Mullen’s weekly news conference


Florida football coach Dan Mullen is expected to meet with the media at noon today on campus for his weekly news conference.


    • Depends on how you mean that, KGB — if you mean thinks Pat Dooley is a cool guy, then I’d say the answer is “no”. If on the other hand you mean he is not overly fond of Pat Dooley, I’d say “probably”.

        • In another string, about Pat’s AP ranking ballot, I made the comment that he (Dooley) has what appears to be a compulsion to stick his finger in Gator fan’s eyes. I took a little heat for saying that, but I wonder if Mullen picks up on the same dynamic?

          • 6 I’d say yes he is cool to Dooley’s questions. With the as Jaws I think put it fondness he’s (Dooley) had for Muschamp and some comments he’s made regarding CDM I could see coach being a little cold there. I think there are some other things there as well. When Muschamp was here he made some comments to the media that a rookie coach would make and likely was closer to some of the media than a veteran coach would be. For several reasons sharing to much is public and the opponents will glean anything they can from what the coaches say. Fuel to a fire that isn’t yet lit. Then there was Mac who I think they could have college classes on deciphering what he was saying other than looking like an idiot. CDM -> question asked-> question answered (maybe not the answer that the reporter was looking for) But I think CDM reads what is written about the team and were I a coach I would be a little cool there as well. As for Nashville below. I agree UGA is off the charts on their stuff. What two good years has done for there rhetoric.

      • I just watched the press conference and I didn’t detect any coldness. I think Pat’s writing often comes off as that of a glass-is-half-empty kind of guy, but I also think he is trying to be objective. I often don’t agree, but I assume he’s writing what he believes.

        If you want nothing but unicorns and rainbows, go read DawgNation. North Korea’s news agency couldn’t top the blind spin of their recent story on UGA’s transfer portal losses.

        • For the record, I don’t have a problem with either Pat or CDM (though I do think Pat’s articles are often bordering on ‘hokie’ and not as analytic as I would expect from a decades long sport reporter, but that is another issue and not the one I was raising here. But this is not the first presser where I have noticed a decided aloofness from Mullen to Pat’s questions. Always interested in others’ thoughts. Thanks.