SEC Media Days: Five Questions with … Arkansas linebacker De’Jon Harris

Arkansas' De'Jon Harris answers questions Wednesday during SEC Media Days at the Hyatt Regency Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover, Ala. [Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.]

Razorbacks linebacker De’Jon “Scoota” Harris returned to Arkansas for his senior season after leading the SEC in tackles in 2018. He discussed NFL feedback, mentoring the young Razorbacks and more. 

What type of feedback did you get from the NFL and how much of a role did it play in your return?

“I got a lot of feedback from the league. The majority of it was the same type of feedback as last year. They just want to see me run more coverage, there’s not enough film of me in coverage but it was the most consistent feedback I got back, so I’m just trying to focus on just getting in better coverage situations this offseason, and that’s really my focus going into this season. But it really wasn’t a factor in coming back, I had kind of made my mind up that I was coming back.”

While you weren’t participating in spring, what are your initial impressions of watching the underclassmen after Spring camp?

“Just the way I think they handled just being on the field without me. I feel I think I played the most on defense, so just my leadership not being there, those younger guys handled it well, to me. I just can’t wait to see what they do in Fall camp.”

What are your impressions of junior transfer quarterback Nick Starkel joining the team from Texas A&M?

“Nick is a guy who just came in, but we know Nick’s talented. He played in the league already, and he’s just one of those guys who’s come in and he’s quiet, he’s just been working really hard right now, grinding with his head down. Just waiting on his time in Fall camp to show everyone what he can do in the quarterback competition.”

What’s the timeline on your recovery from foot surgery, what was the injury and where are you at right now?

“I just got my last X-Ray last week, it’s been about two months since surgery. But my foot is healed, the screws are healed 100%. I’ve just got a little soreness from working out on it, but I’m fine now. It was a Jones fracture outside my foot, it was just starting to crack. It was a nagging injury that just didn’t go away.”

Who do you see emerging as the leader of the secondary this year?

“Kamren Curl. We kind of forced him to be that leader, but going into this year, he’s a three-year starter now, but we forced it on him a little faster than he would’ve liked. But he’s embraced that role, he’s taken it on pretty well right now.”