2019 football signee won’t make it to UF campus this summer

Diwun Black on his official visit (Courtesy of Black's Twitter account)

Florida’s 2019 recruiting class has taken another major hit.

Four-star linebacker Diwun Black announced on Twitter on Monday night that he has not made sufficient grades to enroll at UF this summer and will be attending a community college instead.

Black is the third four-star recruit to leave the class in the last few weeks, joining quarterback Jalon Jones and cornerback Chris Steele. Jones and Steele are in the NCAA transfer database and are not expected to remain at UF.

UF coach Dan Mullen responded to Black’s news on Twitter, posting the following: “You know we got your back and you are a Gator. Keep grinding.”


    • Losing Black is probably the biggest of the recruits so far. Hopefully he can get the classwork done at a CC and enroll at UF this Fall or even January. Always knew it was going to be close on his grades though.

  1. End of summer can’t get here soon enough for the UF football program. If this attrition rate continues, we won’t have a full travel squad. LOL 50/50 chance at best that Black plays at UF in the future. Pretty much the same as losing a kid to another school at this point. He can come to UF in the future if he still wants to and can qualify and UF wants him. Not much different than a kid sitting on USC’s or OSU’s roster right now or next year….

  2. Black didn’t LEAVE the Gators. He simply can’t join them yet. Robbie needs to rephrase that line about Black being the 4th to “leave” this class. This class lost him to “grades.” Sheesh! Like I said in Robbie’s article about “The Tumbling Class,” he and Pat need to quit writing about this past incident and move on, maybe try something positive for a change.

  3. read an article on another sight that showed some of the issues with his education. I hope he finds the tutoring he needs at a JuCo that can get him where he wants to go. And no he didn’t leave the Gators he just isn’t ready yet. All the best to him and keep your head up young man, do what’s right and do what you need to reach your goals.