UF player arrested for battery

Florida defensive back Brian Edwards. [Cyndi Chambers/Gainesville Sun Correspondent]

Florida junior cornerback Brian Edwards was arrested Monday and is facing a charge of simple battery/date violence following an altercation with his girlfriend in his apartment, according to a Gainesville Police Department arrest report.

According to the report, Edwards and the woman got into an argument and as she attempted to leave the apartment, Edward grabbed her by the neck to stop her.

She had marks on her neck and a scratch on her shoulder, according to the report.

Edwards, 20, and the woman have been dating for two years, according to the report. A witness to the incident intervened in an effort to stop the argument and then called 911, according to police.

A simple battery charge is a misdemeanor under Florida law.

Edwards made his first appearance Tuesday, pleaded not guilty, was released on his own recognizance and ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim, according to court records.

Edwards, who is from Miramar, has played in 18 games in his UF career. This past season, he recorded nine tackles, four pass breakups, one quarterback hurry and a fumble recovery.

He finished the spring as a backup at one of the cornerback spots.


  1. Why do people think they can put hands on other people? That’s an a$$ whoopin in my universe. Men and women are two different species that have to come together for a common human urge and/or desire. So many of the crime shows that I watch prove that what which I just stated is true. Marriage should be done with the stipulation that the couple must send in a review/update on how their relationship is doing. If they just live together, and then when trouble starts a brewin’ ,one of them needs to be smart enough to leave. Unfortunately, too many of these incidents occur because alcohol (and/or drugs) are involved. Perhaps that needs to be a mandatory course earlier in life at school. Well I offered up some suggestions on how this behavior might be curtailed, as we were taught in the US Army not to complain unless we had at least one way to better the situation. It is a shame that this topic seems to rear its ugly head every year. When will humans learn? GO GATORS!!!

          • Ed, I just re-read your post and I notice that you posited that woman are a different species than men. I’m sure that somebody will virtue signal and call me a pig for agreeing with you, but I’ve thought the same thing for years! Men are from Mars and women are from…..heck, I don’t have any idea where they came from but I’m sure glad they got here by whatever spacecraft they originally landed in.

            Whatever the differences, Ephesians teaches two fundamental rules of engagement between the two species. First, the one thing men want more than anything else from women is not sex — it is respect, and they’ll do nearly anything to keep it coming. Secondly, the one thing women want from men is agape love. Well, add to that a relationship in which there is actual communication. In fact, fe-persons are all about the relationship (I really shouldn’t call them females anymore since the feminists get so upset with the masculine derivation of that term — I guess the same would apply to the term, “manhole covers” too, but the thought police haven’t yet addressed that).

            The problem arises when men either mispercieve or correctly percieve in the context of low frustration tolerance that they are not being respected. That’s often a function a youth but not always. Anyway you slice it though, there is never an excuse for laying hands on a woman; manly men just flat ass don’t do that. Unless, of course, she is pointing a gun at you with a caliber that begins with 3 or above, or an edged weapon with a blade of more than 3 inches!

      • If you’ve got to be a football hero to get along with the beautiful girls, why do so may of these guys have to resort to the rough stuff?

        Further, if you’re a football hero, with all of the beautiful Gator women on campus, why are they bringing sand to the beach, so to speak?

          • Neil – There is just something very fallible in human DNA. What you and I believe is normal probably doesn’t seem that way with how today’s youth tends to act. I don’t want to encompass every young person with a blanket statement, so when I state something like this I am referring to most of the youth. I have dated women that told me if a man was very good looking that they wouldn’t mind being hit occasionally. I just don’t get it. But the bottom line is that at my age and current intelligence, the female of the species is just no longer worth the effort. I told you I have been getting hit on by young women roughly 30 years younger than I am. Oh and they have been very attractive. The problem is 1). They have children. 2). Even though I am a very good looking man, I still have to wonder why these young women are hitting on me? LMAO. I have come to understand that I am now considered “Sugar Daddy Material.” What some women (and men) won’t do to have someone take care of them and throwing all pride and dignity out the window. I could be using these women, but I have far too much class to do so. That is where I base a lot of my opinion on why women are of a different species…LOL. That and human beings like to play games and/or want to change the other person. I just prefer to avoid human contact and play with my dogs. Ok – enough for now. GO GATORS!!!

          • Right on, Ed!

            Were I suddenly thrust back into being single, I swear I’d just get an 80″ plasma TV, using it only during college football season and maybe to watch Lou Dobbs occasionally otherwise; a couple of furry friends of the K9 variety; a lifetime supply of Skoal Natural long cut; a well stocked humidor full of La Flor Dominica Double Ligero Maduro 6.5 x 60s, and wear nothing but boxer shorts all day-everyday (except for Sundays, when I’d switch to jock strap and bow tie).

            Yessir, that’s all I need. Except for maybe a new thermos and a pencil or two.

            Gawd, when does the season start again? GO GATORS!

    • Okay, I’ll try to answer, but I’m only guessing that Robbie wants readers to know what the team will be losing when they boot the woman beater (potentially wife beater now) off the team. But the football stats don’t matter, people, and in this case, victims do. Now is this the first time he Edwards did something like this to his girlfriend in a moment of anger, or has his girlfriend had enough of his consistent physical abuse over the past two years?