Gator program dealing with off-field issues that have slowed momentum

Florida coach Dan Mullen has been dealing with off-the-field issues early this preseason. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Momentum is a powerful thing. But it can also be fickle. That’s why it doesn’t come with an expiration date, because no one has any idea how long it’s going to last.

The 2017 Florida Gators know all about momentum, and how quickly it can be lost.

And now it appears the 2019 Gators are starting to find out as well.

Just a few short weeks ago, everything about coach Dan Mullen’s football program seemed positive. The Gators were in full feel-good mode and riding a tidal wave of momentum.

It was momentum that started to kick in late last season, and only surged from there over the following months.

The Gators closed out the 2018 season with back-to-back blowout wins against arch-rival Florida State and Michigan that led to a 10-win season and a place in the final top 10 (No. 6).


Then in February, Mullen and his staff put together a consensus top-10 recruiting class, led by highly rated cornerback and early enrollee Chris Steele out of California, and quickly started putting together an impressive class for 2020.

More momentum.

Then on April 13, the Gators put on a highly entertaining and energizing spring game in The Swamp, with the two teams putting on an offensive show, combining for 95 points, 920 yards and all kinds of explosive plays. And there were dozens of top recruits in attendance to take it all in.

Even more momentum.

At that point, it looked like the Gators were going to be riding their great momentum into preseason camp and all the way to the start of the season.

It appeared there was no stopping it.

Then, a few signs popped up that it might be slowing up just a little bit.

Junior defensive end Antonneous Clayton and redshirt freshman defensive end/tackle Malik Langham, one of the highest-rated members of the 2018 recruiting class, entered the NCAA transfer portal, a hit to the depth on the defensive line.

A little later in April, another negative: assistant director of player personnel Otis Yelverton was arrested for cyberstalking. He remains on leave from the athletic association.

Those were the first signs of the momentum slowing.

Now, the brakes appear to be on after what’s occurred the past two weeks.

Two weeks ago, true freshman quarterback Jalon Jones stunned Gator Nation by entering the transfer portal. A day later, the reason came out: he had been accused by two female students of sexual battery on April 6 in his dorm room.

The victims declined to press charges and the case was closed. Jones’ two roommates — Steele and fellow true freshman cornerback Jaydon Hill — were mentioned in the report but not involved in the assaults in any way, according to two UPD incident reports.

Now, last week, the Gators have been rocked by a triple dose of negativity.

Cornerback Brian Edwards was arrested last Monday for simple battery/date violence for a heated confrontation he had with his girlfriend of two years. According to the arrest report, the woman had marks on her neck and a scratch on her shoulder.

On Thursday came even more stunning news: Steele, the highest-rated prospect in the 2019 recruiting class, entered the transfer portal.

A source told The Sun that his decision to leave stems from a request he made to the coaching staff in January to be moved out of the dorm room with Jones because he was uncomfortable around Jones.

According to the source, the staff told Steele he would have to wait until summer to move to another dorm, which upset Steele and his parents.

Mullen flew to California to apologize to Steele and discuss the possibility of his return. But that seems unlikely.

Later in the day Thursday, five-star Ocala Vanguard defensive end Bryce Langston, the highest-rated member of the 2021 recruiting class, announced on Twitter that he has decommitted from UF and has opened up his recruitment.

UF’s 2021 class took another big hit Friday with the decommitment of Eau Gallie four-star athlete Dink Jackson and four-star Ocala Vanguard wide receiver Trevonte Rucker.

Put it all together — the departures, the decommitments, the accusations, the arrests — and it’s momentum gone for the Gators.

The big question now is can they somehow get it back between now and the start of the 2019 season? (There are rumblings that more negative stuff is imminent).

The last Florida team in a similar situation never did.

Two years ago at this time, who would have thought Jim McElwain would not make it through the 2017 season. The Gators had won the SEC East the previous season and were coming off a 30-3 domination of Iowa in the Outback Bowl that gave UF a nine-win season.

