UF defensive back Edwards to transfer

Florida defensive back Brian Edwards. [Cyndi Chambers/Gainesville Sun Correspondent]

Florida’s depth at cornerback has taken another hit with the announcement Monday from junior Brian Edwards that he is entering the NCAA transfer portal.

Edwards posted his decision to transfer on Twitter.

With Edwards moving on, the Gators will have only seven scholarship cornerbacks on the roster for the start of preseason camp later this month, including two true freshmen who just recently arrived on campus — Kaiir Elam and Chester Kimbrough.

Edwards, who is from Miramar, played in 18 games over the past two seasons with zero starts. Last season, he recorded seven tackles, four pass break-ups, one quarterback hurry and one fumble recovery. He played mostly on special teams as a true freshman in 2017.

“First I want to say thank you to the University of Florida for all they have done for me for the past two years,” Edwards posted. “Unfortunately, I will be entering the transfer portal andd looking to further my education and athletic ability elsewhere.

“This was a very tough decision for me. I have built great relationships, impacted others, and grown so much throughout my time attending the University. My time being at the University of Florida I have had some ups and downs but I will forever cherish my time here as a gator.

“It was also a pleasure being apart of the DBU tradition at the University of Florida. But I’m looking to find a new home to thrive and meet my full potential in my academics and my athletics for my remaining two years of eligibility.”

In May, Edwards was charged with misdemeanor battery for holding his girlfriend against her will by grabbing her neck. The charge was dropped two weeks ago due to insufficient evidence.



  1. The depth isn’t an issue. When the chips are down, only the best players play in the game. It’s great to have a bunch of players but only so many can see the field at a time. Coaches aren’t taking out their best players in big games.

    Of his 7 tackles, 4 came against Idaho and Colorado State. The 5th came against Tennessee. His 4 pass deflections came in garbage time against Tennessee and Colorado State. Five of his 7 tackles and all of his deflections came in games we won by a combined score of 158-41.

    He did record 2 tackles against Mississippi State.

    I hope he finds whatever it is he is looking for but Robbie’s doom and gloom is over-the-top, as always.

    • I dont see it as doom and gloom, simply stating facts. Edwards and Steele were both players that would have definitely provided depth and been on the field this season. Depth will only be an issue if we have injuries. Keeping our collective fingers crossed that we dont lose any in the back of the defense to season ending injuries.

      • I can see your point. I guess I read this article and combined it with his tweet, and it seemed slightly over-the-top. Depth is important especially for year-upon-year building, but in the grand scheme of a single season, only a handful of players make the difference. If we got to the point where Edwards was playing meaningful plays, I think we would be in trouble anyway.

        • I don’t see it either in Robbie’s article, Orlando. My comment was tongue in cheek given — well, you know how some us are.

          I have a fair amount of fluency in multivariate statistics — why I’m not sure but the black and white nature of that endeavor always appealed to me and I guess my simple mind always found them easy to deal with. One of the central precepts is, however, that error always randomizes out except for when it doesn’t (given enough cases, of course, and sound data). That’s exactly how I see it in these cases; Dan Mullen certainly has sound data and the ones that shouldn’t be here for one reason or another always find a way out of the mix.

          And, I place a lot in GI’s premise stated in another string: We want the ones who “believe” despite every thing else. Call it natural selection? Regardless, that’s why I don’t get too shook up over things like this, regardless of the reason. Put differently, “The opre ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings”.

          I thought your original post above was very illuminating and spot on, bud.

          • And I would add 6, it invariably happens when a new coaching staff comes in that some players from the previous regime will want to be elsewhere. Hopefully this is just a small bump in the road on our ride back to the mountain top!!

          • That’s definitely a roger, Sparky. I think we will be fine…..if I’m concerned about anything, it’s Hammond not qualifying academically. That kid has “Gator” written all over him, and I have a feeling he’ll be a dandy once he finally gets here.

      • Well, you know PT could mean physical therapy, which can be beyond arduous, depending on your need for rehab. I had this dude, truly sadistic as hell itself, who came to my home to rehab me from my bi-lateral knee replacements. His name was Rodney, and he swore there was no pain on earth like Rodney pain. My wife had to leave the house when he was working on me. I have adequate range of motion thanks to his talents, but in 2011, I also had to rehab from pain meds. I can only imagine what our modern day athletes go through to rehab ACL tears among other horrific injuries. But we cheer our gladiatogators on! Do unto them and win!

        • Boy, you just said a mouthful, Phil. The young lady — a Doctor of Physical Therapy at that, and about the prettiest little heffer you ever saw beyond that — who did my CVA rehab twisted me into a pretzel so bad I wanted to have another stroke just so I could go back into the hospital and get some rest. It turned out to be worth it, tho.

  2. Definintely looking for more playing time, but he also has a target on his back with the coaches after his misdemeanor charge. Even though it was dropped, doesn’t mean that the coaches aren’t going to be watching him closely, and what 20-21 year old wants a parent hovering. Losing Steele might or might not be much, as we never really saw him play Div. I football. We’ll see this coming year how things go a USCw. Good luck though to B. Edwards.

  3. Not a major loss. Certainly he is free to go where he wants but to “further his education elsewhere” well I am sure he is not planning to go to Harvard. What he really means is he needs playing time and he can’t get it with the depth Florida has. Good luck. The Gators will be good despite the transfer. Go Gators!

  4. Hate losing depth at any time, but from what I’ve heard, it was a playing time issue. He knows he isn’t going to start and he wants to play somewhere that he will. Sorry for him but that’s the breaks of the game. Wish him luck though.

  5. Regarding depth at DB, we will have to wait for pre-season practice to see who Gator coaches want to be a Safety/DB like Gardner-Johnson, although he was a rarity in that he was adept at understanding both positions along with speed and skills. Hope there is another CG-J waiting to bloom.