SEC Media Days: Spurrier spending time with media boys

College football legends Herschel Walker, left, Archie Manning, center, and Steve Spurrier share a moment Tuesday during SEC Media Days at the Hyatt Regency Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover, Ala. [Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.]

HOOVER, Ala. — As soon as he pulled off his headset after finishing an interview with Jacksonville radio station 1010XL, the horde descended on the SEC Media Days legend.

Steve Spurrier was back in Hoover after a four-year absence and the media members who had been snoozing through coach after coach jumped at the chance to interview the guy who used to be the star of this event.

Spurrier was here at the invitation of the SEC along with Herschel Walker and Archie Manning to premiere the showing of an eight-part documentary “Saturdays in the South” at the Lyric Theatre in Birmingham.

Spurrier went to 23 of these Media Days as a coach at Florida and South Carolina. This was his first one since 2015.

“It was only four years ago,” he said. “It hasn’t changed too much.”

That included Radio Row where Spurrier made the rounds to speak to different radio shows and other members of the media.

“I appreciate the SEC inviting me, Herschel and Archie,” he said. “I guess we lived some SEC days and so forth. Hopefully, we can do a good job of promoting the SEC and the upcoming season.”

Being at SEC Media Days with coaches and players going from room to room and making a stop at Paul Finebaum’s TV show didn’t fan any flames for the 74-year-old Spurrier to get back into the profession as a full-season coach.

He coached the Orlando Apollos to the best record (7-1) in the Alliance of America Football before the league went belly-up in the spring.

“Coaching was fun with those guys we had in Orlando,” he said, “but year-round coaching, I’m finished with doing that. I’ve had enough of it.

“I was fortunate to have a lot of good years at South Carolina and Florida. Coaching four months a year is my gig now if I do it again. IF I do it again.”

Spurrier appeared at Media Days a day after Florida coach Dan Mullen, taking the athletic department jet Tuesday afternoon and returning late Tuesday night.

He had high praise for the 2019 Florida team.

“Coach Mullen has a good team,” he said. “We’re capable of beating anybody. Hopefully, we stay healthy, some of those young linemen grow up fast. They can. They can.

“Dan doesn’t have a system where you have to protect for five seconds back there. Feleipe just needs to know where to get rid of it quickly at times and keep drives going that way.”



  1. “Dan doesn’t have a system where you have to protect for five seconds back there. Feleipe just needs to know where to get rid of it quickly at times and keep drives going that way.”
    Best sentence in the whole article. Just confirming what we already believe, reaffirming my post on the article about where robbie and dooley think we will place. I said it all comes down to Franks performance this year; we have the WR’s, Rb’s, defense and Coach Mullen will call the plays needed for the O-lines ability. The UM game cant come quickly enough for me to see how our season will end up. If I had to guess , I believe right now, we are going to ROLL!!

    • And if you ever meet him in person, your opinion would stay the same.

      I had the honor once, in an airport. It was early mid nineties and I was getting on a plane in Atlanta. I had to do a double take as I saw him working his way towards his seat on the plane. Coach was flying coach (I love saying that). Anyway when we landed at RDU we were waiting on our luggage. I was not going to say anything to him you know respecting his privacy and all but my wife knew I was a big fan and said something to him. He introduced himself (like I need that) and we chit-chatted a bit. He was in town for Steve Jr’s graduation, yada yada. Asked me about the Gator Club here in Raleigh and so forth. Real nice. He will always be my favorite Gator.