Langston de-commits from Gators 2021 class

Dunnellon's junior receiver/safety Jay Fraziars, left, Vanguard defensive end Bryce Langston, second from left, North Marion's senior offensive lineman Michael Tarquin, second from right and Vanguard receiver Trevonte Rucker, right, all will sign with the University of Florida. They posed in Booster Stadium in Ocala on Monday. Tarquin signed Wednesday. [Doug Engle/Ocala Star-Banner]

Florida’s 2021 class lost its highest rated recruit Thursday.

Bryce Langston, a 6-foot-3, 235 pound defensive lineman out of Ocala’s Vanguard High, announced the decision to back off his pledge to UF via his Twitter account.

My Recruitment Is 100% Open 💯🤩@TrevonteRucker @DaRealEliHop @LukeStampini— Bryce Langston (@_Youngbull23) May 9, 2019

Ranked the No. 10 overall prospect in the 2021 class by 247Sports, Langston committed to the Gators on Dec. 2, 2018. Two of Langston’s teammates — wide receivers Leonard Manuel and Trevonte Rucker — remain committed to Florida.

With the departure of Langston, Florida’s 2021 class holds just four verbal commitments.


    • Yes 6, it does, and like Nancy Sinatra says, “these boots are made for walkin’, and that’s just what they’l do.”
      Looks like CDM has a bit of a mess on his hands with players “walking” after one semester and others walking away before they even sign in. Oh well!

    • 2021..

      It’s like the Longhorn home and away games…you perk up, and then see 2030 and 2031.

      Same with this…these young cats are sensitive and report EVERYTHING to social media immediately It may take a position coach to come by his mamas house, chop it up, etc. What we do know is, this dude will be a junior NEXT year…

  1. the thing about crazy ivans like the last week or so is you can lose just about as much in a week than you gain in 6 months of work. they have been so regular around the program since urban meyer that you almost have to plan to minimize the damage if possible. of course the definition of a crazy ivan is something hard to plan for, you almost have to have intuition to successfully manage your way through it (i will stop right here, since i am not too good at either planning or intuition).

  2. Odd’s of keeping 50% of our 2020 current commits? Just intuition but these things have a way of snowballing. Miami and FSU fell apart last year(like never before) and we really couldn’t capitalize. Yes we got 2 OL and Bogle but not sure that, other than maybe Bogle a little, had anything to do with Miami’s collapse. I just love to see the spinners out in force. We should have cleaned up in state. Nope. Clemson, OSU, BAMA and even PSU cleaned our clock in florida based on the top 20.

    Just keep spinning.

    • David, I’m not spinning, but what would you suggest they do? Fire Mullen? You cant recruit a kid any harder than they did Bowman, and he still committed to Clemson. All they can do is keep working. If that’s not enough, they will be replaced soon enough.

    • David all it will take is another good season and the momentum will shift again. You’re trying to compare recruiting with schools that have been consistently in the playoff hunt year after year. The Gators have 2-4 win seasons in the last 6 years. Why is it surprising to you that top recruits would rather go to a place where their odds of immediately playing in the playoff are much better? Have you seen Clemson’s facilities? Probably the best in the country. They have a freaking water slide in the middle of the football facility. They’ve played in 3 of the last 4 title games and won 2 and are the hottest program in the country right now. It’s not surprising at all that Bowman was pulled in that direction instead of choosing a rebuilding program. People need to relax about Langston backing off his pledge too. He doesn’t even sign for 2 years. It’s stupid for players to commit that early anyway. It’s just in impulse move and they haven’t even gotten a chance to fully experience the process yet. Just because he backs off now, doesn’t mean he can’t come back in 2 years.

    • David…although you make some solid points in threads…you seem to hover around the cliff ready to jump. Relax a bit my man…it’s 2021 brother. I do feel you on the state of Florida and locking down this state, but also factor in the times vs yesteryear. Much more TV…several more D1 options in state, and generations not living through the dominance of our programs.

      Richardson, a local cat, just did so, re-evaluated, which is his right, and then he is back.

      As Joe stated…Dabo in Fla is not a new phenomenon..starting with CJ Spiller from what 25 miles north of GVille? He eats pretty good down here and has been for a minute…and the success of those players is attractive. I live in Tampa Bay area and saw Artavis Scott, Ray Ray Buchanan, and Dion Cain, who I saw close in person several times…head that way. I hate it too, but man they are on top. Dabo didn’t win titles out the shoot…he built that and overcame “Clemsonning”

      In year 2…of course CDM has some work to do to catch the Bamas and Clemsons of the world, and in year 1, last season was a quality start don’t you think? We were 4-8 the year before…

      Just sayin…