So, the Gators carried great momentum into the offseason and everyone was fired up about the upcoming season.

But that momentum vanished over the course of the summer, and UF never got it back.

Nine players, including starting wide receiver Antonio Callaway and starting running back Jordan Scarlett, were suspended before the start of the season because of their involvement in a credit card scam that took place earlier in the summer.

Boom. Just like that, momentum was lost. And it set the tone for what would turn out to be a miserable season, with McElwain losing his job after the eighth game and the Gators sinking to 4-7.

The current Gators certainly seem capable of overcoming their loss of momentum. They have time and opportunity. But, as the Gators have seen in the recent past, it’s tough to get fickle momentum back once it’s lost.


  1. Yes , we’ve taken a hit this spring. But we are not the only program to take a hit. I would bet that situations like this are happening at most if not all the schools. We know of some that have become public. And that is key “become public”. Many instances are not reported by the victims or are somehow kept out of the public eye by other forces (people) at work either to not put their organization in a bad light or to prevent others from being influenced. I applaud our University for being as open as they are about this and not trying to hide a black eye. While this and future events that should never happen by the way should always be bared to the public (if there is no shame then) it is painful to read especially when it involves the Gators but we have always been or at least talked about “Taking the High Road”. Programs that have ended up with the tail wagging the dog end up with coaches leaving/fired or under sanctions. I don’t fear this as I think we will have a very good product on the field this year and while some will leave (they always do) I think the negative mentioned above is being addressed. In all kinds of weather. On a side note since for some reason youth are growing faster physically it seems they may be maturing more slowly. Some of the decomits will come back around. Those that leave (Transfer) and decomit and go elsewhere will always have that little returning thought of what if I’d stayed, endured, been a part of being a Gator. While I wish them well, if your not a Gator you’re Gator Bait!

    • Who gives a flying F what other schools do… UF should be our only concern… obviously the problems are that of the staff and ultimately urban jr (mullen)… how can you screw up so badly… most of you with your O&B glasses fail to see it.

      • Spoken like a true Nole aloha or is JW debacle not clear enough. O&B glasses? Yes I am a fan but I am also for removing players who do not represent well and live up to the standard. I am sure at some point the story will be known. I think that some who leave on impulse will regret that latter. Some have left because they have been asked to for cause.

  2. What was one of the key ingredients for the prior championship teams? Danny Wuerfell and Tim Tebow. Not the greatest physical talent to ever play the position, but leaders of great moral character and leadership. All of this: the arrests, the assaults, the bickering, the lack of commitment to the team and to one another other, all stem from this current void. Can you imagine how ugly things might have gotten with Brandon Spikes, Aaron Hernandez, etc, if not for Tebow’s presence?

  3. My take away from this article is a little different guys. If we follow the logic, Mullen will be fired by mid-season or before, we lose every game, and bring back Ron Zook to straighten this mess out.

    My quibble with the premises advanced herein regarding “momentum” is that all these dire events are influences but not momentum itself. Sure, none of it is good, but we haven’t yet snapped the football once in an actual game. Don’t you reckon CDM, his staff, and his players might just have a teeny little bit to say about outcomes on the football field this fall? That’s where “momentum” lives y’all — not on some typewriter or word processor.

    If you want me to start believing the sky is falling, you’re going to have to do better than this. We may not be as successful as we might have been otherwise, but I see no evidence for doom and gloom. Show me pictures of the entire staff in compromising positions with small farm animals or something? OK, lets talk about catastrophic outcomes then. GO GATORS!

    • The Sun reporters clearly hate Mullen and eagerly look for anything they can use to throw mud at him. The comparison to Uncle Yellowteeth is laughable. YellowTeeth had been dominated by FSU– again– and the win over a mediocre Iowa team was nice but in no way made anyone with any sense at all think the poorly coached team he put on the field had “turned the corner” and was about to be anything but another failure.

