25 Best Moments in The Swamp: No. 23 — The Quez Show

Kentucky's Jeff Snedegar misses a tackle on Florida's Jacquez Green during his second punt return for a touchdown during the second half. [File]

It was June of 1992 when Steve Spurrier, fresh off Florida’s first official SEC title, called The Sun columnist Mike Bianchi with a new name for the stadium that would eventually bear his name.

The Swamp.

In the years that followed, there have been some unbelievable games and players. Sun staff writers Robbie Andreu and Pat Dooley came up with their rankings of the 25 best moments since 1992 when Spurrier gave the stadium that moniker.


No. 23 — Sept. 28, 1996.

The Quez Show

The set-up: After beating East rival Tennessee in Knoxville the week before, the Gators had moved to No. 1 in the nation and were now facing a struggling Kentucky team that came into The Swamp clearly outmanned.

The moment: Still breathing heavy from just returning a punt 66 yards for a touchdown late in the third quarter, wide receiver Jacquez Green was back on the field to return yet another UK punt, the ninth of the game. Green fielded the ball at his 21-yard line, juked the first defender, then cut back to avoid two more Wildcats at around his own 40. At about the UK 40, Green cutback across field and made it all the way to the end zone despite running out of gas for about the final 10 yards. He collapsed in the end zone, where he was quickly mobbed by his teammates.

The result: The back-to-back punt return touchdowns were the exclamation points in what turned into a 65-0 rout of the Wildcats. Green became the only Gator to return two punts for touchdowns in one game. It’s a record that still stands.

The quote: “Looking back, I’m not sure I can recall which was more memorable; Jacquez Green’s 66-yard punt return for a touchdown or that 79-yard punt return touchdown. The fact they were just three minutes apart was probably even more amazing. What I also remember from that game is that Kentucky had just 67 yards of total offense, so Quez more than doubled that total on two runbacks — and I don’t think he was touched on either one.” — Chris Harry, Floridagators.com

Editor’s note: You have one Swamp game moment that comes to mind? Tell us what it is. Maybe it’s already on our Top 25 list. We’ll update readers on top moments from fans as the countdown proceeds.



  1. Since Pat can’t write about great Gator moments in time when he wasn’t a ”Gainesvillian Reptilian,” yet, like most of us, then here’s one that fits in his time script. Danny Wonderful goes out of SECCG, looking injured. We, Gator fans, were in shock, ”NOT DANNY!, NO LORD, NO!” And then back up Q.B. Kresser comes in, fakes a hand off (that everyone expected for a 1st play back-up QB), then Kresser drops back and throws a beauty long ball down the sideline to Jacquez Green on a fly route for a long gain. Florida ends up beating ‘Bama in the ATL! CHOMP-CHOMP! SEC CHAMPS! Go Gators!

  2. And don’t waste your TIME, Arnold, I know! Why would you journalist, with all the great Gator material out there, LIMIT YORSELVES and take away great Gator moments because of ”TIME AND DISTANCE”? It isn’t a ”30 years ago” thing, ’cause we sucked in 1989. That season was awful!
    So why the restraints? Free-will, it is a bee-otch!