Report: Jalon Jones transferring to Jackson State

Florida freshman quarterback Jalon Jones had been accused of sexual battery by two UF students. Florida officials say Jones filed paperwork necessary to transfer earlier this week. [Brad McClenny/Staff photographer/File]

Former true freshman Florida quarterback Jalon Jones has transferred to Jackson State, according to a report Tuesday citing unnamed sources.

Jones, an early enrollee at UF, entered the NCAA transfer portal earlier this month. In April, two female UF students accused Jones of sexual battery, but the case was closed by the University Police Department because the victims did not want to press charges against him.

Jones was a distant fourth on the depth chart at the end of spring and likely would have redshirted this season if heโ€™d remained at UF.


  1. With the EX-FSU QB to FAU now, that’s a good destination for him — he can use a fresh start at a low profile place to maybe mature a little and change some of his presumptive premises about interacting with women. Or not. Either way, I bet he doesn’t stay there long before moving back into the spotlight of a Power-5 or GOF program. Hate to see waste of human potential, but that’s up to him.

        • I hope he does well. I hope more importantly that he gets his life together the right way. Lord knows, we all need multiple chances. I just think Lane Kiffen may not be the best influence on that kind of renewed effort.

    • Don’t think power 5 or group of 5 would touch him right now. IF he does well and stayed out of trouble yes in a few years. Think there is a lot we don’t know and in the modern climate he’ll have to work to prove he’s worth the risk. Or be so good someone takes a chance. Any way he goes he won’t be back here. He could be a Newton or a bust. Time will tell. His future is in the hands of his own decisions.

      • That’s the bottom line, 65. Now, if the kid really is a thug — he chose the right place. Beautiful city Jackson, lots of nice people, but ate up like a soup sandwich with crime anymore. However, I’m placing my money on the fact that he’s not really, that he might have gotten a good reality check before it was too late, and might just turn it all around.

    • I haven’t read anywhere that there is any limits on entering. With scholarships only being 1 year, I’m not sure a backup player should keep testing the waters at his current school if he wants to keep getting scholarships.

  2. As a graduate of an HBCU (Southern Univ.), a resident of Baton Rouge, and an ardent Gator fan, I will have the opportunity to see JJ at least 4x’s per season as Jackson State is in the same conference as my beloved Jaguars. Hopefully the environment there in Jackson will help him to mature and grow into a productive member of society first and a productive student-athlete second. Hopefully he will get his troubles addressed and become a better person. Even though he’s no longer at UF let’s see how he turns out. We all deserve a 2nd chance in life and JJ is no different. Good luck-just not against my Jags!! GEAUXXX GATORS!!!

    • i suppose there are arguments about what is best, but id really like to play famu instead of some of the other schools we play. Everyone knows that at one time famu was an incredible powerhouse, as were southern, grambling and a few other hbcus. it sounds crazy but with whats known as the lindy effect, odds are better for a school that was once top notch to return to prominence than it is for the upstarts.. either way, full return to prominence, or just playing against other local teams, this would be so much more exciting than playing some of the schools we play as part of the conference tv package.

      • Man, you’ve got that right. I remember the days when FAMU was an absolute powerhouse and took on anybody — even tho they had problems getting big games. When they beat the University of Tampa, another powerhouse in the day, it was a significant moment. And Grambling? I remember watching them on TV anytime they were on — talk about a legend. I would love to see those schools re-emerge!

  3. FAMU took some heat earlier today for an infraction of some sort, and even though they had long since cleaned house the ncaa stuck it to them pretty harshly i thought. what FAMU appealed was the financial fine, saying they didnt have the funds. It just seems like that could be fixable by the gators playing them with the payday that went to teams like Idaho. A school like FAMU helped build a supply chain of elite athletes that the Florida schools have been feeding from for years. It just makes sense to me, to make decisions that help someone else that surprisingly end up helping UF out as well, at least from my perspective. I know FAMU is a few scholarships light now due to this, but if they pulled an app state and beat a big name team it would electrify the country. i dont want the team on the wrong end of it, but hopefully it would help FAMU