Five at Five: 5 games to look forward to on Florida’s bye weeks

Florida players. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

Each day this week, Sun sports columnist Pat Dooley will give you five things having to do with this Florida college football season to help you get through the summer. Each day they will be posted at at 5 p.m. Therefore, “Five at Five.”

  1. Texas A&M at Georgia, Nov. 23: While the Gators are resting up for their annual game with FSU, UF fans get to have a third bye week. It may be strange and for those of you who don’t go to road games anyway, you are used to having a lot of Saturdays free. But it’s still three stress-free weekends for Florida fans. Or not. Who knows how big a game this will be for the races on both sides of the conference? And it could very well have national implications. A&M’s rough schedule is one reason it is difficult to predict the Aggies’ record. This could well be the game that ultimately decides the East.
  2. Auburn-Oregon in Dallas, Aug. 31: With the Florida game moved up a week, the fare on the menu for the second week of the season isn’t as tasty as it has been the last couple of years. But this is the main course. It’s a huge game for the Pac-12, which has taken its lumps of late. USA Today’s post-spring poll had both teams in the Top 16 and for good reason. It’s the 7:30 p.m. ABC game so pace yourselves.
  3. Notre Dame at Michigan, Oct. 26: There seems to be a summer-talking theme that Notre Dame will drop off this year and Jim Harbaugh is coaching for his Michigan life. Neither may be true, but we will know a lot more by this point in the season and there is a real possibility we’re looking at two undefeated teams (if the Irish can get past Georgia). 
  4. Penn State at Ohio State, Nov. 23: Ohio State is already a 6.5-point favorite, but we know how intense this rivalry is and how good the games usually are. Ohio State has won the last two games by a single point and the Nittany Lions won the previous year by a field goal.
  5. Auburn at LSU, Oct. 26: Tiger on Tiger crime here. This might be the most underrated series in college football when it comes to drama. A great finish is almost a lock.


  1. Sorry, Pat, but no Saturday is free during college football season. Free beer on Saaturdays, however, would be well received. What would really be interesting is Jimbo Fisher tries to do at A&M what he did at FSU. A&M won’t fire Fisher. They will fire AT Fisher. That canon will be loaded with salt pellets and snake shot! Then Reveille will chew on his bloody arse! lol

    • I know that’s tongue-in-cheek, Phil…..but it’s not far off the mark at all. Being a Gator allows one the degrees of freedom to be a “fan” of any other team you want, and I’m kinda-sorta a fan of TAMU. Fisher was a good hire, to be sure — and A&M has unbelievable potential in the SEC — but man, it ain’t gonna be a short climb by any stretch of the imagination.

        • I insist on college football making geographical sense, Phil (as if it matters what I insist one way or the other) — W. Va for instance makes no sense in the Big-12. Now, East Texas and Central East Texas are about as deep south as you can get, replete with grits, R-a-C Cola and Moon Pies, fried Spam and all. The only thing they don’t do is marry their sisters, but they do date ’em. So does TAMU fit in the SEC? Oh hell yes! And it’s a good school to boot, has rabid fans, multiple traditions, good lookin’ coeds and their mothers ain’t too bad either — and fills the stadium week in and week out.

          But Missouri? I’m pretty familiar with it based on my time at Ft Leavenworth….it’s a beautiful state but it’s MIDWEST and has no decent football traditions to speak of at all. Nice people, don’t get me wrong — but they talk funny up there. If Mizzou belongs in the SEC, so does Kansas. Nuff said.

          • Meanwhile over on gatorcountry they looked at a two-deep talent comparison based on * rankings at each position. What I find is that while Alabama is ahead in these ratings they lost the NC. Missou is below us yet they beat us. UT and LSU are above us yet we beat them. If these ratings are to be the holy grail of performance then how does Clemson win a NC over FSU who tanked last year?? Answer… COACHING!!AND LEADERSHIP!!! Saban, Dabo, Swiney and it appear Mullen have those characteristic traits to build a program. Then there was the Kentucky game. My point is and this may make it or not. The differences between the 5* and 4* players is not that great AND THE DIFFERENCE FROM THE upper 3* players and the 4 and 5*’s isn’t that great. From something I read yesterday there are only ~25 5* annually out of 70K (figure mentioned somewhere and may not be 100% accurate.)some HS graduates that makes the 5* in the 1/10000 percentile. While likely the top 2% are likely beyond elite players. 2% is a whopping 1400 players. Given 130 teams D1 who can take ~20 players a year (2600). one half of the incoming players are elite or better. Since the rankings combine objective and subjective factors there is room for error either way. I was going to post this in a previous thread and forgot and since my memory outright sucks now and I happened to remember it here it is. Ask me what I posted and I will probably have forgotten. Go gators!

          • How did Mizzou come to beat Florida? Well, I’d say the thing I’m most afraid of every Saturday when the Gators suit up — “On any given Saturday…………..”.

            That’s part of what makes college football so much fun, even for lower tier SEC teams, and even for teams that I think don’t belong in the SEC for one reason or another.

            And you said it last season, 65; “They had no reason to win, but win they did”. It goes both ways, unfortunately. It’s just more fun when the Gators win those — so as much as I hate to say it, there really is a lot more parity in Power-5 teams than we’re often led to believe. Since I’m tossing around poignant quotes, I’ll share one of my relevant favorites sourcing my old Brigade commander at Ft Hood when I was a G-2: “The Army is always fun, it’s just that some days are a lot more fun than others”. That pearl came one day after we thought we had lost a weapon, PHYSEC unfortunately falling under my staff section……..we hadn’t as it turned out, but substitute “The Gators are____” for “The Army is ____” and you get my point.


          • Well I, for one, think we have one too many Columbias and one too many Tigers in the SEC. Maybe Tulane (left in 1966) or Georgia Tech (left in 1964) could have returned to the conference.

  2. I hope its not the game to decide the east. That would mean the winner needed help to get there. That is one of the things I think they got right in our conference is the strength of the SEC. Individuals cycle up and down but overall we are strong. While individually I dislike some of the teams the conference is what makes us great. So that’s why I usually support other SEC teams not playing us.