SEC Media Days: Five Questions with … Georgia QB Jake Fromm

Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm speaks to reporters during the Southeastern Conference Media Days on Tuesday in Hoover, Ala. (AP Photo/Butch Dill)

Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm is in attendance at SEC Media Days, where the junior dished on fishing, Justin Fields, the possibility of moving Florida-Georgia from Jacksonville and more. 

Would you rather be doing this or fishing, and what’s the secret?

I’d rather be fishing, but I don’t mind this at all. Fishing’s great, and it’s sometimes great to be out there on the water. If I told you the secret, I wouldn’t be good anymore. But it’s fun, man. The secret’s going to really good spots — if you don’t go to really good spots, it’s harder to catch big fish.”

You started as a freshman in this league — what was the biggest lesson you learned as a freshman?

Biggest lesson is, don’t try and do everything yourself. You have a great group of teammates, a great support group, a great group of coaches. There’s no reason to go out there and do everything yourself. It’s not a 1-on-everybody battle.”

Georgia coach Kirby Smart has talked about 2019 being ‘the year of the quarterback’ in the SEC, what do you think that does for the league?

I think it’s great for the league. You get great competition, week-in and week-out, and that’s what everybody wants to see. So we’re excited about it, and we’re going to play some great opponents this Fall. But hey, ‘how can we go into camp and be better, how can I make my team better,’ and those guys are going to go and do the same thing.”

With Justin Fields now at Ohio State and you the de facto starter, are you more comfortable not having to look over your shoulder after every play?

“Yeah, I never really looked over my shoulder. I never really worried and got caught up in all that. I was worried about ‘hey, how can I make myself better and make this team better’, and I’m still doing those same things. Trying to push myself to the limits and push my team and get better, and just try and take this team to the next level.”

There have been discussions about potentially moving the Florida-Georgia game out of Jacksonville, how would you feel about that and do you think the SEC should preserve its ‘traditions’?

“Yeah, for me, it’s a football game either way. Either way it’s going to be played on Saturdays and against the Florida Gators. It’s not a huge deal for me, I’m just going to go out and play football. That’s really not for me to decide. My job is to go out and play football as best I can for the University of Georgia.”


  1. Sounds like a level headed young man. I guess it’s good that he “doesn’t mind” being the quarterback at Georgia, but I am willing to bet that seeing the game in Jax as just another football game and no big deal just might bite him in the butt pretty soon.