It’s official: Florida vs. Miami back in 2024-25


Saturday’s game will be the first between Florida and Miami since 2013, and it will be just the third meeting between the two programs since the start of the 2005 season. It won’t take as long for the next meeting.

The Gators announced today they added a home-and-home series against Miami for the 2024 and 2025 football seasons. Florida welcomes Miami to Gainesville Aug.31, 2024, then make a return trip to Miami Sept. 20, 2025.

“Florida and Miami playing periodically is good for college football in general, but especially in the state of Florida,” Florida Athletics Director Scott Stricklin said in a news release. “It is a great rivalry with two storied programs, and in line with our current philosophy of trying to schedule a minimum of 10 Power Five opponents annually.”

Earlier this year, the Gators announced home-and-home series with Colorado for the 2028 and 2029 seasons, as well as Texas for the 2030 and 2031 seasons.

Saturday in Orlando, No. 8 Florida and Miami face each other in the Camping World Kickoff as part of a special kick off day to celebrate college football’s 150th anniversary season. ESPN will televise the game, set for 7 p.m., while College GameDay, Built by The Home Depot and SEC Nation, Presented by Dr. Pepper will both broadcast their traveling road shows from Orlando to further showcase the season-opening game.

The Gators and Hurricanes last played a home-and-home series in 2008 (a 26-3 win in Gainesville) and 2013 (a 21-16 loss in Miami Gardens), while the last time one occurred in consecutive years was back in 2002 and 2003.


  1. I look forward tot he possibility this becomes a continuing rivalry again. I know it limits home games every other year but this is good for the Gators especially when we win more than naught. We will show who owns the state; a team in Orange and Blue with a Gator as a mascot. Plant a spear in our field and we will beat you, bring a Ibis to our field and we will beat you. We will come to you house and beat you there as well.

    • Agree 65! I hated it when we stopped playing them every year because it made Gators look like they supposedly taste…like chicken.

      I am all for dropping the Little Sisters of the Poor from the schedule for an annual contest with scUM. Short of that, I guess I’ll take these little two game miniseries every few years.

      • Rog is also all in for dropping little sisters of the poor …… I wouldn’t mind a home and home with Oklahoma or Penn State or whoever mixed in, but even the Ibis’ every few years is more interesting than SouthwestEasternPodunk State.

          • David, amen and I wholeheartedly agree with you. We already have UGA, FSU, plus LSU and the Vols (who really are a rival and today’s Gator fans and players might need another history lesson (like the one the team needed about Miami) to add to Auburn and SCum.

            That’s a good schedule and one to recruit to because high level, NFL-minded football players would rather play any one of those teams rather than the Presbyterian Blue Hose. Stat padding players wouldn’t care if we played NAIA teams, like the Keiser U Seahawks in West Palm Beach. Maybe FIU, FAU, and SCum might want them for homecoming games, since Keiser is a near neighbor.

            I was organizing my chiffarobe and came across a bottle of Coca-Cola I have saved since 1984, the year we went 9-1-1 and won the SEC. Sadly, Miami beat us in the opener, 32-20 and next was a tie withe LSU, 21-21.

            The next game was Tulane, and I was there for that one, and they looked so intimidated. We hit them with 63 but it was one of those games where if the starters played the whole game, UF might have busted the century mark.

            Pell went 1-1-1 and Galen Hall went an undefeated 8-0 to finish the season beating Auburn, FSU and shutting out UGA. Then the ax fell.

            Seven months later, in a controversial move that still steams us long-time Gator fans and alum, conference presidents voted at the league meetings in Destin, Fla., to retroactively strip UF of its championship. And it was Tennessee president Joe Johnson who led the behind-the-scene charge to take the title away.

            Several years later, Gator fans were embracing Steve Spurrier and loved it when basking in the glow of three consecutive defeats of Tennessee — including a 35-29 upset win in Knoxville that catapulted the Gators on their national title jaunt — Spurrier proclaimed, “You can’t spell Citrus Bowl without a ‘U’ and a ‘T,’ ” and even mocked quarterback Peyton Manning’s decision to return for his senior year. “He wants to be three-time Citrus Bowl MVP,” and we know Danny usurped Manning’s Heisman.

            So, yes David, by all means, let’s put the Ibis on Sonny’s rotisserie spit and baste it with Sonny’s original bbq sauce and make it an annual outing. Go Gators!

          • Thanks for the walk down memory lane SpringHill!
            I look back fondly on that era. However the mind/memory does a really good job of screening bad things that occurred then.

          • Yes, thanks Springhill for that history lesson. As time moves on its easy to forget why you hate a school like UT after you’ve beaten them so much lately, but with that reminder, we need to keep on beating them!!!

            David – I agree that this year’s schedule is a whole lot more interesting than what we’ve had these past few years. And I’m not saying it shouldn’t be this way. I love having Auburn on the schedule and I love having Miami on the schedule. What I am saying is, ADD to it with interesting games like other traditional powers and quit playing the Towson States of the world (not a knock on Towson, but they have “their” league and we have “our” league)

  2. Alternate UM and FSU. What’s so special about FSU? We hate ’em? Love to beat ’em? Same deal with UM. This Saturday is a return to the good old days when we opened with UM and you went nuts waiting all summer for that kickoff.