      Yeah, the Jones thing and the bungling of the Steele situation are diissappointing, but you could have given Uncle YellowTeeth Alabama’s roster and he would still have found a way to lose 4-5 games a year. Mullen is vastly superior– though clearly had a few things to learn about respecting student athletes and their concerns.

        • Damn Weregator — what got into you all of a sudden? You’re the last person I thought would boycott someone. Jaw’s hyperbole notwithstanding, you might as well stop reading my posts too (if you ever did), since I get what he’s talking about (absent the degree).

        • Drag, and I guess you will never read this, but just look back all of last season– they constantly predicted Mullen’s Gators would lose. When we beat Tennessee proving them both wrong, they started writing about how terrible Tennesee was and how they probably wouldn’t win another game– what was that other than an attempt to smear Mullen’s big win and denigrate the accomplishment of our team? My feeling is that they are loving seeing some problems arise. Maybe I am wrong, but as Billy Shakespeare wrote, the truth will out.

          • I hear what you are saying. The media in general, not just GatorSports, does tend to spend more ink writing about the negatives. To be fair though, that’s what the current society want to read about. As for their predictions, I think you’ll find a high degree of correlation between their picks and the Vegas betting lines. They try not to come across as being homers to maintain the appearance of credibility. Question is, do you want them to tell the truth or just what you want to hear?

          • Sly, the legendary Stoic philosopher, Epicurus, said “Men are not disturbed by events, but what they make of them”.

            Or something like that, that was when I started to get distracted by the girl sitting in front of me, who started flipping that beautiful, long, blonde hair backwards in my direction — and I missed the last part while overcome by a sophomric cloud of fantasy that descended over me like a warm blanket.

            But I digress. Sure — we all want the truth. More than that, though, I would just like the facts reported to me so I can make up my own damn mind as to what it means. But now that you mention it, a good old ear tickling doesn’t hurt once and a while either!

    • I agree with you and 65. No time for doom and gloom. Nor is it a time of bad “momentum” specific to Florida. How many recruits decommitted from Miami last year? Justine Fields’ transfer from Ga under the least flattering circumstances? Leadership is a big issue, as we had with Danny and Tim. And our head coach is a pretty good leader too. This transfer portal , a wolf in the sheep’s clothing of “freedom”, allows already indecisive and impatient kids to make a spontaneous decision a permanent one. It is the free agency of college football. And coaches will feed it too. Pretty soon, it will be as much a part of recruiting as anything else. Still, as for our problems right now, we’ll be fine. This too shall pass. When one leaves, another enters.

    • as i leave and breathe, i never once thought the decommitment of two teenagers from vanguard high school (not lakeland high or st thomas acquinas or someplace that ever produced a talented player for us or anyone else (except vanguard did produce dante culpepper, who didnt have the grades for UF anyway)), that we dont even know is permanent (like the eastside kid) would be what finally did in the gators. oh wait theres more. 2 other players did not know how to act around a woman, and our second string defensive back that seemed to give up a lot of passes went back to california. basically the kids we lostthat left are the equivalent of dice chips in a roulette wheel at this point.
      look, i get that the sun wanted to keep muschamp, and it cant wait for an opportunity to punish those of us who wanted someone else instead. all the newspaper has as an argument is players that didnt sign here, as if champs multiple losing seasons was going to bring them in, particularly on offense. this constant, we gotta be like georgia and have big name recruits is killing me. georgia has outrecruited us for years, and they finally beat us on the field once they got the best quarterback they ever or will ever have (including fran tarkenton), but that will change back to normal once their current qb goes to the buccaneers. A talented lineman, i understand recruiting stars may matter, but everything else, the state of florida produces more face cards in the deck than anywhere else, dont worry too much imo. sure, id like to see more leadership, id like to see guys that remind me of the greats like youngblood, smith, tebow, danny, and the working gators like dan fike, phil bromley, kevin carter, not these hired gun types the newspaper wants that are headed out the door the second the sun gets too hot.

