What’s your favorite Gator football moment in The Swamp



  1. #1 – Jarvis Moss blocks last minute little USC-East FG to preserve victory that made the complete and utter humiliation of T-osu (and much of the national sports press) possible in BCS title game.

    #2 – No need…nothing can ever top #1 (IMHO)

  2. Nice moments indeed…the 94 & 95 games were indeed highlights as well as the Jarvis Moss block…

    For me off the head…

    #1 Kerwin Bell to Ricky Nattiel in 1984….96 yard bomb after a goal line stand…I literally ran out of my house as a 14 yoa kid…and down the street going ape shyt…lol

    #2 (maybe 1A because of the entire experience in AZ) The stomping of Ohio State Jan 2007, 41-14…Because according to Kirk Herbstreit and the talking heads at ESPN…”CLEARLY Michigan & Ohio State were the best teams” after that game of 1000 combined yards was over. I remember being in the Hartsfield Airport leaving for Pheonix and behind me a lady walks up and says…”I am getting nervous…I think Florida is better than we think”…her man was like, “we will kill them, they can’t score.” I turned to him and told him to take down my number and call me with the final score. I did not receive a call…LOL. In the airport I ran into a guy I hadn’t see since Tolbert Hall days…and we commenced to superior level shyt talk in the Airport surrounded by Buckeyes..lol. They were wearing Ted Ginn #7 jerseys, but I kept saying…”I see you in that throwback Joe Germaine jersey” lol. They’d say…”That’s Ted Ginn”..and I would be like…”oh I remember now, the 1 fast guy you have…got it. You know we have 8-10 of those guys on the sidelines that can’t get on the field, right?” Then…my flight filled with Gators had a stop over in Detroit of all places…BUT, we were hi fiving everyone because they hate Ohio State..LOL! We were chanting all the way home and the few Buckeye fans sure loved that…lol. To beat them in hoops later on that year…the best ever, so I may change my mind…this is #1 and Nattiel is 1A

    #3 1996 Gators up 35-0 in the first half over Tennessee in Rocky Top over the #1 Vols (at the time)

    • Smith you picked my favorite. I left it out because they were asking for moments since it was named the Swamp by SOS. I had to travel to Ohio for work after the game. End of Jan beginning of Feb. Colder than hell for a Florida guy. It was 80 ish in Orlando when I flew out. Forgot to pack some cold weather gear so I grabbed a jacket from the truck at the airport. That jacket was my Gator jacket along with a Gator sweatshirt I had had for over twenty years. Not thinking about the destination I arrive at Columbus airport and walk off and would you know it at the airport they have a buckeye bar. As I approached the noise was loud and I could hear them talking about how they should have won. On seeing me wearing Orange and Blue the concourse fell silent. If eyes were knives I’d have been filleted right there. When I realized the silence was because of my jacket I gave a GO GATORS! and a Gator Chomp. As I walked away the noise returned but I heard someone saying what an Ahole I was wearing that jacket. And yes, it was a sweet victory after all the ESPN reporters save one (I cannot remember which one) said it was going to be a blow out win for Ohio S. More sow after Ted Ginn’s kick off return. But at half the tune was changing.

  3. Every time I’m there. Life is short, memories are forever.

    But I’d have to say it’d be RB James Jones’ unbelievable one-handed catch for a TD from QB Wayne Peace to beat Miami and Jim Kelly in 1982.

  4. 1993 Wuerffel bomb to Doering to beat Kentucky with 8 seconds left. Place went funeral silent.
    06(?)Tebow blowing up FSU secondary on his way to 31yard TD run up the middle , FSU boys were skerred of him
    Major Wright blowing up Sooner WR on sideline catch in championship game. Biggest. Hit. EVA!

    Plus about 1,000 other plays.