Gators and Longhorns announce home-and-home series beginning in 2030

Florida head coach Dan Mullen (Left) questions a ruling by officials during the first half of an NCAA college football game against Georgia in 2018. Texas head coach Tom Herman (Right) walks on the field during practice at the Superdome in New Orleans in 2018. The two coaches will face off in an upcoming series announced by the schools Friday.

In the future, Florida football is going to be going to new places and meeting new faces.

The school announced Friday it has secured a future home-and-home series with  the University of Texas, a school the Gators have not played since 1940.

This comes just a few days after it was revealed UF has a future home-and-home series with Colorado, a school UF will be meeting on the football field for the first time.

The Gators will be playing host to the Longhorns in Gainesville on Sept. 7, 2030. UF will travel to Austin the following year on Sept. 6.

The Gators and Longhorns have faced off only three times in the past. The two teams battled to a 7-7 tie in 1924. Texas won back-to-back games in 1939 (12-0) and in 1940 (26-0).

As for the Colorado series, the Gators will play host to the Buffaloes in Gainesville on Sept. 9, 2028, and then travel to Boulder the following year.


      • C’mon 65, if that’s the year you were born, you have many more miles left on those tires. You probably could still be able to jog from the parking lot to the gate and up the stadium stairs in 2030. Now if that’s the year you graduated from UF, well, look on the bright side – if you are not in paradise by then, you may be able to watch it on your gigantic 3D 8K TV set. I do get your point. That’s way way out in the future.

  1. Who knows what will be what by 2030, but I know what’s what right now, and I know what’s what in Texas. I live 45 miles north of Austin, aka, The San Francisco of Texas, and I can tell you that if they played last year, this coming year, 2020 or 2021……the Longhorns would be highly favored by the media but Florida would be 4-0 against them at the end of that period. No hype, just reality despite what you hear. That’s about as far as my crystal ball goes for anything.

    If the Big-12 gets on the stick soon, it really will be the Big-12. If it doesn’t, it won’t be around by 2030. Right now we call it the Big-9 + WVU.

  2. This is funny. Mullen may be the best coach we’ve ever had and the chances of him still coaching UF in 2030 are pretty slim. There may be flying cars before we see this series. What’s the point? I bet this series never even happens. Colleges don’t much schedule the start of projects 10 years out, even big ones.

  3. OK, so I don’t really do social media. I have been following these posts for…a few years…and finally decided that if there is one forum I may be inclined to chime in on, this is it! Been reading the fall-out on Steele, and not going there for now. But ds, I don’t know whether CDM is the best coach we have ever had, or whether he will still be UF HBC, there will be flying cars, or I will be above ground in 2030. But if a contract has been signed, it’s probably gonna happen. I am going optimist and planning to go to both games. And in case you were wondering G6, yes, I do live in ATZ.

    • Howdy Austin, glad to have you onboard! So far as I can tell, we’ve got another Gator in Dallas who posts often, one in Houston who is infrequent, me in Salado…..and now you down there. Might say were thin out here. Hope you’ll post frequently and often, bud.

  4. Oh boy! I can’t wait to jet pack to the stadium and watch the robotic Gators take on the robotic Longhorns! I just hope the entry video of the Gator opening his mouth is still used then. This will be a good series, but 2030? Oh well. Go Gators!

  5. Regardless of how good Texas is by then, it’s a great addition and the kind of competition we should have been playing all along instead of the directional schools. But 2030? Both schools have cupcakes on their schedules every year until then. Why couldn’t they have bumped them off sooner, like in 2 or 3 years? Neither school makes any money playing the Charleston Southerns of the world and could have gained bigger paydays and fan and TV interest playing Texas sooner rather than later. And as far as giving up a home game, I’d rather watch UF-Texas in Austin on the big screen than schlep on down to the Swamp to see the Gators maul Podunk U and end up leaving at halftime because it’s just too damn hot to stay for the rest of that game. I’m sure Gator fans wouldn’t have minded giving UT Martin or Towson the boot next year to see UF play the ‘Horns. Write them a check and spare them the embarrassment of getting drilled, 70-3.