  4. Call it momentum, call it bad luck, call it what you wish….these setbacks have really hurt the image of Mullen and his staff. It’s not anything they cant overcome, but will probably set back recruiting 1-2 years. There isn’t a coach that recruits against us that isn’t going to point both the assault and transfer issue out repeatedly. We already are playing from behind on some of our facilities…so this just adds on. Just need to stop the stupid actions by some of our players in the offseason and go win games this Fall.

    • Totally disagree, this has not, really hurt mullen. In fact it will all be forgotten by opening day! Guys are transferring all over the nation. Thus the need for personnel to, monitor the portal!

  5. What bugs me about this and the troubles the players are bringing on themselves, is that it is hauntingly similar to Urban Meyers player problems. None of us are there so we don’t really know, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck! Either the initial education taught to incoming players is not adequate, or the moral fiber of the player is not considered, or the monitoring of the players is insufficent. Players for The University of Florida are certainly targets, either to be associated with or to bring them down. This certainly has to be taught to incoming freshmen. And finally, this transfer portal is adding to the problem for UF and most other schools in just about every sport. I guess a one year sit out is not deterring players to transfer like it used to. For what it’s worth……

  6. ”…starting wide receiver Antonio Callaway and starting running back Jordan Scarlett, were suspended before the start of the season…”
    And that was much more negatively impactful back then, as opposed to now. Because losing a big-headed true freshman D.B. (aren’t they all?) from California, and a back-up true freshman Q.B. isn’t the end of the world. However for some apparently, the wheels are coming off the Mullen Gator football program.
    Oh please! Get the hell outta’ here, Hogtown that is! This Gator staff and players will survive this bad luck streak much better than Mac’s team ever did, just watch and see. These Gator football players control their own destiny, and playing in an SEC Championship game is STILL attainable for this 2019 group. It’s up to them… period! Because losing a true freshman D.B., a true freshman Q.B., and few other defensive players may have ”slowed some momentum,” but ”momentum” is easy to regain once September’s W’s start coming. Go Gators!

  7. Call it what you want but having that many decommitments makes me feel like there is something more to it. I can understand players having a change of heart but for all of them to do it at the same time really makes me wonder what happened. Either way it’s not a good look for UF or CDM but we still should be stacked for this season and if we go out and do what we are capable of then we’ll be fine in recruiting. Winning against UM and FSU will do wonders for recruiting.

  8. “Longtime lurker and first time poster” back with just a few comments (nice welcome Hoj. Seems strange that in all the time I have been “lurking”, I don’t recall seeing your posts). Gator-6, did you hear me honk on my way through town yesterday? Oh, and thank you for your kind welcome when I joined this forum. Sparky, I think your post is dead on, except that I believe (hope?) that Coach Mullen and others will do what is necessary to avoid a 1 to 2 year drop in recruiting. As others have mentioned, no 2020 recruits have decommitted thus far and 2021 is a long way off. Jim, I believe your post is also very solid. One thing that has been mentioned above that I believe there is no evidence of is that the Sun or Gatorsports is out to get CDM.

    • Stick around Austin — you’ll come to love Jaws as much as the rest of us do! Even when he uses hyperbole, there’s always a little truth to what he says, and besides, once he gets cranked up this year sit down, put away Mark Twain, light up a good cigar of your choice and enjoy the prose.

      Naw, I have too much respect for the whole Gatorsports crew to believe that they hate CDM or are out to do him in — but I do get the point when I read the entire body of work…….even I, a bonafide schizophrenic, kind of think sometimes that they wish Muschamp were still here.

      Unfortunately, the choir at church was was on a major roll Sunday morning, which drowned out all the I-35 noise!

