Odom commits to Gators 2020 class

Photo courtesy of Odom's Twitter account

Florida’s 2020 class hasn’t lost any momentum — in fact, things appear to be looking up for the Gators and coach Dan Mullen.

Jonathan Odom, a 6-foot-6 tight end and the son of former Gators offensive lineman Jason Odom, verbally committed to Florida while unofficially visiting UF for the 2nd annual Gator Grill Out.

After a lot of thought and prayer I AM 100% COMMITTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA ‼️🐊 @UFCoachLScott @CoachDanMullen @GatorsFB pic.twitter.com/43IF48kORf— Jonathan Odom (@shockey__80) May 18, 2019

Mullen confirmed Odom’s commitment shortly after the Tampa Jesuit prospect’s announcement.

#ToTheSwamp #GatorGangXX— Dan Mullen (@CoachDanMullen) May 18, 2019

Odom will have quite a name to live up to when he puts pen to paper and arrives at UF. Jason Odom was a four-year starter at UF from 1992-95 under Steve Spurrier, and, among numerous other accolades, was ranked No. 28 in The Gainesville Sun’s list of top 100 Gators from the first 100 years of Florida football.

Odom, ranked by 247Sports as the No. 32 tight end in the 2020 class, is the 11th prospect to commit to UF’s 2020 class, which is currently ranked No. 8 in the nation.


    • I think Graham speaks and think for himself, 65 — but I’d say the majority of the “momentum” thing was among the fans, some of whom took the few actual words from the sports writers and turned them into impending doom and disaster. Now, I’m not saying that none of the resultant opinions weren’t born out of good intent, disappointment, or genuine concern — it would be crazy to say that it was.

      So now that maybe things have settled down a little, how about this? We never had any freakin’ momentum to begin with! Momentum, in most minds anyway, happens on the field — from game to game. What we did have was a series of unfortunate and untoward events in short order, and that’s all. If it effects our “momentum” from Year 1 to Year 2, we’ll see this fall — but not until then. Sound logical?

      • I ran it by Spock. He raised his Vulcan eyebrow and said, “Fascinating. How humans interweave logic with emotion is truly illogical.”

        Seriously, though, I agree with you that momentum happens on the field, and I can’t wait for the games to begin!

        • Me either, Phil. I’m guilty of the emotion thing too when it comes to the Gators — I think all of us are. Just don’t form your conclusions and/or decisions on emotion alone is all. That said, Spock rules!

      • Hey 65, just an addendum…..have you heard anything from GatorEd in the last week or so? Not like him to be in radio silence this long, I sent him an email a couple of days ago but no answer. Starting to get a little worried, knowing he has been dealing with some health problems since ETS.

          • We got stuck at DFW for 4 hours going to Tampa and then 6 hours a week later at TPA all because of bad Dallas weather!

          • Dallas, I will never understand — with you guys under 2 hours north of here — how the weather can be so different between the two. It must be Oklahoma’s fault, that’s about all I can think of.

  1. Momentum is gone.

    Let’s just say Clemson, OSU, BAMA, UGA…have way more momentum in recruiting Florida that UF.

    Like the pick up of Odom. With all the connections to UF, it would have been pretty sad to see him go elsewhere.

    • Yeah I was kinda thinking it’s great and all but the odds were in our favor here. We really need to start locking down the state. Losing to FSU and Miami is one thing but losing recruits to out of state schools, not a good look.

      • Hey, it’s not like we don’t pillage from the other SEC states. Perine, K Toney, Jaewon Taylor and Jeremiah Moon are from Alabama, along with freshman DB Jaydon Hill.
        Emory Jones , Dameon Pierce, Nich Buchanan, Jabari Zuniga and Trey Dean III are from Georgia. Kylan Johnson and Tyrie Cleveland are from Texas.

        And a few come from Big 10-ish Country: Christopher Bleich and Kyle Pitts are from Pennsylvania and David Reese II is from Michigan. And we have several others from Virginia, Maryland, Kansas, and North Carolina.

        Texan Kyle Trask was a walk on.

        Yes, we need to do better recruiting our state, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get our share of recruits from our rivals, either.

        And Gator-6, I can’t say I’ve seen any posts lately from GatorEd.

        • I guess my point is that the states Top End talent is going elsewhere. That can’t continue. Look at the top 10 ranked players out of Florida from last years class. The top 6 went to Bama, Clemson and UGA before we got Elam. The same thing is happening again this year. Bowman and Davis going to Clemson is especially painful.

          Yes, we pull from other states but are not plucking the type of talent from other states that other schools are plucking out of our back yard.

          • I see what you mean. Hopefully CDM will change that trend and land the in-state top talent.

          • Hate that too — but allow some time and I think we’ll see a change. Doesn’t/Can’t happen overnight.

    • David, I swear to God, you sound like Senator Harry Reid of the democrat party right before the surge in Iraq. “The war is lost”, he declared much to the chagrin of the troops who were actually fighting it. Then we kicked their asses from one end of the country to the other, and he didn’t have a word to say.

      I’m not calling you a democrat and I’m not calling you a loser, bud…..heck, we may go 0-12 this year for all I know. But there is absolutely zero evidence that we will! Now if you’re confining your remarks to recruiting and recruiting only — which I get the feeling you’re not — that’s one thing. But we won’t know the answer to that for quite some time either, except for on paper. How much weight does that really have? Again, ask Clemson. Personally I think Dabo is a damn fine coach, and that Dan Mullen is every bit his equal. Are you saying that he’s not?

    • D Smith. Please temper your expectations with the fact that this is Mullen’s 2nd year…after going 4-8. I want that too, but let’s have 2 successful seasons back to back before proclaiming that we should be recruiting on equal footing with Bama and Clemson. The Florida schools in general have not been the same level as the glory years of the 90s and so forth. Times have changed…and winning will cure this.

  2. Springhill Trask did not walk on.

    My thing is if we are only losing guys to Alabama and Clemson then are we doing that bad? I mean we have poached some guys from Bama. We also kept enough from uga and the rest of our rivals that i don’t think it’s a big deal. Now after we put together 3-4 great seasons with consistent cfp appearances there will be some justification to the whining if we aren’t getting 5* guys or losing the big instate guys to out of state schools.

    Mainly though Welcome Home Mr.Odom. Glad to see the legacy continue. Your dad was a monster on the OL and I have a feeling you’ll be a monster TE