the improvement up front has been obvious.

“They’ve definitely come a long way,” Hammond said. “They’ve definitely grown a lot because of having some new guys within that offensive line position.

“(Senior center) Nick Buchanan has done a really good job of getting those guys on board. He’s definitely done a good job of preparing those guys for every situation and everything they’ll face this upcoming season. They’ve been through camp and had a really good camp and they worked their tails off this offseason to try and learn everything that they can to prepare for the season.”

Freshmen of influence

There are five true freshmen listed on the depth chart that UF released on Monday — offensive guard Ethan White, offensive tackle Michael Tarquin and cornerbacks Jaydon Hill, Chester Kimbrough and Kaiir Elam.

All five players are listed second on the depth chart. White is behind Brett Heggie at left guard, Tarquin is backing up right tackle Jean Delance, Kaiir Elam is Marco Wilson’s backup, while Hill and Kimbrough are listed as co-backups to CJ Henderson.

High honor

Henderson, a junior, was named to The Associated Press preseason All-America team as a second-team cornerback.


  1. Wisconsin exposed the Canes wimpy defensive line as the over-rated fools that they are. Our line will now continue to expose and humiliate them as the entire nation laughs at them getting blown off the ball on national television. They will be faking cramps and crying as they run off the field after getting dominated by Buchanan and company from the first play of the game.

  2. We willed have to wait and see how good the OL is. Going against the same guys everyday can effect the results. You get to know a guys strong and weak points. You know his habits. Going against a DL that is unfamiliar to you is a big difference.

  3. Come on Saturday. Come on GATORS! Show us you’ve improved.
    Interesting stat. Meyer won his first NC here. He had a lot of the offensive coaches that are here now with Coach Mullen in his second year almost no one have us a show balls chance in hell of getting there. I’d say we have the same odds as 06. Which were pretty good in my book.
    I’ve been quiet about this my girl friend is from Miami. Can’t help where she was born. She is a Gator fan except when we play her home town team. We are going to the game Saturday.

  4. This is the life cycle of every Miami coach: new coach gets hired → national media says it’s a perfect fit → Miami wins a few games in a row vs. bad competition and everyone says “The U is back!” → Gets embarrassed on national television → Everyone says “that’s OK, they’ll be better next year” → Absolutely suck the next year → Keep sucking until coach gets fired. Repeat.

    • Same goes for all the hoopla surrounding the University of Texas in the preseason, Gelco. Not saying that they won’t get there in time, but when they do Oklahoma and Texas A&M may have something to say about it too by then — assuming the latter ever gets back on their schedule. No sir, I like us being under rated at that….only way to go is up. Not the same for a few of the media fave teams I can think of without taxing my one remaining brain cell too much.

    • Gelco, thats true of every team with a name, until they get a great coach, there’s only a few of them to go around! All my life Notre Dame has been living off their heydays in the 40’s and they still havent made it back! Perennially overated!…Whats with the spellcheck tonight, not working(you wouldnt believe how I spelled that last P word…had a toootally different meaning)!

  5. For me, U of Texas is a baseball school. They have six national championships and six more runners up to just four football championships, with three dating back to ’63, ’69 and’70.

    And while they had the likes of Earl Campbell, Ricky Williams, and Vince Young in football, they had the incomparable Roger Clemens (NO! Not Clemson) hurling the rock for the ’83 CWS winners.

    Texas also made UF runners up in the 2005 CWS. So picture this: If the Gators had defeated Texas in the 2005 CWS, we would have held all three major men’s championships in football, basketball, and baseball simultaneously.

    And we are still the only collegiate sports program to hold both football and basketball championships in the same athletic year.

    Now, here is what I expect from coach Diaz Saturday: On September 7, 2013, the Longhorns’ defense, under Diaz, gave up a school record 550 yards rushing to Brigham Young University, including 257 to quarterback Taysom Hill.

    The following day, Mack Brown described the defensive performance as “unacceptable” and relieved Diaz of his duties as defensive coordinator.

    And we have a whole new fan base cheering for us, albeit for the one game against SCum, and that is the Temple Owls:

    On December 13, 2018, Diaz was named the 28th head football coach at Temple University, replacing Geoff Collins, who left to become the head coach at Georgia Tech. However, Diaz never coached a game and left to return to Miami as their head football coach on December 30, 2018.

    Diaz apologized for the circumstances and said, “I hate the way this unfolded with respect to Temple…I was given a tremendous opportunity to lead the Temple program and…I do hope that the Temple players, administration and fans appreciate the uniqueness of this situation and the overwhelming pull to stay home.” The PULL? $$$$$$$$$$$$, so I call PULL$hit.

    By the way, those of you who remember fsu QB Christian Ponder, wouldn’t it have been great if he had signed with Miami instead? Then we could have called him Pond SCum.

    Yes, I digressed a bit there.

    Anyway, I could not end this post without giving a nod to Samuel L. Clemens (no relation to Roger, perhaps) and his timeless aphorism:

    “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience”

    That describes Gator 6’s Cane fan, who is still searching for his missing two nuts (FfffUDGE!), so he can secure his tire and make it finally to Orlando, just in time to watch UCF host Florida A & M, thinking he made it to the Sesquicentennial celebration of college football because FAMU’s colors are also cream sickle orange and puke green.

    Go Rattlers!

    • “Texas also made UF runners up in the 2005 CWS. So picture this: If the Gators had defeated Texas in the 2005 CWS, we would have held all three major men’s championships in football, basketball, and baseball simultaneously.”

      I always bring this point up bro…also nice revisionist history. I forgot he was at Texas.