Joseph backs off UF commitment

(AP Photo/L.G. Patterson)

Less than 30 minutes after Richie Leonard committed to the Gators, Florida’s 2020 class experienced a de-commitment from a three-star defensive end/outside linebacker.

Morven Joseph, a 6-foot-3, 215-pound prospect out of Lake Gibson High in Lakeland, backed off his pledge to UF just two weeks after taking an unofficial visit with his family to FSU.

Joseph, ranked the No. 17 weak-side defensive end in the 2020 class by 247Sports, initially committed to the Gators on February 15.

Joseph’s de-commitment brings the Gators back to 17 commitments.



  1. Problem with the recruiting cycle before these kid’s senior season has even started, is that they get an offer from a school like UF, and then others begin to look at them wondering what Mullen and his staff are seeing, then calling on the kid, and then the kid pulling back to see how his senior year goes and what comes from it asa far as offers and “love”, as many of them like to say, is given to them. De-commitments in July just don’t really get me that interested as much as one in December. Especially now that college football has an early sighting period. If a kid de-commits, and the coaches really want him to come to UF, then they’ll keep the relationship with them.

  2. I’ll read 10 more stories @ Mr. Two Bits before I’ll read a “story” about a lost recruit. Good Lord, these are kids. Let ’em be. Once they show up in Orange and Blue, then let’s talk about them. Hell, I’d even prefer the 25 worst moments in the swamp…

    • You’re right, of course. Kids. Not responsible for their actions. Can’t expect much from ’em, can’t even criticize them. All true, true, true.

      But as the little grinders approach age 18 they better be, because then they can vote, go into the military, and probably before I even finish writing this, hold public office in California. Or at least get by entirely on their skills, until such time as their character is called for.

  3. If we start winning and the Noles continue their trend next season, we’ll read several stories of people pulling out of the FSU class. It’s a long way to go until December and February signing days.

  4. For those about to jump off a cliff because of kids who haven’t even started their senior season and year of high school are decommitting from UF…..Oklahoma just had the No. 2 rated CB decommit from them. I know i’ve said it and others before, but every school has their share of early commits, decommit once they start getting “more love” from someone else, it’s just that we really only hear about the kids that decommit from UF because that’s pretty much all gator fans care about.

  5. If the commitment is not there – better to move on for all. Often it is about internal competition and expected playing time.

    It’s not so much about any one player but the class. From there, “coaching ’em up” makes the real difference.