State attorney: No charges against Perine after incident with tow truck driver

Lamical Perine answers questions during the University of Florida's Football Media Day on August 2, 2018. [Lauren Bacho/Gainesville Sun/File]

No charges are going to be brought against Florida starting running back Lamical Perine stemming from his altercation with a tow truck driver earlier this month, State Attorney Bill Cervone told The Sun on Wednesday.

Perine was facing a possible battery charge after a tow truck driver accused him of grabbing his arm as he tried to tow Perine’s mother’s car, which lacked a required decal.

Perine was not arrested following the May 7 incident.

At the time, Cervone said he was not convinced the allegation would rise to the level of a battery charge. And, following his investigation, it did not.

In a State Attorney’s Office release, Cervone said the incident was recorded on a cell phone and the touching could not be construed as battery.

“It is clear that the touching was brief and light as opposed to being forceful, violent, or in any way likely to do harm,” Cervone said. “The employee immediately reacted by swinging a heavy strap at Perine, who was not injured. Although verbal exchanges continued no further physical confrontation followed.

“Legally, an unconsented to touching of any sort can constitute a battery. The touching by Perine in this case, however, is not only minimal but also is of the sort that society largely accepts as attention getting when someone is facing away from someone else. As such, and considering that Perine has no prior law violations, it lacks the kind of malice or ill intent

that would warrant court action. That charge is therefore dismissed.”

A senior from Mobile, Ala., Perine led the Gators in rushing last season with 826 yards and seven touchdowns. He also caught 13 passes for 170 yards and a TD. He rushed for more than 100 yards in wins over Vanderbilty and Florida State.


  1. If only our older brains could be put into younger bodies – I would have had a whole lot less of a good time with wisdom butting in…LOL. I’m so old that when I got arrested I received a record. Today if you get arrested you get a cd…LMAO…I am full of them today! Stay out of trouble you young GATORS! You have much more to deal with than I did as a young man. You represent all of us damnit! GO GATORS!!!

  2. If the driver thought Perine battered him, then he’s never been battered. Single child. Lives with Mom. Sucks his thumb in deep sleep.

    Stay away from guys like him, Gators. Passive aggressive trouble starters like this can get you any time.

    And no more incidents this summer!

    Go Gators!