Gator legend, Mr. Two-Bits George Edmondson, dies at 97

George Edmondson, a.k.a Mr. Two-Bits, unravels his famous Two Bits sign on the sideline of Florida Field in Oct. 25, 2008. Edmondson was honored at the homecoming game for his years of leading the cheer that has become a tradition at Florida home games. He led the cheer for the last time at the game before Florida played the Citadel. ( Brian W. Kratzer/The Gainesville Sun )

By Cindy Swirko, Staff writer

George E. Edmondson, beloved by generations of University of Florida football fans as Mr. Two-Bits for the cheers he would lead throughout the stadium, died Wednesday night. He was 97.

Edmondson for 60 years was the Gators’ cheerleader in chief. Fans thrilled when he would pop up in their section of the stadium — always dressed in a yellow oxford shirt with orange and blue tie and blue khaki pants — whistle the crowd to attention and wave his “2-Bits” sign.

The cheer — “Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar…all for the Gators, stand up and holler!” — rarely left anyone in the seat.

Edmondson retired from cheering in 2008. Since then, others have filled in as Mr. Two-Bits. Among them, former players and coach Steve Spurrier have worn yellow shirts and blue pants do the cheer at the start of the game in Edmondson’s honor.

As word of his death spread Thursday, people took to social media to express their sadness.

“Heartbroken. Rest In Peace, Mr. Two-Bits. Thank you for bringing so much spirit and joy to the #GatorNation. We love you,” tweeted Rachael Jones, a fellow at UF’s Brechner Center.

“Very Sad hearing my Friend and Mentor/ Hero has Gone to the GATOR NATION in the Sky. Prayers to his Family and Friends,” wrote John Martin, a former Hawthorne city commissioner, on Facebook.

Edmondson, a retired insurance agent, adopted the alter ego Mr. Two-Bits in 1949 and drove up from Tampa for the games. Aside from taking part in a four-day course for insurance agents in 1950, Edmondson never set foot in a UF classroom.

The first game he attended was against the Citadel, and it wasn’t pretty, Edmondson told The Sun in 2008.

The Gators were “the whippin’ dogs of the Southeastern Conference” at the time, Edmondson said. When the Gators took the field, they were booed. Head coach Raymond “Bear” Wolf got booed, as well, Edmondson recalled.

“It was sad, and I thought it was terrible,” Edmondson said. “They were just a bunch of kids out there.”

Edmondson decided to counter the booing with a simple cheer: “Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar … all for the Gators stand up and holler!”

A few folks seated around him joined in and Mr. Two-Bits was born.

His uniform was an adaptation of what everyone used to wear to Gator games “back in the day” — men jackets no matter how hot and humid, and women wore heels and a pompon corsage. Edmondson has jettisoned the jacket but kept the rest.

Attending a military school in Charleston, South Carolina, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Edmondson left school and enlisted in the Navy, where he served in the Pacific.

After the war, he settled in Tampa, where his father sold insurance, and he entered the field himself.

In his years as a Gator supporter, he’s known every head coach from Bob Woodruff to Urban Meyer, whom he calls “the apple of my eye,” and considers them all personal friends.

Edmondson missed only a couple of home games in 60 years during the Mr. Two-Bits era. He continued to attend games for a time after his retirement.

A celebration of life will be held in Tampa in August, and all friends of the Gators are invited to attend. Details will be announced at a later date, UF said.

Edmondson is survived by his wife, Jane, as well as three children, three grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.


  1. I used to love watching for where Mr. 2-Bits would pop up in the stadium, almost like playing Whack-a-Mole! One time he popped up about five feet from me. Very cool. R.I.P Mr. Edmondson, and thank for being the truest of Gator fans and establishing a well-loved tradition for our Gator home games. The 2-bit cheer will now mean even more.

  2. Good bye Mr. Two Bits. From my first Gator game as a kid you were there in all kinds of weather. Thank you for the memories. Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar all for George Edmondson stand up and holler! While many of us claim to be the number one Gator fan he had us all beat.

  3. Mr Edmondson was legion as a Gator, and I thought The Old Ball Coach gave him a first class tribute that day he took on the role — shall he never pass from our memories as long as there are Gators anywhere, young or old. Well done, Sir.

  4. mY FIRST GATOR GAME WAS 1963 VS. LSU. I wondered who this weird guy was trying to lead the 2-bits ch eer. He was there for every Gator game I attended in Gainesville. The No. 1 Gator fan in school history. RIP.

  5. Another piece of my youth is gone with the wind. I can clearly remember how energetic he was! It took a lot of his own personal game time, running around, up and down those steps. He was truly part of the ole Gator game experience.

  6. If the Ring of Honor is for those who have had an exemplary impact upon Florida Football, then the name of George Edmonson surely is equal to Wilber Marshall, Jack Youngblood, Danny Wuerffel, Emmitt Smith, and Steve Spurrier.

  7. Amen, Cali Gator, but the ”Florida Ring of Honor” has some high & lofty criteria… that only a few can meet. Perhaps that’s the Univ. of Florida’s intent, but George Edmonson should be in the Ring of Honor, in my opinion.
    40 years ago, Mr. 2 Bits was literally older than I am now (LOL), and I tried to follow him & keep up with him. From about a 5 yard distance I tried keep up with him throughout the West side of the stadium. I lost him after 2 of his cheers. He was way too fast and nimble. I had no chance, as a middle school aged boy, to keep up with him. May God bless his spirit, and comfort his family and friends in their time of loss.