Gators add Charlotte to 2023 schedule

(Brad McClenny/Staff Photographer)

Florida has added a non-conference opponent to its 2023 football schedule, reaching an agreement for Charlotte to come to The Swamp that year.

There is a UF-Charlotte connection that probably helped this matchup come about.

Charlotte’s athletic director is Mike Hill, who spent almost 25 yards on the University Athletic Association staff, the last six years as the executive associate athletic director for external affairs.

This will be the first-ever meeting between the Gators and 49ers in football.


    • come on now 6 they are a group of five school from C-USA (I admit I had to look it up) they finished 5-7 2018 (had to look that up too), 1-11 2017 (ditto), 4-8 2016 (ditto ditto) 2-10 2015. Clearly they are on the rise!!! No offense to the school. But they are not from the DII or its current name. I’d like to play some lesser power 5 schools. While I’d like to pick on the better ones the SEC is a gauntlet every year and some years it is truly a beast. For out of conference foes play one top power five school and some lesser ones. These are scheduled so far out they may not be lesser programs by the time the game comes around. Some of these programs are can be pretty good at times and would look good on the resume. Play our SEC schedule a (Power 5) school home and home, 2 (group of 5) and FSU.

    • Woooo Hooooo! Dang I’m excited!!! I thought Charlotte was a NACAR race? I bet their OL averages +200 lbs. (a little scary). I bet we will have at least 50K in the swamp. I guess Mac’s team was too big for us. This does not promote our program!

    • What I want to know is, who’s gonna fill their shoes after we get done playing them? Oh yeah, and does a win get us an automatic bid to the Vegas Bowl? That would certainly cap a great season; if we’re lucky we might draw a re-emerging, 5-7 Rutgers team. Sure would beat the CFP by a mile!

  1. Good thing we had a guy on the inside. No doubt, Charlotte is one of the hardest teams in college football to get on a schedule and without our “mole” swaying the leadership of this prestige program we would have had no chance. First rate investigative reporting here. Woodward and Bernstein. Some other guys who investigated things. Yeah. It was our “connection” that allowed this epic “game of the century” to be scheduled.

    • “First rate investigative reporting here. Woodward and Bernstein. ”

      The thought here is, your quite correct in your assessment of the dynamic duo of Gator football beat writers.

  2. I live just south of Charlotte and am so exited about this. Can we get a home and home series put together? Charlotte has a strong Gator connection, with both of the Panthers QB’s having played at UF; Cam Newton and Will Grier!!!!

    OK, never mind. Maybe Gator-6 can get us a game with Dallas Baptist?

    • I’ll try my best, Dan…..but be forewarned: As a reformed Anglican Catholic, I can testify that those Southern Baptists — especially those in North Central Texas — are meaner than a bunch of rattlesnakes. They don’t start getting any nicer until you get down around Waco. Just ask Art Briles!

      • Well those Southern Baptists in Dallas put a licking on our baseball team last week. By the way 6, what in heaven’s name is a “reformed Anglican Catholic” ? I know all about Southern Baptists; I’ve been married to one for 44 years!! They even made me a deacon, despite my being a non-reformed Catholic.

        • Well, I grew up an Episcopalian, but have long since left that denomination when they started ignoring the scriptures. I was excited when the Anglican Catholic dioceses of New Orleans made it to Texas, but the closest parish is way south of here, so in the meantime I started going to a non-denominational church here in Salado that used to be Southern Baptist. In that experience, in the last year, I found that I have become very uncomfortable — in a good sort of way — and also had enough time to realize that if I did make the drive to Round Rock to join the Anglican church there, I no doubt would have been more comfortable — but in a less than good sort of way albeit more familiar in liturgy. Hence “reformed” in that I seem to grow from the discomfort I sometimes feel vis-a-vis whether or not I indeed measure up to salvation. Which makes it sound “hellfire and brimstone”, although it’s anything but. Go figure, I don’t know what took me so long.

          But any thoughts regarding throwing my hat in the ring for the next Pope are clearly overstated! 😉 Aren’t you glad you asked?

          All I can say is Go Gators, since there are a few Tide graduates in the congregation, and enough Aggies and Longhorns to choke a good size horse. I get along with the Aggies OK as long as they know their place; the Longhorns though, are another story so I always have a plan to kill them if I need to. In a Christian sort of way, of course.

          • I’m back to Southern Baptist, for now, BUT attended a Bible Cover to Cover study type non-denominational church for 25 years. Best Spiritual move of my life! Recommend everybody study for yourself. With that said 6, this scheduling issue needs an explanation for all of us who obviously have no idea about marketing. Everyone should take note, both UCF and USF are now BIGGER than UF and don’t think for a second, with a few years of winning, they will be a threat to our perch!!! The I-4 demographic is far more numerous than the Gainesville centered Gator home region.

          • Hey 6, funny about you being uncomfortable. I told my pastor after church last week that his sermon made me uncomfortable, and then told him to keep it up. Thanks for sharing that my friend.

    • of course we tried, but ucf turned down the deal. id rather play ucf, or another florida school, but ucf’s danny white personally passed on the deal, he is their Jeremy foley. (due to Foley’s attempt at ending our long term rivalry with Miami).
      lets just say the folks in charge generally (other than cdm) just don’t think like fans do and leave it at that.

  3. This is why all of us Rocket Scientist have no input into the scheduling process. We know nothing about big time college program marketing. ANY, in state college would be better…you know, we would love to boo or laugh at Kiffin, etc. This is College of Charleston stuff., equal to the Holes playing Jacksonville State, etc. Can’t wait to read/hear Pat explain why this is a good thing. Y’all know, like what Foley would have done. Come on Pat, enlighten us.