  9. LOL I am laughing my butt off. Make no mistake, I have read and re-read many of Jaws posts with agreement and…awe?. But really jaws, is “Yellow teeth” really necessary (hell, I wish I still had all of mine!). Still hanging Gator-6, just thinking I may prove to be too controversial on this (or any?) blogging forum (that is what this is, right?). I guess that’s why I have been “lurking”.

    • Let me be the second, if not third or later, to welcome you to this forum. It is a lot more civilized here than other Gator forums I’ve visited although we do have a few Butters Bashing Club members on here. Glad to see you spoke up. I’m with you. I try to do the same when it gets out of hand. It’s not a good look for Gator fans with such name calling and it’s uncool, contrary to what they may think. You should post more.

    • Austin, I think Jaws is like Morris in Sling Blade; he’s a modern day poet. Don’t question the genius; the dots are where Jaws says they are. As for you being too controversial for this forum, you ain’t said nuthin’ yet that comes close to 6’s absentee nemesis who shall remain nameless.

  10. For those bashing the sun writers…post a link to any article in the last couple weeks that wasn’t “bashing” Mullen. This does have the eery feeling of the Meyer years when we all called the rest of the world crazy for pointing out what we all now see clearly. Go Gators

  11. Sparky, I have been interested in what you have to say ever since I started following this blog. But I must confess, I don’t get the jist of the comments above. Are you comparing the current Mullen situation to Meyer, and implying than Mullen may be on his way out? If so, I respectfully and hopefully disagree. The past couple of weeks have been full of negativity for the Gator Nation, but other than one possible blunder, I am not ready to agree that it is some kind of gross negligence by CDM. Could he be looking at greener grass somewhere else? I would be more than surprised if it plays out to be so. Am I missing something?

  12. There are a couple of things to consider here before freaking out and calling for CDM’s firing.

    First, when you recruit talented football players, conditioned to deem themselves God’s gift to women in today’s immoral American society, you should be FULLY PREPARED to deal with their occasionally “bad” behavior the minute it surfaces. CDM’s “staff” got an early heads up from Jones’ two roommates and ignored it. They then got complaints from Steele’s parents and ignored them too. Now, CDM finds himself in their living room in California, apologizing for his “staff’s” inaction and politically correct shortage of moral conviction. Too little, too late!

    I find it incomprehensible there’s no rule against bringing women into a men’s dorm, or if such rule exists, why it wasn’t enforced on Mr. Jones BEFORE he went too far. People on that CDM “staff” who made those stupid decisions should be fired when CDM returns from California… empty handed.

    Second, more is known about the character of today’s talented high school athletes than coaches let on. Sadly, most of the more “serious” 4* and 5* recruits in the south these days end up at Clemson and Alabama. Notice those two programs rarely have these types of “character issues.” ESPN would be all over them if they did… with relish!

    So, the lower down the recruiting totem pole a school finds itself, the more character risks they’re forced to take on in order to be competitive. The only solution is to run a tight ship, develop more “serious” 3* recruit and win bigly, year after year, thereby rising up that slippery recruiting totem pole to where the “serious” 4* and 5* athletes can be found.

    Patient focus on continuous improvement, CDM’s forte, will eventually get the Gator football program to the top of the totem pole. Note that just about all the problem children in this story are 2019 and 2021 recruits.

    So far, unlike in 2017, none of this season’s projected starters have gotten in trouble. This spring time crisis shall be forgotten by August 24th.

    GO GATORS!!!

