Four true freshman enroll at UF

Cardinal Gibbons defensive end Khris Bogle does the Gator Chomp during a National Signing Day ceemony at the school in Fort Lauderdale earlier this month. The top recruit had been expected to sign with Alabama, but instead signed with UF. (Joe Cavaretta/South Florida Sun Sentinel)

Four more Florida true freshman football players have enrolled in classes for the Summer A semester and will begin workouts with the rest of the team this week.

Athlete Trent Whittemore, defensive end Khris Bogle, cornerback Kaiir Elam and defensive end Lloyd Summerall have joined the seven members of the 2019 recruiting class that enrolled early and participated in spring practice and the Orange & Blue Game.

The rest of the class will enroll for the Summer B Semester, which begins July 1.

Getting Elam, a four-star prospect, on campus six weeks early could give him a head start on possibly earning playing time in the fall at a position that lacks proven depth and took a recent blow with the departure of highly rated true freshman Chris Steele, who entered his name in the NCAA transfer portal last week. Steele is not expected to return to UF.


          • Grunt is an affectionate term for 11-series MOS SMs, tho it can also apply to company grade AOC members — but in more general terms it refers to anybody who either enjoys or derives perverse satisfaction from getting dirty and spending one’s life downrange on the main. Gator65 and GatorEd can take it from there. In my case, my initial AOC was in fact 11B, but my previous MOS was in the 95 series. Now later, I branched 67H with SQIs of 5F and 5J (Instructor and S-3 Air), and much later into 73B.

            See what I did there? Now I guarantee you’re confused beyond all reason, but talking about perverse satisfaction, we love talking in acronyms — onliest problem being sometimes we really don’t understand each other, although that doesn’t stop us at all from always nodding our heads in the vertical plane as if we did.

            Aren’t you sorry you asked? God, I’ve got to get a life. When does the season start again? But if the next story tells us that Coach Savage was just arrested for cross dressing, I’m gonna throw in the towel and start rooting for the Noles — I swear! (Certainly not to say that there is anything wrong with cross dressing 😁)

  1. Welcome awesome badness on parade! You have made an excellent choice and will now be in position to etch your names in glory!!!!!

    Also, if you don’t like your roomie, I think the lazy POS who is in charge of that will take a minute out from playing Fortnight to change your room now and not months from now when it is too late!

    Go Gators!!!!

  2. Oh no! You mean to tell me these guys actually enrolled? They didn’t transfer before the season started? WTFO? Somebody must be lying — this is supposed to be the worst preseason since Linda Lovelace’s grandmother went down on the Titantic! What’s this gonna do now to our devastating loss of “momentum”?
    What, did somebody forget to tell them that they’re supposed to lose all faith in the Gator staff and get out of Dodge? I tell ya’, much more good news like this and I’m gonna jump off the curb.

    In the meantime, GO GATORS!

  3. im very excited to see these guys get here and wish them the best. i have a good feeling about these kids. people forget the 1993 class, although the 1992 class was famous, but dont be surprised if this group contributes to a national championship before they leave. there is always a name or two that doesnt sparkle, but i say watch these guys, they are going to be good.