Gators ranked No. 8 in coaches preseason poll

Florida players. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

Florida will open the college football season Aug. 24 against Miami in Orlando ranked No. 8 in the Amway’s Coaches Poll.

The Gators, coming off a 10-3 record in head coach Dan Mullen’s first season, finished No. 6 in the coaches rankings last season.

The preseason Associated Press Top 25 college football poll will be released Aug. 19. The Gators finished No. 7 last year in the AP poll.

College Football Playoff Selection Committee rankings come out Nov. 5.

It’s the first time the Gators open inside the Top 10 since the 2013 season when they were ranked 10th in the AP and Coaches Poll. Meanwhile, eighth is the highest the Gators have ranked in any preseason poll since 2010.

Clemson was ranked No. 1 in Thursday’s poll, with Alabama No. 2, Georgia No. 3, followed by Oklahoma, Ohio State, LSU, Michigan, UF, Notre Dame and Texas rounding out the Top 10.

Florida is one of six SEC teams and the only Power 5 school in the state of Florida in the preseason poll. The Gators are scheduled to take on three teams in the preseason poll this season; No. 3 Georgia, No. 6 LSU and No. 16 Auburn.

Miami and Florida State are in the receiving-votes category. UCF is No. 17.

The Crimson Tide have ranked in the top three of every preseason Coaches Poll going back to the 2010 season. In four of the previous five times Alabama didn’t open No. 1, it ended up winning the national title.

It’s the third time in four seasons that Alabama and Clemson hold the top two spots in the preseason Coaches Poll. But this year marks the first time it’s the Tigers and not ‘Bama at No. 1.

1 Clemson (59) 1,619
2 Alabama (6) 1,566
3 Georgia 1,447
4 Oklahoma 1,415
5 Ohio State 1,368
6 LSU 1,218
7 Michigan 1,155
8 Florida 1,103
9 Notre Dame 1,100
10 Texas 1,038
11 Texas A&M 893
12 Washington 834
13 Oregon 787
14 Penn State 699
15 Utah 642
16 Auburn 606
17 Wisconsin 436
17 UCF 436
19 Iowa 343
20 Michigan State 313
21 Washington State 274
22 Syracuse 227
23 Stanford 200
24 Iowa State 169
25 Northwestern 161

Others Receiving Votes: Nebraska 152, Boise State 118, Mississippi State 111, Miami 94, Army 91, Kentucky 79, Virginia Tech 64, TCU 63, Southern Cal 47, Utah State 32, Fresno State 32, Virginia 30, Cincinnati 25, West Virginia 24, Memphis 24, Oklahoma State 20, South Carolina 15, N.C. State 12, Duke 10, Boston College 5, Appalachian State 4, Baylor 4, Florida State 4, Houston 3, North Texas 3, UCLA 2, Temple 2, Arizona State 2, Minnesota 1, Mississippi 1, Tennessee 1, Troy 1.


  1. In further news, UCF has released a statement that #17 in the nation is unfair, therefore they have declared themselves the 2019 College Football National Champions. Banners to be hung on opening day, depending on if it is their home or away game in their 1 for 1 series w/ FIU.

    • We play LSU and UGA, both ranked higher, so have an opportunity for the CFP if we can get past them, not to mention the likely SECW champion Alabama if we get that far. UCF has to hope everyone else above them loses.

    • Triangle, with all due respect to our bud Gelco, I’d say you’re not real far off the mark. Maybe if UCF wasn’t ranked at all, they’d take their football and go home — beats having to listen to their delusions of grandeur every year, year in, year out.

      • It’s ridiculous man. They think that their 7-8 year history of success (which includes a winless season) entitles them to 1 and 1’s with Power 5’s and think UF owes them something. UCF needs UF 10000x more than vice versa. Why would we agree to enter an agreement that doesn’t benefit us? We already have 1, if not 2 marquee non-con games, plus guaranteed multiple SEC marquee games. Yes, 2 for 1 benefits UF more than UCF, especially w/ the Orlando game in the Citrus Bowl, but if UCF truly wanted to play UF, they would.

        • I just read an interesting article on 12UP, Triangle, entitled, “Three Teams That Shouldn’t Even Be Ranked”. They are:

          3. Northwestern (25)
          2. UCF (17)
          1. Syracuse (22).

          Well, at least 3 & 1 are Power 5 teams. I was wondering tho where FSU and Miami were, when it occurred to me, “Oh yeah, they’re not even ranked to begin with!”.

          Cry me a river.

          • Six, UCF DID go undefeated and easily beat the same Auburn team that beat both teams playing in the SECC game. I guess that means nothing, but then again, it does. The ACC is a power 5, and UCF schedules them past few years. Bottom line, they’re dangerous enough that most power fives won’t play a 1 and 1.