    • StL, I’m just curious, where did you get the information that both of Jones’ roommates gave Mullen a heads up? All I’ve read was Steele said something. I haven’t read anything about Hill saying anything. It definitely hasn’t been reported exactly what was said by Steele either. For all we know, he could’ve just said I don’t like rooming with him and would like to move, so Mullen thought it could wait. When did the parents complain and get ignored? I haven’t read anything about that either. What I’ve seen is, on April 14th, Steele’s dad tweeted out “man, the love my son gets @Floridagators is incredible! @CoachDanMullen is awesome”? That tweet was a week after the sexual assault occurred and about a month after Steele requested to be moved. That doesn’t sound like a parent angry for being ignored or their son being pushed aside. They didn’t really get upset until his named showed up in the police report, which is understandable, but they were clearly not angry at any point leading up to that. The problem with this whole story is we’re only getting one side of it and there’s a lot of speculation going on. Unfortunately we’ll never get the full story cause like Dooley said in the back 9, Mullen isn’t the kind’ve coach that’s going to come out and say anything about a player, but I think by how the current players responded, it’s clear they’re angry about their coach’s name being dragged through the mud and they obviously know the true story. I highly doubt they’d bash Steele if they thought he was wronged by the coaching staff.

      • There were 2 other stories I read on this scandal. All 3 stories alluded to “concerns” being raised to “staff” about Jones’ behavior by “both” roommates. Steele went further in requesting “staff” reassign him to another dorm room, with his parents’ concurrence. None of it appears to have risen to Mullen’s attention until Jones went too far and it all blew up.

        My point is that this “staff” is hired to watch over the players in the dorms and avoid the escalation in “bad” behavior that ultimately led to this embarrassing scandal. I agree that after it blew up, Steele’s parents moved to protect their son’s rep by complaining “publicly” and supporting his transfer request. That reaction is natural.

    • Great analysis, StL, but does this mean every odd year’s class is going be jinxed? Not ready to throw CDM under the bus, either. I suppose this proves he’s not immune to problems, but I’m with you that a victory over Miami will put all this in the rearview mirror.

      • As long as this season’s starters stay focused on Savage’s S&C program and their studies this summer, the Gators will be just fine this fall. It’s their excellent performances this spring that may be driving out some of these freshman prima donnas who thought they had a starting spot waiting for them… just for showing up.

        • Seems to be a bit of a double-edged sword with the “serious” 4 and 5 star recruits. Those are the ones you want based on their evaluated talent, and yet (pardon the “Mac-ism”) they’ve also been courted, flattered, and doted on, many since middle school, to the point that some of them become the prima donnas you mentioned. I’m sure it’s a difficult job to separate the wheat from the chaff in those cases.

          • Joe, bad things tend to come in threes. That may be the case here… I hope.

            Getting to the bottom of these situations is never easy, but it appears there were 3 different reasons for losing these 3 guys. Jones was a horny teenager who couldn’t control his urges, embarrassed himself and the team, so he’ll do his red-shirt season where he won’t have to deal with his embarrassment. Steele was homesick and took advantage of the Jones situation to get closer to home w/o losing a year of eligibility. Black never made the UF academic cut and will play JC ball this season and possibly next.

            “Serious” 4 and 5*s, have no academic issues, KNOW where they want to play and keep their urges under control for 3 years as they seek the NFL fame and fortune that’ll secure them all the female attention they’ll want ever after.

            Every major program wants THOSE players and they tend to commit very early because they KNOW what they want. Recruits that talented who commit late have baggage, which may come out to bite us after they get here. It did with these 3.

          • Gotcha, StL. Seems I misunderstood your definition of “serious” 4 and 5 stars. I was thinking only serious talent while you were including emotional stability and maturity. Every program certainly does want those players. You could be right that, as a rule, those players are more decisive and tend to commit early, but wasn’t JJ committed to Mullen for quite some time?

    • I’ve resisted the temptation for two full days now to ask if you think Mullen will serve Mac’s Stinkin’ BBQ Sauce at that backyard get together.

      I’m sorry bud — I just couldn’t help myself!!!!!!

      Mea culpa, mea maximus culpa.

      • Definitely. I had to unload the the inventory and hooked Dan up with enough to fill his pool. They will be swimming in it for years to come. But shhhh, don’t tell Joe and Al they were right, OK?

