2019 SEC football schedule



  1. The game that jumped out at me is LSU vs Utah State, the week before the Gators come calling. That could be the definition of a trap game extraordinaire! The other game of interest, besides the entire Gator schedule, of course, is Auburn vs Oregon in Arlington. Let’s see if Steele plays in that one.

  2. Alabama’s schedule is fairly weak. A&M, LSU and maybe Auburn if they show up this year.
    T&M has a brutal schedule
    UGA has a relatively easy go. ND needs to join a conference.
    UF schedule is harder than last year. UM will set the tone for the year. They have a habit of beating us of late. I don’t think they will in year one of MD. UTM thanks for the W but again sleeping on this has cost teams. UK gets us at home and thinks they can do it twice. I’d say likely not. UT in Gainesville brings an improved UT but not that improved. Towson? Auburn comes to town but which team for Auburn shows? (If T&M is as good as the pundits think they could be pretty beat up coming into this game) Gators will be on week 5 how tired after 5 straight games? LSU and SC round out 7 straight. LSU gets a bye after Vandy and Before Utah State that may mess with them a bit. I say we give them a fight in death valley. SC has Alabama, UK and UGA before us. IF and only IF they are as good as the writers say they might be 4-2 by the time we meet. Bye week and UGA the month before this game will really tell us if Florida is back (Auburn, LSU SC, bye) If we win all three -not saying we will and not saying we won’t (all depends on how we start the year) UGA (UT, SC, KU, bye) will be shaking in their collective dog houses. UGA should be in better shape with light competition leading in. If the Gator OL has come together by then this could be a game to remember. Vandy, Missou, bye, FSU. I don’t think there will be a let down game after UGA this year if we lose (actually think we could win this one) or a trap game if we win against UGA. Missou on the other hand is a enigma as they have beaten us when they shouldn’t. I don’t see CDM falling to them twice in a row. A break and FSU. UNLESS they really turn that train wreck around their streak will be over times two and all will be right in Gator Nation. I think our team is going to trip in maturation somewhere and we lose a game or two. Most would say LSU and UGA. I would say if we beat UM then one of those. UM sets the tone for the year. GO Gators!! Feel the chomp!!!

    • I feel it 65 (the chomp). And that was a first class break down, complete with rationale — if you ever get tired of spinning those axles and such, you ought to throw your hat in the ring for Gator football analyst.