          • Hey Six. I dropped you a line, lms. Feel free to respond if you are feeling like traveling.
            Looks like they’ve activated SCG certificate on this site, so now can access it.
            Thanks for the poke, always good to be razzed for defending my wife’s school. And I bleed O & B through and through. However, proximity may dictate what school my kids go to. But I still have a cottage on NW 24th st in Gville, so that may factor in if their grades are good enough. I can tell you FOR SURE, my SATs would not get me in today, UF has become an elite academic school. Something we can all be proud of. UF would be in a no win with UCF, they SHOULD win, so winning close or losing would look bad. UCF would be expected to lose, so a close loss makes UCF look good, and an upset would be great for UCF, bad for UF. You think UNC was happy to have the game at UCF cancelled two years ago? Rhetorical, they opted not to replay it at end of year.

          • Just pullin’ your chain, bud…..😜
            I checked my email and messages on this site, nada so far. Might help if I knew what “lms” or SCG is…….remember, I’m the guy who retired rather than put up with the electronic medical record! The one who’s class motto at CGSC was, “We’re Not Smart and You Can’t Make Us”!

        • Hey Triangle, please post the link where a UCF rep said they think UF owes them anything.
          How’s your season tickets? Every have them? I did, and let them expire and did not renew because every year there were just 1 to 2 “marquee” home games. UGly doesn’t come with the season ticket package. I agree with UCF on this, play a home and away, the 1 for 2 is for the birds. Keep in mind, I graduated UF, NOT UCF, I just hate the pompousness displayed by some. Heck, substitute F$U in your post and you’d sound just like a semi.

          • Why is it UF’s responsibility to play UCF 1-1? I would rather schedule Miami or another team with much more history of success. Heck, USF has more history of success than them, so why not schedule USF? If UCF has better options than 1-2, then they can should take it. UF has better options, so we pursue those better options. It isn’t pompousness, it is just business. You have to pay your dues, do 1-2 with top programs when offered, until you build up a better negotiating position. They also didn’t easily beat Auburn- they beat them by one touchdown- a team that didn’t want to be there, had already lost 3 games and was inconsistent (under a coach who is inconsistent). I don’t dislike UCF, but they act like they are the first team in this position. Heck, Auburn went undefeated a few years ago with an SEC schedule and still didn’t get a chance at the NC. I don’t remember Auburn staging a national championship parade that year, but they deserved it a lot more than UCF did.

  2. I know 19 is a new year and players have graduated etc. but Michigan ahead of the team that decimated them? I guess bowl games don’t mean that much and poor ole Michigan was crippled by players that didn’t go bowling.

    • Look where GA ranks compared to the TX team that beat them up pretty good in the Bowl game. Last years record, returning players, preseason talking heads, all effect where teams start the season ranked. Mostly results on the field count towards the end of the year 😎

    • It’s all political, 65. Now, as far as the AP poll goes….just a beauty contest among sportswriters. I guess it’s somewhat of a tradition to have pre-season polls, but it has never made sense to me in any event. I’d vote for the first poll coming out along about Week 3, myself. But I’m sure that would create too much angst for the media darlings, wouldn’t it?

  3. To make these rankings mean something maybe they should take the rankings after the bowl games and use them for the start of the next season. I know players/coaches leave and that changes everything. BUT if schools are concerned with their rankings it would put some motivation to play well in the bowls. But I only read the rankings to see if I agree with the people that made the poll.

  4. Four SEC teams in the Top Ten. It really does mean more! I like seeing us in the TOP TEN preseason! We are in good position to start the season, getting plenty of love around the country, and lots of attention, which is always good.

    Five of the TOP !!! Tough, tough conference. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  5. End the year in the top ten, begin the year in the top ten. That is better than 120 other teams! I would say that we are back! If that is what we get every year under mullen I will be a happy man and will be satisfied. You can desire more but cant reasonably demand more. If you do we will run him out of town like we did Spurrier. I think everyone on this board remembers Spurrier’s comments after he left about the over the top demands of the fanbase and how much pressure being the HC at Florida was. I for one will keep my demands tempered because I want to keep our coach a LOOOONG time. I want him to be happy in his job, and a grateful fanbase goes along way to fulfilling that; that way the only person putting great demands on Mullen is, Mullen!….The attitude of gratitude goes along way in making others happy and contented, especially a HC! Thankyou coach Mullen for putting us back into the top ten again!

    • It’s a great thought Daz, but there’s just no way that’s going to happen. Unfortunately, there’s just far too many people in this fan base that are never satisfied. I mean look at Mullen and his Wife’s comments about some of the fans when they were winning national titles and scoring 40 pts a game.

    • No chance any of us stay satisfied with only top 10 rankings and no titles, but I get your point. We shouldn’t expect titles every year, but we should almost always be in the hunt. That’s where Spurrier had us.

      • Never said, that he said, we ran him out of town. reading comprehension? He clearly made the statements I said, about the fanbase and the tremendous pressure! he clearly was also glad to be gone. He also made statements when at SC about the lack of pressure as compared to UF. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to analyse the truth.

  6. UCF has as much claim to the Natty as OSU, Notre Dame, USC, and Michigan have if they go undefeated. That’s how much i respect those Big-10 and PAC schools and whatever the hell ND is… The UCF team that beat Auburn was legit.