Florida’s Carter primed for ‘player’ status

Florida defensive lineman Zach Carter answers questions from members of the media during the annual Florida Football Media Day at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium last week. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

 Zach Carter’s defensive line mates have no problem describing him in a few words. Or even just one.

 “Monster,” junior tackle Tedarrell Slaton said.

 “Energetic,” senior tackle Adam Shuler said.

 “Swiss Army Knife,” senior end Jonathan Greenard said.

  “Big, relentless effort guy,” junior end Jeremiah Moon said.

 “My dawg,” junior tackle Kyree Campbell said.

 Those are all glowing words coming from his D-line brothers, and Carter certainly will be appreciative when he sees them.

 But these aren’t necessarily the words he’s looking for to describe him at this stage of his Florida career. He’s actually striving for just one.


 He wants to be a player, a guy who gets on the field and makes plays and helps his team win and turns all his potential — and there is a lot of it — into production.

 “I’m really hungry,” Carter said after Friday’s practice. “I’m just ready to get out there and make some plays for the Gators.”

 At 6-foot-4, 285 pounds, strong and athletic, the four-star prospect out of Tampa Hillsborough has always looked the part of a player. But he simply hasn’t been one in his first two years in Gainesville.

 He redshirted his freshman year in 2017. Last season as a redshirt freshman, he appeared in nine games, with most of his playing time coming on special teams. On defense, he recorded just eight tackles, had one tackle for a loss, two pass breakups and a quarterback hurry.

 He wants more.

 “I feel like I have a big chip on my shoulder,” Carter said. “I feel like since I’ve been at Florida I haven’t been able to do what I wanted to do yet. I just want to go out there and prove that I can help this team and help it be the best it can be.”

 If Carter is worried about whether it will happen in 2019, he can relax. His defensive line teammates can reassure him that he’s going to be a major contributor this season. 

 A real player.

 “I’ll tell you, Zach could be legendary,” Campbell said. “Zach has a gift, an  arsenal of moves. So when he lines up against an offensive lineman, it’s not that he already has a move in his mind. I can see when he goes, he works his first move and if the first move doesn’t work he goes to a counter. And he’s good at picking that up quick. That’s what makes him a great player.”

 His moves will help him get on the field this season. So will his versatility.

 Recruited as a defensive end, Carter is now playing end and tackle, splitting his reps between the two. He made the move inside during the spring and now is comfortable at both positions.

 I’m trying to learn more positions because the more I know the more versatile I’ll be,” he said. “I’ll be able to help the defense out.”

 Greenard said Carter can play every position along the defensive front, including the hybrid buck position, which is a combination outside linebacker/end. That, of course, is why Greenard describes him as a Swiss Army Knife.

 “That kid, I mean, he can go to the edge, he can rush, he can go inside to play the run. He’s stout. He’s an athlete,” Greenard said. “The thing is I’ve seen him since January and I already kind of knew about him coming in. We didn’t really know what position he was going to play, whether he was going to go inside or outside.

 “To see his improvement, he can do a lot of things and go make a lot of plays. I’m not worried about how he’s going to do. He’s going to do his

thing. Zach’s going to get his.”

 Carter has been putting in the work to get to this point. Under Nick Savage, he has changed his body type and now looks even more like a player. A very big, athletic player.

  “I really only put on about five pounds, but for some reason, a lot of people say I look a little bigger,” he said. “The thing is, Coach Savage knows how to take away fat and put on good weight.”

 By all accounts, Carter has been relentless in the weight room and is being the same on the practice field now in preseason camp.

 “He gives everything he has every day, and he’s come a long way,” Moon said.

 “A monster,” Slaton said. “His legs are kind of short, but he’s strong, really strong up top. He’s just hungry because he’s a guy who hasn’t played in two years. He’s trying to get after the ball. He’s trying to show everybody that he can really play.”

 The opportunity is expected to come this season, starting with the opener against Miami on Aug. 24. Carter is on target to be in the playing rotation on the defensive line, at tackle and end and, who knows, maybe even buck.

 He’s just ready to get after it, to be a player.

 “I’m excited, man. It’s been a long time,” Carter said. “Wherever they need me, I just want to help the team in any way possible.”


    • Now there’s a young man with A LOOK I would not like directed at me. That media dude must have said something awkward about Carter’s momma he didn’t like.

      I hope Zach becomes as productive as Kevin was under SOS during the early 90’s, winning 3 SEC championships.

      Zach is 6-foot-4, 285 pounds, while while Kevin was 6’6″ 274. I certainly hope we can make production comparisons.

      Zach does look quite formidable. Hope he destroys UM’s running game so our DB’s can get a few picks from their desperation, and a pick 6 or two.

      • Funny….since the other guy’s back is partially to the camera and we can only see his face from the oblique, I just assumed he had a body part growing out of his forehead — which accounted for the “look”. You know, kind of like what happens when one suddenly walks into a room full of ducks dressed in tuxedos, and doesn’t know quite what to say.

  1. There is some kind of disconnect from his teammates descriptions and his production last year, it just doesnt follow. Maybe a practice warrior? Going from good to great you’d expect but from subpar to great? Im just expecting from subpar to good, unless there’s alot more to this story!

      • True, but he didnt excell with the time he had. If he was so great then why didnt it show when he was on the field, it didnt. i hope they are right but in my experience guys dont go from subpar with the time they get, to great. they usually show a spark of greatness in the limited time they get on the field.

        • Sometimes the light just goes on. Did you see any signs of Polite being the sack master he became before last season? There was a lot of talk about Carter in the Spring being one of the best d lineman and pretty much unblockable. I personally can’t wait to see what he does.

  2. I’m super excited for Zach this year. Like any talented player on a successful team you have to earn your time by working out in the weight room, working your tail off in practice, and keeping your nose clean. By all accounts Zach has successfully done all three and is ready to break out. He stuck with the plan and didn’t bail on the program and for that he will be rewarded. A lot of other teams may not know who he is right now but the entire nation will know very soon. Just like the Bama players who are mired in obscurity for two/three years at a time and then break out, I think this is what’s going to happen with Zach. He has been building and marinating ‘in the lab’ and he’s now ready to be unleashed. Let’s get at it, Big Fella. Show the football world what you got!!! GEAUXXX GATORS!!!

  3. I am impressed by Zack Carter – he really is beast – I hope he busts some chops in the Miami game and blows up some UM plays. ZC has NFL potential – I pray that he is given the opportunity to prove it . GO GATORS!!!