Gators add former five-star linebacker Brenton Cox Jr., a Georgia transfer

Brenton Cox

Former Georgia outside linebacker Brenton Cox, Jr. will join the Gators, the program confirmed Friday.

A former five-star prospect in the 2018 class, Cox was at UF’s practice Friday, according to a source close to the situation. The 6-foot-4, 247-pound sophomore will wear No. 6, according to Florida’s updated roster. 

Cox surprisingly entered the transfer portal this past week, and Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart didn’t comment on the sophomore outside linebacker’s departure. While multiple reports stated Cox was dismissed from the program, Dawgs247 maintains Cox and the program mutually parted ways Sunday evening.

A native of Stockbridge, Georgia, Cox was ranked the No. 2 strong-side defensive end and the No. 23 overall prospect nationally by 247Sports. The Gators were one of 25 programs to initially offer Cox a scholarship offer, although he ultimately committed to the Bulldogs over Alabama, Ohio State and LSU.

Cox was arrested on a marijuana possession charge in April. He was expected to be suspended at least the first game of the season.

Cox registered 20 tackles and a sack in 13 games last season for the Bulldogs. He made his first start in the Sugar Bowl loss to Texas and made six tackles replacing an injured teammate. He isn’t expected to be eligible until the 2020 season.


        • The only secret he could spill is that their athletes are better than ours! Even with Cox. I mean he was a five star third string guy. I hate to admit it but I’m afraid the gators day is over. I think we will have to look at them winning for a long time.

          Allow me to introduce myself. I’m the brother-in-law of a major big time expert sports writer. He is in on all the recruiting, as well as all the whispers among recruits. He is a 247 expert and knows what will happen before it does.

          Out of respect for him, his job and just professionalism I can’t give his name. You guys would know him right away probably. Anyway just call me Gatorade. As I love my mighty gators.


          • Oops sorry. I meant to say over in the east for right now. Hey I’ve been wrong before. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


  1. This should be a very good get for us. He already has the size to play and could potentially become a beast once Savage gets a hold of him. CDM and staff have been really good in evaluating the transfer portal to get the team back where we need to be in order to compete. We are also in hot pursuit of LSU transfer Kelvin Joseph who was the number 5 safety and 42nd overall player in 2018 rated by 247. If we can get him qualified that would be another major get for us. The future is looking mighty bright Go Gators!

    • I already just about know where Joseph will land. If he hasn’t already landed lol. But with this Cox kid. Savage is good. I’ll take nothing away from him. But as far as development goes. He just came from one of the two top teams. Georgia has not one but two world class dietitians and strength trainers on their staff. As far as that goes their is georgia and then maybe Alabama right now. Let’s face it. We are a step down in that department. I think we all believe or hope that Mullen can out coach georgia on the field. However, athletes are athletes. It’s hard to put inferior athletes against the big boys and then say. Oh coach go out and coach them up. Dan knows that. He just talks in order to get his team up in the air and maybe get in the other teams head a bit. But some teams don’t flinch and only get angry. Kirby is the most like Saban in that way. He is more like Saban than Fisher or any of the others. Conversations I’ve had with Saban confirmed as much. He said he learned many things from Kirby even though he was the younger coach. Of course this was back when they initially parted ways. But after I spoke with coach Saban I sort of had an idea. Coach told me this. He said in year two, the gators were gonna get hit hard. Meaning in year two under Kirby. I told him, I said no. No way man. We got this rivalry well in hand. He just chuckled looked at me and said, okay. Whatever you say. Then he was off for a round of golf. But then he yelled out his window as he drove away. He said, remember year number two! I of course just laughed. But hey, look what happened.

      My point is we need to get some athletes here in Gainesville again like the guys that won title’s. Yea it might take some time. The portal could help. The way guys are dropping off now. Hey even getting guys off the street might help. I just worry about this Cox fellow. I mean sure he looks the part all the way. It’s just that he has been trouble and a troubled guy for a long time, from what I heard. Hey maybe he can turn his life around here. Let’s hope so. But I hope you realize that coach Mullen has already sort of started a fight with the bully. Now this might make the bully even angrier! I hope coach knows what he is doing here. They don’t need more incentive to beat us than they already have. I’ve been on both sidelines this fall even. I’m telling you as of now it’s not even a fair fight. Our guys are dancing and playing around with music. Their guys are breaking tackle dummies and are all business! I’ll leave the coaching to coach Mullen but just the limited glimpse I got. It was scary, it really was.


  2. If at some point during his UF career he has the play that wins us a game against the puppies it will be epic!! There’s nothing I can think of that I would enjoy more than seeing the look on their faces if a player they once had on their roster was responsible for them losing the game and the east division race to us!

