UF 2019 signee fails to clear admissions

Deyavie Hammond during a National Signing Day ceremony at Lakeland High School in Lakeland on Wednesday February 6, 2019. Hammond signed with the University of Florida. [SCOTT WHEELER/THE LEDGER]

Florida’s 2019 football signing class will have another player go the junior college route when offensive lineman signee Deyavie Hammond announced on social media Saturday he did not clear admissions at the university.

Hammond, a four star out of Lakeland, will have to attend junior college this coming semester:

“To my dismay and my supporters over the course of my football career. I did not qualify for the NCAA and I will not be attending the University of Florida. The journey had been long and I have met great individuals who have given me countless opportunities to help me become a better player and person. Although misfortunate my journey has not come to a stop I will be attending a JuCo for the next two years. This journey wasn’t easy but it definitely fun and will continue through out this tough time. Saddening as the situation is I will forever cheer Gator Nation. — Deyavie Hammond”

Hammond was the nation’s No. 242 overall prospect and the No. 15 offensive guard in the 2019 recruiting class, according to 247Sports.

Diwun Black, a Osceola four-star linebacker, is the other ’19 Florida signee who did not clear admissions. He is attending Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

UF’s 2019 class, ranked No. 9 by 247, has now four players not playing for the Gators, with four-star defensive back Chris Steele (Southern Cal) and four-star quarterback Jalon Jones (Jackson State) transferring following the spring game.


  1. I’m sad to hear they didn’t make the grade, but I’m also proud of our university for upholding it’s standard. I hope these young men can complete Juco and return or move on maybe we can find an eligible Juco transfer for this season.

    • “How big of a hit has Florida taken from these departures? Consider that its class would be 15th if the rankings were rerun today. What’s worse? The departures from the class may not be over.

      Four-star wide receiver Arjei Henderson (No. 140), four-star OL Wardrick Wilson (No. 372) and three-star WR Dionte Marks (No. 489) are still not enrolled and are hoping to do get cleared for fall after being unable to make it in for the Summer B semester.” Should answer your question…..

  2. I just read a piece on MSN Sports, the headline of which actually read, “FLORIDA LOSES ANOTHER RECRUIT TO JUCO PROGRAM”.

    Sounds as though CDM is getting out-recruited even by junior colleges now. Of course, when you read a few paragraphs down, it becomes a little more clear. If I were the typical prospect though, who probably reads only the headlines if even that — I’d sure steer clear of this Florida program!

    Fake news.

  3. How do you lose a recruit if the player already signed? He is no longer a recruit. He is an enrolle that didn’t qualify. Therefore, he is going juco to get his grades up. Not a big deal except it hurts depth. If the guys already here step up and play to their scholarship offers, we shouldn’t have an issue. I love how the press looks to jazz up a story with the title. Good thing most people read the article. Go gators!

  4. I’m just a bit frustrated about this, but I’m not panicking. It’s an issue that many, if not most programs have to deal with every recruiting year, and there’s nothing saying they won’t be back to UF, but I do want to ask the question… why were these kids offered when UF basically knew they wouldn’t qualify?

    I do expect a couple of other players who are considered “iffy” to be here in the Fall though, but I see now why we’re still going after OL in the 2020 class. We will need five instead of four now.

  5. The only negative with the program right now is the recruiting. We’ve now lost a quarter of the class we just signed and there is a good chance that number is going to go up. Other schools are using it on the recruiting trail. The start of the actual football season can’t get here soon enough.

  6. CDM has NEVER been a flashy recruiter the way Saban, Orgeron and Smart are. Folks should recall that was the rap Foley tagged him with when he left UF for MSU in 2009. So, the Gators’ path to top 5 recruiting classes every year will be through the winning tradition CDM has brought back to the program and his reputation for developing NFL ready players. That will take time and a track record he didn’t have at UF at the start of last season.

    Prospects that wait until February to commit can be either flaky (Steele and Jones,) or can have academic deficiencies (Black and Hammond.) A program (such as UF’s last season) that has to wait until January and February to fill out its recruiting classes, runs smack dab into the risk of having some of those late commits flake out, or fail to meet NCAA academic standards. Note that Hammond didn’t transfer to another NCAA school with lower academic standards than UF. He went JC because NO school in the NCAA can accept him academically this year.

    The Gators are in much better shape with their 2020 recruiting class at #9 on 247 already and 17 strong. They need to work their way into the top 5 with 22+ solid commitments by end of November because all those early commits will be well scouted and academically vetted. Their long-term commitments BEFORE signing their LOIs will also mean they’re much less likely to flake out after they sign, the way Steele and Jones did. I have no doubt CDM will get them there.

    GO GATORS!!!