The Florida question — again?

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops speaks to reporters Thursday during Southeastern Conference Media Days in Hoover, Ala. (AP Photo/Butch Dill)

HOOVER, Ala. — Kentucky ended its 31-game losing streak against Florida last year. Now, coach Mark Stoops was asked a tongue-in-cheek question about whether the Wildcats were ready to start a winning streak against the Gators.

The coach drew some laughs Thursday at Southeastern Conference media days after he groaned and said, “Oh, come on now.”

Stoops said with a grin, “I’m just going to avoid that question.”

Kentucky won 10 games last year for the first time in 41 years but must replace several stars from that team, including running back Benny Snell and linebacker Josh Allen. The Wildcats are part of the increasingly competitive Eastern Division. Georgia and Florida are expected to finish near the top but just about everyone in the division has high expectations.

Stoops said: “It’s no surprise that the East is improving. But we all know so is the West. So you’re just trying to constantly do your part. I can’t be affected (with) what’s going on with the rest of the league, you know. We’ve really got to focus on Kentucky.”


  1. Stoops has built a good team out of what they can get. He is in a similar situation to Mullen at M St. But doing the best you can with what you have or can get has yielded results. To think UK is going to have a 30+ year streak on us is not impossible but not realistic. To even ask the question was. I do however want tot see the east draw even with the west and that will require everyone not FL and UGA to up their game.

    • I’m a big fan of the East, except for when they play us. Likewise, I would truly love to see the entire SEC whoop up on everybody they play — except for us, of course. But at the end of the day (how’s that for a worn out cliche?), it’s called parity. It’s coming again. Some people may whine about it, but it’s good for all of us — and in terms of us-ins, it’ll only make us better. I can’t wait!! So go everybody, but more than anything, GO YOU GO GATORS! ❤❤🐊🏈

        • Right-O. There have been two or three times in SEC play, looking at the the last 50 years, that there really has been that level of parity — it truly is a cyclical thing, but the only thing I can think of as having suppressed it in the last decade or so is the generalized, overall parity in college football with the advent of recruiting limits. But even that, in some respects, is counter-intuitive. Dunno — you’re closer to a mathematician than I am, what do you think, Rog?

          • I surmise that parity… or more good teams being wide-spread is due to the proliferation of TV. Back in our day, you got a couple of ABC games, an NBC game and a CBS game. And that was it. Now, on any given Saturday I can watch every SEC team play, plus almost any other team I want to watch. Mrs. Rog thinks I’m nuts … she can’t use the DVR during football season because I tape as many games as my TV provider will allow. Anyway, I digress (I digress a lot), with more games on TV and with more and more money to be made related to football, means more kids playing football and going to any college/university where they can get playing time and tv exposure (gotta build that brand). Thus more good football and more parity. That’s my story 6, and yup, I”m sticking to it.

  2. Review the 2018 game against Kentucky and look at the breaks KY got to win. (Sometime, you gotta get lucky). Not saying they were a bad team last year. They were good. It helped them vs. Gators that one ref was blinded by the light watching the Gator FG hook through the uprights. He called it no good. The CBS announcers were STUNNED and even said that was good, but it was a non-reviewable play. No 21-13 score in 3rd quarter. Stayed at 21-10. (see the kick on YouTube.) Oh well. This September could be sweet revenge vs. wildcats.