  13. This article feels like it’s several days late…There’s already some corners revealing the possible false narrative on Steele. Looking more like he was just homesick and seized the Jones situation as an opportunity to transfer and potentially winning an appeal to play immediately due to said Jones issue. Honestly I feel like a portion of the momentum killer comes from articles like this and other uninformed writers, be it print or social media who go with their so-called anonymous sources, who often prove unreliable. All the while, Coach Mullen has no freedom to clear the air due to student privacy laws. He’s scrambling to save not only recruits but his reputation. If you’re not going to be at least current, much less accurate in your reporting, maybe it’s best you just focus on the truly positive things that ARE happening within the program. We have 90 plus Gators who WANT to be a Gator and are fully capable and prepared, I believe, to kick butt this Fall! I’m not wearing rose-colored glasses. The latest turn of events are disappointing, but come on Robbie and others…I get enough negativity from other fan bases on Twitter.

    • In days gone by, I used to quip that the two jobs you couldn’t ever pay me enough to take were Vice President of the United States and Head Coach at Texas. Not that I’m qualified for either, mind you, but you get my drift. I’m about to change the latter to Head Coach at Florida, assuming all this hyperbole about Mullen being a screw up and nonsense about devastating loss of momentum continues much longer. Good post, Gatorboy.

      • C’mon 6, we’re in the middle of the dullest days of spring. The boys at The Sun need something to write about that’ll get some clicks.

        As for CDM, he needs better “staff” minding the children in the dorms.

    • This one makes a lot of sense Gatorboy! The homesickness cause for his transfer request can be buried deep by Steele and his family now that he has such a juicy excuse for being cleared to play immediately upon transfer. We’ll know this is likely the case if Steele ends up landing at USC.

      CDM still has to fire the “staff” minding the children in the dorms.

  14. Is it human nature to kick a man when he is down? This same scenario could (and probably does) occur at other high profile collegiate football programs. Meyer retires from OSU under a dark cloud, and we can say all kinds of mean things about that and that the Buckeyes have lost momentum, but do you really think they will drop out of the Top 10? We finally beat Michigan, but before that, wouldn’t it be great to pour salt in their wounds if they had a similar situation as UF? Oh, and how we loved it when Shamus Winston walked out of Publix with an armload of crab claws and then stood up on a table in some cafeteria-like setting and hollared over and over, “F her in the P!” The noles only lost momentum when they hired Willie and the Po’ Boys. Posters who said we regain momentum when the W’s start coming are absolutely correct, with the first W coming against Miami, and soon people will forget what has happened so far in this off season.

  15. First and foremost I will say that I am still all in on Mullen. His a d our issues with players getting into trouble are a huge negative on the school. I was hoping he would weed out some of the thuggery that has been a part of our program the last few years, but the early results dont look great unless you’re wearing orange blinders. And lastly, after stating that he would feel he was doing a bad job recruiting if he had players transferring out after a year in the program, we become the first school in the country to have multiple players enter the transfer portal before they even make it to the first game. Go Gators

  16. And with Black now confirming that he wont be a Gator this Fall, we have lost the top 2 defensive signees and the top offensive signee from a class that barely squeaked into the top 10. And GA just picked up another couple 5* commitments. It look like Mullen will have to continue to do more with less to try to catch us back up to those nasty dogs.

    • It’s just harder (not impossible, but statistically improbable) to win big time games consistently with a significant talent gap. This week only made that gap larger and regardless of the truth or reasons behind all the issues, the optics to recruits and their families look bad. It’s not too late but this last week has sure been a buzz kill. I’m more nervous than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs every time I check for Gator news.

      The BEST thing for this team right now is a football game and we won’t have that for a good while. I’m afraid of this being a very long summer. I really hope the Gator cookout is a success.

      • Dallas, may I recommend my number one panacea for the type of jitters you describe? La Flor Dominica Double Ligero, Maduro, 6.5 x 60. Trust me, I used to be a doctor! Now if you don’t believe me, bud…..ask Jaws. I made the same recommendation to him, and see how chilled out he is all of a sudden?