UF adds Colorado to schedule for two-game set starting in 2028

(AP Photo/John Raoux)

The Florida Gators are going to be playing a rare non-conference regular-season football game outside of the state of Florida. But it’s not going to happen for quite some time.

UF announced Wednesday that the school has scheduled a home-and-home series with Colorado for the 2028 and 2029 football seasons.

The Gators will play host to the Buffaloes in Gainesville on Sept. 9, 2028, and then travel to Boulder the following year to face Colorado.

Florida and Colorado have never met on the football field.

Since 1991, the Gators have played only two non-conference regular-season games outside the state of Florida, both losses.

UF fell at Syracuse in 1991 and to Michigan in the 2017 season-opener in Arlington, Texas.


      • We get FSU every year and the likes of Colorado, Michigan (neutral site), and Miami (neutral site). UGA get Georgia Tech every year and the likes of FSU, Notre Dame, Texas, Clemson, Oklahoma, UCLA, Oregon, and Virginia in home-and-home series. Which would you rather have?

      • Yes, I wasn’t sure how much I could say here. Sly I hope we start taking on some larger programs. It is hard with the schedule and harder on season ticket holders to give up a home game due to the cost of those tickets. But back to the story of being over-rated… I would much rather be under-rated and win. CDM through in the bard and for now they may have a few games on us in the series I think the momentum the ole ball coach started will even it up. Hopefully while I’m still on the planet.

      • That’s a tough one, Sly….I see 65’s position tho in truth either one will get you to the title games if you win out.

        Remember Scrappy Moore at Chatanooga? Or Jake Gaiter at FAMU? They took on everybody and anybody bigger! They won some, but they lost a lot too — but God I loved watching them play.

        • A long time ago. (last century, last millennia)
          In a Galaxy(conference SEC)
          Far, Far Away (we had less teams 10 in conference in those days)
          They Imperial Storm Troopers had some weapons (Heschel Walker) and (Lindsey Scott)
          Since that time the force(UF) was awakened
          beginning with SOS
          and has been gaining strength.
          There has been a recent resurgence in the Imperial Forces under (KS)
          the Alliance has countered with (CDM)
          Recent skirmishes have proved difficult for the Alliance but
          the Force is stirring and there is a “feel” amongst the Alliance
          that “THEY’RE BACK!!” Ok different movie but…

    • Loved it. Lived in Atlanta during most of SOS years, Zook, and the beginning of Urbs…coming back to the Office in Orange & Blue was pretty much an annual Holiday…laughing at the Mutts. My fav was Zook beating them on screens by Rex the whole game for their only loss…lol

    • You’re on! As ’65 says, hopefully I’ll still be on the planet by then…..but if not, enjoy a Coors for ol’ Gator-6 and watch Florida mop up some PAC-12 butt. Unless, of course, Colorado comes to it’s senses by then and get’s back in the Big-12…..in which case it’ll be Big-12 butt.

  1. Georgia wins a NC every year in April and May. My favorite year is when they were ranked #1 at the beginning of 2008, and then got treated like a farm animal by Alabama, which is indigenous to Alabama and Georgia. Then we treated them the same way a Tenn fan treats his mule, 49-10 I think. I think Kirby Smart was having a hard time finding his third grade coloring book when Georgia last won a NC. Gas was about 75 cents a gallon. There were only two genders. Yea I think Georgia might be a little overrated.