Florida-Miami working on two-game series


It’s not official but it appears the game Saturday, Aug. 24, between Miami and Florida won’t be the last time the two teams will see each other.

According to multiple sources and first reported by Brett McMurphy of the Stadium, the two teams have agreed to play in 2024 and 2025.

Florida will host the first game, Miami the second.

Miami hasn’t played a game at The Swamp since 2008.

Florida and Miami played only six times in the previous 31 years before this game Saturday to be played at Camping World Stadium in Orlando. They will now play three times in six years.

Florida’s 2024 schedule also includes a game at Auburn, where Florida hasn’t played since 2011.

The 2025 schedule includes a game against South Florida, part of a two-for-one series, and a home game against Mississippi State as the crossover SEC West team.


  1. Depending on how USF is in 5 years, that 2025 schedule could potentially be one of the toughest schedules for any team for as long as I can remember. That would be their typical SEC schedule, with out of conference games being UM, USF, FSU, and then whomever they throw in there that wants a big payday.

  2. Even though I read it in two articles, the fact that we have only played SCum six times in 31 years floors me. I embrace the description of how one feels about this rivalry, on either side, based on when you became of fan of one of the two programs. Loathing the Ibis makes me believe we have played them way more frequently. The one game I have refused to pay any attention to is fspew vs SCum. If I wish to watch criminoles vs thugs, well, I wouldn’t. That why I don’t pay any attention to their game. Give me three hours of C-Span. And a pint of bourbon. Why totally punish myself?

  3. Scheduling Miami is a step in the right direction. Next up, how about home and home series with Clemson, duhOSU, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, and USCw? OK maybe USCw doesn’t belong as they have hit a rough patch in recent years but maybe by the time the games are played, they will have regained their place among the elites. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining about Miami or even USF for that matter. They are games we get excited about seeing. I also thought scheduling Texas was a good move, albeit’s over a decade away, probably long after Mullen and Stricklin have retired or moved on so their job security will not a factor at that point. Yes, I’m saying many coaches and ADs are chickens (aka being political) in general, not just Mullen and Stricklin. They value job security more than what the fans want.