SEC Media Days: Five Questions with … Tennessee linebacker Darrell Taylor

Tennessee linebacker Darrell Taylor speaks to reporters Tuesday during Southeastern Conference Media Days in Hoover, Ala. (AP Photo/Butch Dill)

Tennessee redshirt senior linebacker Darrell Taylor is representing the Volunteers at SEC Media Days 2019, where he dished on cliff diving, staying away from social media and more.

Can you share your cliff-diving adventures with us?

“Man, listen. I went cliff-diving with my girlfriend, (Vols linebacker) Quavaris Crouch and his girlfriend and we had a good time out there cliff diving. I think we jumped off a 40-foot cliff, and then I was the only to jump off the 60-foot cliff. And that was pretty scary, but it was pretty fun.”

Does the team feel the burden of ‘trying to fix the whole program’ as opposed to just trying to have a good season?

“I don’t think we feel a burden, I think that as long as we keep pressing on them and trying to make strides towards our success everyday, I think that will help us to become the successful Tennessee that we were in the past. I think all we have to do is make sure we stay on the right track and speak of greatness and talk of greatness every single day, and I think that will help us to be the Tennessee we used to be.”

How do you block out the noise of social media, and how crazy can Volunteers fans be on Twitter?

“Yeah, the fans are crazy and we love them, too, but we just try to focus on what we can focus on, and we don’t worry about the outside distractions that we can’t change and can’t affect. It’s not hard to avoid — I really am not on social media that much, I only use like Instagram and Snapchat and they’re just for friends, but I really don’t use Twitter like that, so I don’t think it’s that hard to stay off social media and not worry about the outside effects that go on on social media, so it’s been pretty good for me.”

Being a Virginia native, what did you know about Tennessee before they recruited you?

“I didn’t know anything about when Tennessee when they came to recruit me. Coach (Zach) Azzanni, I met him and I was like ‘Tennessee is recruiting me?’, the only thing I knew about them was the movie ‘The Blind Side’ and I had seen Coach Phillip Fulmer in that movie. But it was pretty awesome being recruited by Tennessee.”

Who’s the hardest quarterback you’ve tried to sack?

“Probably (Gators quarterback) Feleipe Franks was the toughest, he’s a big guy. Yeah, he’s probably the biggest quarterback I’ve played against.”