    • One thing that might be better is seeing another play similar to the one last season when Stiner sacked Fitzgerald to win the game. Imagine “3rd and Grantham” as they call him, sealing a win with a sack against them on 3rd or 4th down.

  3. can’t help but feel a little bit dubious about this. sometimes when players transfer, it is for a totally sensible reason, whether it be coaching changes, playing time, proximity to home, or any number of reasons. maybe i’m reading this wrong, but this has a sense of spite to it by specifically transferring to UF from UGA. I’m sure Cox and Mullen will do their best to make this work, but I have to wonder what the problem was at UGA.

    • Weregator – I know that he is probably going to have to sit out this year due to rules. Maybe it is like some that we have had here that tested positive for Maryjane and decided a new venue was in order. Hopefully this young man grows up and becomes a monster for us. Second chances are awesome if they can take advantage of them. Let’s hope he does that right thing. GO GATORS!!!

  4. I always believe in 2nd chances – I believe that Brenton Cox Jr. wants to play Power 5 college football more than he wants to smoke a joint. This pales by comparison to what our former freshman QB did. Regardless, if Brenton wants to become a starter at UF (and I see him more as a Buck or DE than I do an LB), he will soon learn what is required. UF is superior to UG in academics (not to denigrate UG, but this is absolutely true). With discipline and hard work, I am certain Brenton will become an NFL player. The new portal system has its drawbacks (making it too easy for players to transfer), but it also has its benefits, IF you are the program that a potentially star player transfers to. GO GATORS!!!

    • Actually, UF & uga aren’t that far apart in athletic admission requirements. In the 90’s a professor named Jan Kemp, sued uga to prohibit allowing academic favortism to athletics. As a result, they trail only vandy & UF (slightly), in student-athlete academic standards.

  5. ”Cox was the No. 11 prospect overall in the 2018 ESPN 300 and the No. 5 defensive end nationally and No. 3 prospect in Georgia.” -Mark Schlabach, ESPN Senior Writer.
    CHOMP-CHOMP! Welcome to Hogtown, Cox! And thanks for becoming a life-long ”GATOR” now!
    Go Gators! Just win baby!

  6. I just hope he stays clean. He certainly looks to have the skills but the skills don’t matter if you don’t keep yourself clean. I trust UF vetted him. Even if he doesn’t contribute right away, keeping him from contributing for Georgia is always good. Go Gators!

  7. It occurs to me that now when we beat UGA, the excuse will be that it was only because we landed Cox. If he doesn’t start until 2020, beats me how they’ll explain it away when we beat them this year — but you can bet they’ll think of something. Michigan sure did.

    • Gator Nation is in for a rude awakening when that UGa train rolls into Jax this year. The remaining UF fans that have not yet noticed will realize that the UGa program is just getting started on a decade long dominance of the East and possibly the SEC.

      PS Can’t believe it has come to this for the UF program. Now accepting Smart’s scraps.

      • Hey bud, keep sending the scraps — those former dawgs, you know, the ones who are lazy and have those bad attitudes — will get the right type of coaching for a change and will probably surprise you. By the way, didn’t you used to be Wally Butts last year?

        • I know Wally very well. He is a good friend of mine. How’s that depth at DB looking these days? Sorta indicative of your depth across the board. Enjoy the Outback Bowl with that 8 and 4 record this year.

      • I think Dan Mullen might make room on the staff for him as an assistant. Might be a good career move for Kirby, who knows?

        (Note to Erk Russell GSU: That’s called a zinger. Actually, the majority of Gators have nothing but respect for our opponents — we just want to beat ’em when we play ’em is all, so don’t take everything personal. Especially when you come on here, to our house if you will, and start insulting us.)

        • Gators got Gators’ backs! Well said, ‘6’! And when the Gators do go ”into the Dawgs’ house,” well, this is how it looked last time…
          ”Gators coach Steve Spurrier stated that he had wanted to be the first opponent to hang ‘half a hundred’ on the Bulldogs in their own stadium because ‘we heard no one had ever done that before.’ The Gators’ fifty-two points remains the record for most scored against Georgia ‘between the hedges.’ ” -Wikipedia.
          Chomp-Chomp! Go Gators! Just win baby!

  8. This guy wont be at UF come next fall. See article on Antonio Callaway. I seriously doubt being at UGA made him turn to pot. Mullen has to be careful with this type of player. Could be another perception problem for the Gators to get the 5 stars who really want to come to UF and play and develop into a first class individuals. Give me a 3 star that works his a-s off on the field and off the field to get better and help this team. GO GATORS!