It’s a done deal: Florida vs. Florida State

Florida wide receiver Van Jefferson scores a touchdown against Florida State in Tallahassee last November. The Gators' offense did quick work on the 38-yard score. [File]

Not that there was any threat that the football rivalry between Florida and Florida State would be ending anytime soon, but the two schools did announce Tuesday that they have reached a four-year contract extension to continue playing each other through the 2022 season.

The first year of the new agreement begins this season with the game being played in The Swamp on Nov. 30.

The Gators and Seminoles have played each other every year since the series began in 1958. It’s been the traditional regular-season ending game for both schools since 1980.

UF leads the series 35-26-2. The Gators snapped a five-game losing streak in the rivalry last November with a 41-14 thrashing of the Seminoles in Tallahassee. UF has not beaten FSU in Gainesville since 2009.


  1. Ive always loved their chant! and loved everytime we stomped them! I think they have one of the coolest chants in college football. I also love that the chant and their mascot sticks it in the eye of every freaking liberal bleeding heart! I was so glad the Seminole nation came to their defense and supported their mascot! & Im Cherokee!

    • Damn, I was about to argue with you about the coolest chant business — but I do have to give ’em that much. Anytime we can make a stand against hypocritical PC, I support it. They could have easily gone the way of Stanford and named themselves a tree. Or how about the Florida State Mullets? Yeah — that’s the ticket!

      • I was working in Memphis for 6 weeks recently, and Nashville is one of my favorite cities in the USA, but does that mean Rocky Top should send shivers down my leg? Ok, I am done…I rest my case your honor.

        • Only reason I tolerate Rocky Top, Austin, is because Roy Acuff came to Vietnam while I was there and sang it. Of course, I was the only GI in the crowd who yelled “Go Gators” when he finished, that earning me dirty looks from his entire band……but even so I still think of him when I hear it.

        • Abso-f’in-lutely not. A real Gator holds no affinity for the mascot, chant, fight song, or whatever of rival schools, ESPECIALLY the incessant groan that accompanies the chop. Looking at you Daz. Just curious, in what year did you earn your degree from UF?

          Do you also love the fact that they feel the need to spell out Florida State after a score, like a kindergartner showing off to his parents?

          • Damn, Albert…..I didn’t even know those dirty, no good, low down, rotten, worthless scum sucking wads of spit could even spell!

            Daz is OK tho — you and he would probably be friends if you actually knew each other. As far as I know, he has a degree from UF……but even if he doesn’t that’s no disqualification from being a true blue Gator! I’ve been a Gator all my life and I wasn’t smart enough to get into Florida myself.

          • Funny 6! Albert, I get your point, but can’t agree. Not only are there some pretty cool mascots across the country (back seat to Albert and Alberta of course), but some really funny mascot incidences. Like Bevo going after uga (no caps intentional) in last years Sugar Bowl. And the guy falling off the (Sooner Schooner) wagon when OU scored against OSU last year. Perhaps the funniest that I recall was the Sooner Schooner charging the field after an Oklahoma score in the 1985 Orange Bowl, drawing a 15-yard “unhorsemanlike” penalty. I am sure there are many more. My philosophy regarding “loyalty” is Florida first, SEC second, Florida teams (excluding Miami) third, and since 2009, Texas schools fourth. This makes game days even more exciting.

    • The UF-FSU game is, technically, optional, even if the high-profile non-conference match up between two powerhouse programs seems like a given. If you’re going to credit Georgia and Texas for adding FSU and UF, the argument goes, you should credit the Gators and ’Noles for meeting each other, too. Would it be better to drop Florida State and schedule Oklahoma? That probably wouldn’t go over so well. I hate to admit it, but maybe every year we put our schedule out, we should make a big press release that we’re playing one of the best teams in another Power Five conference in Florida State. Read between the lines with what CDM said after being asked about Georgia beefing up its schedule with Clemson and FSU, “We play Florida State every year, right?” Mullen said. “They’re trying to catch up to us, I guess.”

  2. They have kicked our arses in Gainesville for years, and in their Rapeist Winston years, especially through the latter Muschamp years, and then through the McElwain era, they absolutely kicked our butts.

    I called the thrashing last year in Tally, and they aren’t going to be much improved over last year either. They will be lucky to win seven games next season, as I predict six, but that said, I will be in The Swamp to watch us deliver a Dan Mullen beat-down and taking back of our field from Rape State.

    I hope we hang 60+ on that Capital City Scum.

  3. Personally though, I think it’s a good idea to keep the home conference refs on the home field arrangement as we’ve done since that band of ACC refs led by Bobby Bowden’s good buddy Jack Childress robbed UF in 2003, and personally, it would be better to me if we could move them back to earlier in the season, say in the first five games and then be done with them like we used to back in the 60’s to mid 70’s (with exception of a few games).

  4. Kirk Herbstreit,

    After a question during a Chat session, Herbstreit says: “Every national analyst and talking head from one time to another has had an opinion about how horribly officiated that game was. We can’t go back and change the 5 or 6 blown calls that affected the outcome of that game. I said after the game Sat. night that was the best game in college football this year, but unfortunately it was also the worst officiated game I have seen all year. I don’t know if I can ever recall so many game-changing blown calls. If you are a Florida fan, I feel for you .. but at this point, I don’t know if anything can be done.”

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